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  1. BobbyMac

    Do you have a fear of heights?

    Working at the top of a wind turbine or washing windows 20 stories up would freak me out. But I never gave a second thought to jumping out of airplanes (with a parachute, that is)!
  2. BobbyMac

    NBD- Squier CV '60s Precision

    My 60s CV Precision will be here tomorrow. I love the Oly White/Tortoise cosmetics AND the price ($200).
  3. BobbyMac


    Greg and I were next door neighbors for 11 years, from 1959 until 1970. We learned to play guitar during the same time and later formed a garage band. I have very fond memories of those years. Here are two pics. The first shows Greg and I playing in my bedroom. Greg had just gotten his new...
  4. BobbyMac


    Greg Leisz
  5. BobbyMac

    Fender Poodle Case?

    A left handed Telecaster will fit just fine. A left handed Stratocaster will not fit.
  6. BobbyMac

    Fender Poodle Case?

    Probably because the originals were, too.
  7. BobbyMac

    Fender Poodle Case?

    I've got two of these Fender poodle cases and they are very well built. Lots of people think they are cheap and poorly made. You will see for yourself when it arrives that it is worth every penny, even at the regular price.
  8. BobbyMac

    White Pick Guard? Or Black Guard the way Leo and God intended?

    White or parchment on that guitar. Mint only looks right on a REAL Fender mid-60s guitar. Mint otherwise just looks like a poser.
  9. BobbyMac

    New tele soon….thin line. Parallel paranormal universe, or something….

    Can't wait to see the finished project. You have spared no expense in getting some excellent parts. Congratulations!
  10. BobbyMac

    30% Off 40th AV Squier Guitars and Basses

    Yeah, I bought one of those Squier Classic Vibe 50s Strats at $249 from during that blowout, even though I already had one. I surely did not need it but at that price I could not resist. I'm holding off for now, figuring that as the holidays approach, there may be some even better...
  11. BobbyMac

    30% Off 40th AV Squier Guitars and Basses

    Chicago Music Exchange is having a sale on the Squier 40th Anniversary guitars and basses. This translates to $420 for a $599 guitar. Now is a good time to get one of these if you have been on the fence about shelling out $599 on a Squier. I did not hesitate to buy a 40th AV Strat in LPB with...
  12. BobbyMac

    ‘CIJ’ Tele dated 1997-98, no idea how to know if it’s real

    Those guitars, the black ones, were originally fitted with a gray pearloid pickguard, matching the binding. The guard on that one is a replacement. The picture is not detailed enough to note if there is anything else not correct about that guitar. At $400, its a no brainer. I would buy it...
  13. BobbyMac

    Marty Bell Sparklecaster!

    WOW is RIGHT!! Marty Bell is a Metalflake Magician. You will really enjoy that new finish! Congrats on a fantastic finished product!
  14. BobbyMac

    nice pictures for drooling over on this ‘52 listing

    The case is not original, of course, it is a new "Made In China" Fender thermometer case.
  15. BobbyMac

    A (not so) little change with a very low budget

    I have several Fender guitars with anodized aluminum pickguards. I really like the look and it sets these guitars apart from their twin brothers. I have them in gold, silver, black, and bronze. These days, they are available for very little money on eBay, brand name Kaish. These are made in...
  16. BobbyMac

    NGD: Japanese Thinline Tele, 3-Tone Sunburst

    I love that guitar! Always been a fan of the two-piece maple necks. I don't think I've ever seen any Fender guitar with two serial numbers. Leads me to consider that the neck and bridge plate originated from different guitars. And that's an interesting notch in the pickguard at the bridge plate!
  17. BobbyMac

    Did I make a boo boo?

    NOTHING about that guitar is fake. The back of the headstock is typical of MIJ reissues, and many original Fenders from the early eras. The binding is legit, just a poor tape and scrape job. You can be assured that your guitar is completely original, and a very nice one at that!!
  18. BobbyMac

    Dolly Parton Played a $99 Guitar at Rock and Roll HoF Induction

    Dolly just poses with a guitar. There is no way on earth she could actually play properly with those ultra long fingernails
  19. BobbyMac

    Clear rear cover source?

    You'll likely have to have a new cover made to order using your original as a template. Surely there is a pickguard maker in Canada. I trust you've already been searching for one. In the alternative, Tony Dudzig at Pickguardian is a master at pickguardmaking. He's made several for me...
  20. BobbyMac

    I was offered a deal and couldn’t say no!

    I think the original gold anodized pickguard on these models cannot be improved upon.
  21. BobbyMac

    comfort of a fully contoured tele?

    The 2010-2014 AS Tele with the belly cut won't help at all with your arm and shoulder troubles. Ideally, what you want is a body with Strat contours and edge radius, with Tele electronics and hardware. Most body makers can make a body for you to do just that. Good luck in your search.
  22. BobbyMac

    Cheney Latch Replacement for Fender Tweed Case

    Its been at least a couple of years.
  23. BobbyMac

    NGD Custom Shop ‘51 Telecaster Closet Classic

    That is a fantastic guitar! I especially like that flamey neck. Congrats!!
  24. BobbyMac

    Now I am a detective

    Except that it IS your job to check, unless you are OK with being the victim of credit card fraud. Honestly, I don't know how you could not see these charges on your monthly statement over a 20 month period. Do you not look at your credit card statements? I have several credit cards. I have...