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  1. John Owen

    I have a sneaking suspicion that Florida Man is somehow responsible

    Just a hunch but I'm thinking Florida Man has been at it again:
  2. John Owen

    Gatemouth Brown and Roy Clark - Take the A Train

    Tons of bad-assery going on here.
  3. John Owen

    How Much Good News have I missed in 2020?

    Just asking. Keep it between the guardrails!
  4. John Owen

    (not) Florida man - driving dog content

    OK - so Florida man doesn't seem to be responsible for this one. It appears that those of us living in the diagonally opposite corner of the country also have an adventurous streak...
  5. John Owen

    Frankenstein bolt on necks rule meme

    Who has a copy of the meme with Frankenstein's monster playing a tele with the caption "Bolt on Necks Rule"?
  6. John Owen

    Trem through the Normal channel of VR?

    I played a gig last night using my blackface vibrolux reverb which, to my knowledge, has had not been modified. I wanted to try using the Normal channel at the gig since I have tried it a couple of times at home and found it to be a little meatier than the reverb side. I fired it up for sound...
  7. John Owen

    Sister Rosetta Tharp documentary

    Here's a pretty cool documentary I just ran across on Sister Rosetta Tharp. She was a powerhouse.
  8. John Owen

    Bill Frisell - Hard Rain's Gonna Fall

    I don't think this has been posted here yet. If I'm wrong, it's worth a double post! My favorite guitar player playing a great Dylan song (with a ton of heart) using a pretty darn cool looking tele. Enjoy!
  9. John Owen

    TDPRI members only band name?

    I've been thinking of starting a band in which the membership would be limited to TDPRI members. I'm thinking it could be called "Nancyboys in Cargo Shorts" or perhaps "The Bacon Eatin Nancyboys". Any other suggestions?
  10. John Owen

    NGD - LP Junior repro - Francy Lost Pal Memorial

    This LP Junior reproduction is a special tribute to a great friend of mine who was killed in a car wreck 25 years ago this November. My friend's name was Ben Francy. He was a great musician, talented visual artist, could do a butterfly stroke that would make a porpoise proud, could ski the...
  11. John Owen

    Will replacing wires and plugs reduce the collect-ability?

    I'm in a real quandry...I took my 1994 Ford Aerostar in to see why it was running so rough. I got a call from the mechanic telling me that all it needs is some new plugs and wires but it was taking him a little longer than anticipated. He was having some trouble getting the old plugs out. It...
  12. John Owen

    All Your Misfortune - from Pineola's Ordinary Things Album

    Here's a song from the album our band released today. I'm mostly playing tele but I got you borrow a friend's LP Jr for the solo. That was a fun guitar to play.
  13. John Owen

    Muddy Water - from Pineola's Ordinary Things Album

    Our band will be releasing our new album - Ordinary Things - on June 3. Here's a single we released on YouTube and Soundcloud today. Enjoy. ...or if you prefer Soundcloud:
  14. John Owen

    Pineola - Stranger Be Mine from Ordinary Things

    Here's a single from the album my band is releasing in June.
  15. John Owen

    Nad - Blackface Vibrolux Reverb

    I just used my Goodsell Custom 33 as trade-in on this 1965 Vibrolux Reverb. It seems to be mostly original and is in pretty good shape cosmetically. It sounds great with a tele (...well duh, it's a Vibrolux Reverb). It will give me something that will work for pedal steel too. The Goodsell...
  16. John Owen

    Big pop and pedal order

    I'm using a Carl Martin parametric EQ/pre-amp for my acoustic guitar. If I put my tuner (Turbo Tuner ST-200) before the pre-amp in the signal chain, I get a pretty potent pop when switching the tuner on/off. This happens regardless of where the gain on the pre-amp is set. However, if I put...
  17. John Owen

    NGGD - New Greven Guitar Day

    I just bought a used Greven L-00v. For those not familiar with it, it is essentially a reproduction of the 1930's era Gibson L-00. It arrived yesterday and I think it just might be the coolest guitar I have ever played. After fooling around with it for a couple of hours I was inspired to...
  18. John Owen

    Experience with Rock n Roll Relics Guitars?

    I'm toying with the idea of getting a LP Junior knock off from these folks. Does anyone have any experience with their guitars? Rock n Roll Relics Thanks, John
  19. John Owen

    Pineola Live at Egan's - new videos

    A good pal of mine came to my band's gig last week with a couple of video cameras, captured a full set and then edited the footage to create fades between close-up and whole band shots, etc. Now we have some video clips that are a whole bunch better than any of our previous clips which were...
  20. John Owen

    Marty Stuart Sat Night/Sun Morning

    I have really been thrilled by Marty Stuart's new double album. Great songs, great tele playing and great recording. Here's a link: Someone in another post mentioned the NPR Fresh Air episode that Terry Gross did with Marty...
  21. John Owen

    Fubar Custom Buckarooster

    Here's the guitar I just finished putting together. As you can see from the headstock decal, it is called the Custom Buckarooster. "Custom" is for the double bound body, "Bucka-" is for the Don Mare Bakersfield pickup in the bridge, and "rooster" is for the Klein Firebird pickup in the neck...
  22. John Owen

    Another Boothill Champ Kit - 68k Resistor question

    I just finished wiring up my 5F1 circuit board, got out the multi-meter and found the following - all resistors check out OK except the (2) 68k resistors on the inputs. Both of them show about 33k. Did I burn them up due to inattention to heat sinking or am I missing some obvious application...
  23. John Owen

    Blackguard - Fubar Twangmaster - actual notes played today!

    After fooling around with this thing for waaaaay too long, I actually strung it up, set it up and played a couple of notes on it today. That was a thrill. It sounds just like I wanted it to. I still need to dial in the set up a little but it plays pretty sweet right off the bat. Here's the...
  24. John Owen

    Tuner bushings - use soldering iron?

    On one of Buckocaster's famed builds he shows how to persuade the string ferrules into the body via a soldering iron. I tried it and it worked great. I'm wondering if anyone has tried the same thing with the tuner bushings? Thanks, John
  25. John Owen

    Do I need to worry about this checking?

    I'm in the home stretch with finishing this body (or so I thought). I've been wet sanding and just got to 1500 grit. It looks like I got too much water in the neck bolt holes and caused some checking/splitting of the lacquer on the end under the neck pocket. I'm not too concerned about...