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  1. Haboob

    Are expensive pickups worth it?

    No they are not worth it. After all, look at the best pop/rock/country's all made with basic pickups. And the boutique pickups out there are all trying to emulate those sounds anyway, just look at the names they give their different models. My .02
  2. Haboob

    Need help trying to sell some gear

    EBay. I've probably sold 30 -40 guitars on there, mostly high-end stuff. People don't mind paying shipping at all , it's usually about $50....Tell your Mom she's wrong....... :-)
  3. Haboob

    Deke Dickerson is the Coolest

    The wife and I saw Deke in Bakersfield a couple years ago, opening for Marty Stuart. His opening set was amazing, what a talent. And then after their show, he came back for their encore with them and played stand-up bass so that Chris Scruggs could play steel. I was blown away...! Nice guy too.....
  4. Haboob

    Decal (body) goes on before or after clearcoat?

    Thanks. And it'll take a buffing with some car wax?
  5. Haboob

    What's the oldest instrument you own?

    1968 LP Goldie
  6. Haboob

    Decal (body) goes on before or after clearcoat?

    Yes, I'm intending it to be a 'decal'. And I'd prefer it to be flush, not noticeably 'on top' of the paint....
  7. Haboob

    Decal (body) goes on before or after clearcoat?

    A decal of a famous Tele player...I won't ever take it off....
  8. Haboob

    Decal (body) goes on before or after clearcoat?

    Would it be better to put it on under the clearcoat? Or after clearcoat but before polishing? Or just after polishing? I imagine it will get affected by the polishing pad??? Thanks...
  9. Haboob

    Grand Ole Opry

    The missus and I went to the Opry (Ryman) a couple years back. It was all old stuff....Ricky Scaggs, The Whites, Connie Smith..... I see it on YouTube once in a while and it looks like the old-style players
  10. Haboob

    Drop D Songs List

    'Long haired country boy' By Charlie Daniels - Well the bottom string is dropped to D anyway... Cheap Sunglasses By ZZ Top - Top string is dropped to D
  11. Haboob

    Finish color - Decision and question

    Well after kicking this around for a while, and getting some fine advice from the guys on here, I deecided to do my 'Bakersfield/Buck/Don' build in the Silver Sparkle. Now question is which paint product to use, there are several choices in silver....although I haven't found that exact silver...
  12. Haboob

    What is the Greatest Rolling Stone song of all time?

    Sway or Tumbling Dice
  13. Haboob

    Paul Kossoff...

    I have trouble believing that an older player who was already considered 'God' had much to learn from a B level guitarist at best......
  14. Haboob

    Name 3 of the Top Bands from the rock'n' roll, rock, and pop era!

    Gotta go with Cream, Jimi, Who
  15. Haboob

    Three-Saddle Bridges: A Love Story

    The cool factor, i.e. vibe/mojo is undeniably important...and the 3's have it in spades...
  16. Haboob

    Me and the wife live last weekend!

    Very nice! Wife has a great voice!
  17. Haboob

    How do you insure your guitars?

  18. Haboob

    Thru body vs Top Mounted?

    Ah, OK, I considered that might be the answer....but I wonder what the difference is between a glued neck guitar (LP) and a screwed neck (Tele) in the real world...? Seems like it shouldn't be that much difference, but what do I know?
  19. Haboob

    Pickups for Bakersfield Sound?

    I respectfully disagree on both counts...consider the times and what had gone before and what other players were doing. Most guitar players never thought much of George Harrison either, until much later. Don was pretty much a genius IMHO.....
  20. Haboob

    Pickups for Bakersfield Sound?

    I have those on my 'maybe' list too. Amp is undetermined as of yet. Obviously a Fender Twin or such would be my 1st choice, but since I'm not gigging anymore, I don't need and can't justify a large, heavy, loud amp. I used to have a 5W Fender Champ, maybe I'll see if those are still around.....?
  21. Haboob

    Pickups for Bakersfield Sound?

    "Don't play too loud, somebody might think you got some personality" Gawd I miss Buck..!
  22. Haboob

    Thru body vs Top Mounted?

    If that were all correct, then how do you explain that my Les Pauls (with wrap - arounds) will sustain for days if you just look at them....? :-)
  23. Haboob

    Thru body vs Top Mounted?

    I don't think the thru body tightness equates to better tone, just a different tone. I kinda like that sloppy stuff....