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    Brownface Princeton OP Trans in Brownface Deluxe?

    I do have an old 5Y3 rectifier tube that seems in good shape. I'll give that a try!
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    Brownface Princeton OP Trans in Brownface Deluxe?

    Printer2, you may be right. That really might be easier than switching out the OP tran in the first place. BTW, it isn't a real Brown Deluxe, but a clone. I had a real one back in the 90's that I foolishly traded for a Blackface Deluxe (no reverb). It worked for me at the time, because I...
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    Brownface Princeton OP Trans in Brownface Deluxe?

    That makes sense schmee, but not to worry there. I'm not going to use a true vintage OT. The idea is that I'd source an OT as close to a brown Princeton as I can get. My 6G3 is a clone in the first place -a good one, but still a clone nonetheless. While I do like the Mercury transformers...
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    Brownface Princeton OP Trans in Brownface Deluxe?

    Thanks Printer2 for replying. I really was hoping not to have to buy an attenuator, but it does make sense. Maybe nowadays attenuators really don't murder the tone and feel of an amp like they used to.
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    Brownface Princeton OP Trans in Brownface Deluxe?

    Thanks for answering schmee! I really love the sound of the Brown Deluxe through the GA64. I live mostly clean(ish). I know, just like everybody else, pretty much where the amp is between 3 to 5 on the volume knob. I love the way the Brownies are somewhat more spanky than a tweed, but still...
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    Brownface Princeton OP Trans in Brownface Deluxe?

    Would it be possible to substitute a Brownface Princeton OP Trans in Brownface Deluxe in order to cut the 20 watts or so to around 12? Is that a "no-go" because of voltage problems or other circuitry incompatibility? I love my Brown Deluxe Clone, but due to people trying to bring down stage...
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    VS Audio Blackbird Pedal Experience?

    I've had one for about 2 weeks and it really is as good as the Youtube reviews are. Then again, most of those reviewers would sound impressive through a solid-state stereo amplifier -with a cereal box for a speaker. That said, it really is as good a pedal as everyone on Youtube raves. After...
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    Joyo AC Tone vs Tone City Black Tea

    Thanks telel6s!
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    Joyo AC Tone vs Tone City Black Tea

    I know what they are and what they are supposed to do (affordable Vox imitation). Anybody have both pedals? Hoping to see a head to head showing what each one does well, and what each one doesn't. I know it is a bit unlikely that someone owns both, but hey...anything is possible, right?!?
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    Albert Lee Tele w/Rockpile (What the???!!!)

    It's a great back and forth regarding Albert, but I couldn't find any reference to that crazy, striped Tele with a Strat neck he used with Rockpile.
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    Albert Lee Tele w/Rockpile (What the???!!!)

    You'd think that anything regarding Albert Lee before he did the Music Man thang would be easy to research! (...nope) Can anyone divulge details about the Tele he used to record with Rockpile??? wow!
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    Sonzera 20 vs '68 Fender Deluxe Reverb Custom???

    I'm about to pull the trigger one way or another. I know the Sonzera's "Clean" channel is kind of middy-sounding from all the demos on Youtube. The "Gain" channel though seems quite impressive. In actuality, the "Custom" channel of the '68 DRC seems a bit more middy as well, although maybe...
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    Hi Vic. I learned from a long-dead post from 2018 that you had a '65 Deluxe Reverb Reissue, a...

    Hi Vic. I learned from a long-dead post from 2018 that you had a '65 Deluxe Reverb Reissue, a '68 Deluxe Reverb Custom and a PRS Sonzera. I'm down to choosing between the '68 DRC and Sonzera. I was wondering if you could tell me the similarities and differences between the the Fender and the PRS?
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    Swapping '52 hot-rod bridge pickup to a SD five-two, good idea?

    Giving my two cents here because I have used quite a number of Tele bridge pickups over the years. I even do so in my Strats because I'm not all that fond of Strat bridge pickups. That said, I really like the Duncan Five-Two in certain bodies because of the tightening and definition it adds to...
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    Teles with P-90s

    Back in the 90's I had a decent guitar building adventure.
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    Duke Robillard w/Thunderbirds!!!

    I was such the Vaughan Brothers worshiper when Jimmy left and Duke came in. I was maybe 30 and still full of piss and vinegar. I knew Duke was a well-respected jazz guy but I thought he'd sink the Thunderbirds with seventh, diminished and other high-brow chordal stuff. Not only did he refrain...
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    Duke Robillard w/Thunderbirds!!!

    Are you kidding me? I know his stint was short, but WTFF? He was so freaking good! His command of what he wanted to say through the strings is SO vocal!!! (and this comes from a Vaughan brothers devotee deluxe)
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    Any Thoughts On The Eminence Alessandro Speaker?

    Chiming in here needlessly, but just wanted to share. Like Sudogeek above, I have a 12" version in a 6G3 build and could not be happier. I tried a RW&B, a G1230H (reconed as a 55 hz), Cele Blue and even a Ragin' Cajun 10." The GA-sc64 simply did everything it was meant to do. No weirdness...
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    Brownface Dilemma a 6G2 vs 6G3

    Probably too late to be of any help, but 6G3 is one of the best amps I've ever owned. Like an idiot, I sold it back in late 90's. Finally built a clone and I use it all the time. I use an A/B box to go back and forth between the channels. What's more, is sometimes I run both! That right...
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    HELP! Ampeg J20 (Fender Brown Deluxe) Rectifier Tube Problem

    Howdy all. I'm in the midst of putting a J20 (basically Fender 6G3 circuit) back together after someone dismantled part of it. (sigh) Both on the layout I have gotten on line, as well as the pics taken before I let someone work on it (big mistake), I can see a resistor running from a line...
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    krylon sparkle blast question

    Through the years I've done this quite a few times. I even went to the trouble to buy an automotive spray gun to spray the Dupont/PPG/Sherwin Williams auto paint with flake equivalent to "bass boat" size. There are two ways to do it. You can use a colored glitter and simply clearcoat to build...
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    Who is loving their GFS Surf 90s?

    I think the neck end of the Surf 90 is a touch overwound. I'd say they sound about 85% DeArmond/Dynasonic and 15% P 90. (maybe 90%/10%) They really worked well for me in a Thinline Tele with a Bigsby to at least get in the ballpark of Gretsch-ness.
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    The "Tone" of Tone Descriptions!

    ROUND: I define this as the opposite of "scooped." A P-90 (especially with alnico II's) is the poster child for rounded tone in my book regarding single coils. Obviously humbuckers tend to fit this bill more than single coils (especially when humbucker coils are "mirror-image" matched), but...
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    The "Tone" of Tone Descriptions!

    Yes, no true concensus that will really satisfy all guitar nuts. Despite the fact that defining descriptive terms in any meaningful manner is a mightily hopeless cause...let's try just a little. Come on now, you know you have opinions. Let's see if we can define or clarify them just a bit. I...