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    Involved in a wreck today

    Most people have no idea, how long it takes for a loaded Big Rig to slow down or stop. I can watch those videos all day long, where people think brake checking a Rig is a good idea. :lol:
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    Do doctors still make house calls where you live?

    We supposedly have Vets who make house calls.... But the last 3 have flaked on us.... One was to put our ailing 19 year old pup down, after calling local Vets resulted in a 3-4 week wait.... For euthanasia!!! The first Vet we called, was the one our pup had been going to for 14 fricking...
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    B-17 and P-63 Collide at Dallas Airshow

    Sad, gives you a small glimpse... of what most likely was happening during WW2, several times a week. My Uncle was a B-17 Pilot, and saw 2 non combat collisions.
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    RIP Gallagher - Using the Sledge-o-matic in the sky...

    "Do you want them tires mounted and balanced?" Hell no! I like going bam bam bam bam down the road :lol::lol: Was it urban legend, or was it really twins performing the same act?... I'm too lazy to fact check myself at the moment.
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    Can anyone spare $200k?

    That would last until 2... maybe 3 deep... And that one a-hole say's "Dude... I swore I sent it... here's the tracking#!" :p
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    Can anyone spare $200k?

    A bigsby on an Explorer, has the same vibe as a Floyd Rose on an Esquire.. YMMV
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    Whatever happened to bug zappers?

    That was always my experience, I threw mine away after 6 months or... It fried them well enough, just not all of them, and attracted more than I started with. I love my Bug-Asalt... But that dude needs to build a better version of it... I'm on my third one (He gave me the second for free) The...
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    Bit my tongue in my sleep

    Just about a year ago, I had a dream that I was an action hero in a movie, at some point, I was running after the bad guy, in one of those running rooftop chases. Woke up in massive pain, with swollen knees and elbows, I literally stood up in my bed, and jumped off it, like I was attempting to...
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    Anyone here well versed in Colt 1911?

    I've had a few 45's but never owned a Colt 1911. I have nothing to add to the thread... except noting how fricking incredible it is, that a design conceived well over 100 years ago, is still basically industry standard for every pistol being designed to this day. Whenever I marvel at the...
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    So, I gotta dig some holes.... (harbor freight content)

    This is exactly the one time job, That keeps HF in business. I bought a tile saw about 5 years ago from HF.... It got the job done.... I enjoy quality tools as much or more than the next guy, But I knew this was going to be my last tile job, and the timeline I was working with, made a quality...
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    Are Your Pedals Collecting Dust, Or Leading You To New Ideas?

    I haven't bought a pedal since I bought my Kemper... About 3-4 years ago. That was.... Until yesterday. My wife has been working from home a lot lately, and my Kemper rig is too much to move around the house the way I have it cabled. So I've resorted to playing in my garage with the blues jr...
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    Eli Manning walks on to tryout at Penn State as "Chad Powers"

    This is one of my all time favorites lol.
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    Home and vehicle to grid.

    I have enough Solar on my home, that I haven't paid a power bill, in years. Would love to have a battery backup system, but the cost, vs their lifespan, hasn't come close to making sense yet.
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    Being right…. Has never felt this wrong!

    Not even close, a typical year for him His P&L usually reads something like this: Taxable wins: 1.3M Losses: 1.5m or more, Between the 2 of their incomes, I don't think they clear 200k a year.
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    Being right…. Has never felt this wrong!

    Like I said earlier, I could write a fat book with his story, but as far as his wife, she's usually with him (She has a problem as well obviously) But no where near the level he has, She will typically go home for a while, sleep some.. then actually go to work during these benders.. where he...
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    Bands not playing loud enough.

    I saw Bon Jovi 30+ years ago, before anyone knew who they were (opening for the Skorpions) The sound guy did them so dirty.... All you could hear was bass and drums, after they got pelted with beer bottles for 20 minutes, they bailed out.... I remember thinking "Probably never hear from those...
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    Wait a minute, you met who?

    Met a handful of Country stars, semi famous session players etc.... The one huge star I met, was Jim Neighbors... Coming out of an elevator in Reno 30+ years ago. Only thing I could muster... was.. GOLLLEEE! He shook my hand, and I scampered off, completely embarrassed. I'll never forget...
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    Being right…. Has never felt this wrong!

    Thank you, my minds made up….I’m staying home, and enjoying my “surprise Birthday party” It’s not even a milestone, it’s my 54th….and when I committed to go see him, I wasn’t even really aware of my birthday….. But I’m lucky enough to be married to a great woman, who thinks enough of me, to do...
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    Being right…. Has never felt this wrong!

    I offered this for him, and his wife... He said he'd just be a downer, which is sadly.... Probably very correct.
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    My Dog Cisco Crossed The Rainbow Bridge Today

    Damn Girl, it just seems to be coming in droves for you... I have nothing... but a big virtual hug for you! ❤️
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    Being right…. Has never felt this wrong!

    Yes.. the "wants to eat a bullet" spells that out... The "etc" was just another 3 paragraphs that don't need explaining...... that have the same vibe, dealt with several people (including my own sister) who have been at this point.... Each time, I did everything in my power to help, but I'm not...
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    Being right…. Has never felt this wrong!

    Thanks for that, I was shopping airfare.... And kept telling myself "why?" what is going to be gained?.... I'm leaning towards blowing it off, enjoying my birthday, and accepting whatever follows.
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    Being right…. Has never felt this wrong!

    Not even sure how to start this, need to keep it short enough somehow, where folks read it, without losing interest. I have a good friend, that I’ve known since I was 16 or so… was best man at his wedding, I’ve been in Southern California for over 20 years now, but used to live in Northern...
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    Maybe it was a miracle that this little girl wasn't hit on her scooter in a San Mateo, CA crosswalk?

    This is why I drove my kid to school everyday... And threw the bikes in the truck... to go out in the boonies riding when my kid was younger. Everyone thought drunks on the road were bad (and they were/are) but at least most drunks are TRYING. When I see these idiots swerving all over, looking...
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    People trying to sell used Firefly 338's for $100 over retail for a new one

    I bought this one off FB marketplace for $175 It was brand new, still in the box with plastic on it. It's probably the best "ready to play" cheap guitar, I've ever bought. If I had the patience to change the pickups and pots, I'd play it a hell of a lot more.