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  1. jim777

    Well, It's here, take out your wallets AVRI II

    A '61 Strat is never going to happen for me, but this seems like a decent option. Hopefully they are worth the price, and if not, I'll just eventually get a Momose instead.
  2. jim777

    What neck is this?

    A friend of mine just bought a partscaster that he thought had a "13 MIM Baja" neck on it, but the decal and string tree are completely wrong for a Baja. Does anyone recognize this decal and string tree placement as a legit fender Telecaster neck? Thanks in advance!
  3. jim777

    Help identity a Japanese Les Paul style guitar
  4. jim777

    How to Start a Dad Band

    My wife went to every Rush show with me until we were married, then it was, "Go alone or with your friends, I've done my time" LOL
  5. jim777

    S1 knobs in brass?

    Does anyone know of anyone anywhere who sells the dome knob and button (or Switch Knob Assembly and Switch Knob Cap in Fenderspeak) in brass or gold? I can swap out the tone knob and baseplate with the very well worn gold/brass ones already on my MIJ 50th Ann. Tele but really would rather not...
  6. jim777

    Ideas for best medium high gain distortion for a tele on a vintage 1966 Fender Princeton no reverb?

    MXR Custom Badass modified Overdrive pedal will do it, and they are pretty reasonable used. I use that and a Fuchs Plushdrive and one or the other gets everything done for me.
  7. jim777

    Would you buy the same exact Tele in a different color?

    I would if I wanted two different sets of pickups in the one I already had. I wouldn't have 2 absolutely identical unless I were in a touring band.
  8. jim777

    NGD: 1996 MIJ '72 Fender Telecaster Custom

    Looks great, has it got the 7.25" fretboard?
  9. jim777

    Stick-On Relicing?

    You could have ash under your forearm and mahogany under another part :)
  10. jim777

    MIJ/MIM Tele Custom with bigger that 7.5" radius?

    Thanks in advance - I'm looking for a Tele with the Hum/Single layout with that Les Paul 3 way switch, but with at least a 9.5" radius. I know there was a Japanese model like that, one of which I just missed from Ishi on Reverb (the Traditional II Tele Custom) but are there others out there...
  11. jim777

    Bajas ... what are they good for?

    I do believe the Baja was replaced by the Vintera 50's Modified, NOT the Vintera 50's.
  12. jim777

    Unknown 1986 Ibanez

    That doesn't look like an Ibanez to me. Close, but no cigar. Playing Ibby's since '79, and I'm a mod on an Ibanez forum since '03.
  13. jim777

    New Custom Shop Terry Kath tele

    I believe Terry was an early investor/part ownerowner of Pignose, thus all the Pignose stickers on the guitar.
  14. jim777

    A Farewell Gift

    Gorgeous guitar, play her in health!
  15. jim777

    NGD: 2006 Baja Tele

    Yeah, mine is 8.1 lbs :) Still love it though :)
  16. jim777

    Seeing the unbelievable

    So the dog went into the river with the car??
  17. jim777

    Did any of you ever own the Parker Fly guitar?

    I had one for a while about 25 years ago maybe, even got one that a friend of Ken's got him to pick one off the line for him, and he signed the back of it. I did like the light weight, the adjustable trem, and the piezo, but it was very uncomfortable to me as I play sitting down a lot. At the...
  18. jim777

    Would you buy a current Gibson sight unseen today?

    It depends entirely on the type of guitar. Solidbody - only if I could return it. Semi - probably not because the difference between a good one and a blah one can be huge. Archtop jazz box - yeah, they STILL do those extremely well.
  19. jim777

    Best compliment you ever received?

    My wife once said, "Of course I will!" when I asked her to marry me. That was a long time ago, and still pretty much the best line I've ever heard.
  20. jim777

    Nautical songs

    One of my favorite all time bands, absolutely LOVE The Tragically Hip. Was coming to post this myself :) Will go with this one from Ireland's Waterboys
  21. jim777

    You wouldn't believe what Fender brought back...

    Yeah, I actually liked the look of those when they came out. I've never played one though.
  22. jim777

    Have there ever been any really sought after non tube amps ???

    Sorta kinda :) A lot of them still use them, but a lot regret selling their other amps to buy them.
  23. jim777

    The ultimate ironic troll-bass.

    That's why it's called a "Precision" :) Fretless is fun though, I've had a bunch and they are great.
  24. jim777

    How many Tele variants do we want or need ?

    How many do I want? I want all of them :) But how many do I really need? Well, once of each :)
  25. jim777

    Pedal power supply doubt.

    Ok, found it on Amazon :) I have a Donner DP-2, which has 8x100MA and 2x500MA outputs. It can accept power from the wall between 100V and 240V, and can run 9/12/18 volt pedals. I haven't done it, but it looks like it will power all 10 outputs at once. It's worked well for me without any issues...