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    I forgot to drill a hole between pickup cavities for wires. Solution/s?

    I would use a drill bit in a 90 degree chuck in a Dremel gooseneck extension.
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    Are my frets screwed up or is it just me?

    After making sure all frets are seated fully, I use a true straight beam or machinist level with flat edges to check the level and adjust the truss rod. Then, I glue 220 grit Emery paper to one edge of the level with spray adhesive and press it perfectly flat. One side checks the frets, the...
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    What makes your Telecaster "Yours"?

    No On mine it is easy, as long as they keep the neck. I built it and it has my brand on it.
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    Wiring not working, where did i screw up?

    Remove the tone pot from where it is. Put it just before the jack on the output of the volume pots.
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    Gibson Les Paul, Fender Telecaster & ???

    A tele or LP with P90s would be my pick. I have all three, and an ES335.
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    If I remove the logo on a squier neck and use it on a partscaster........

    I just get the waterslide printer paper and design my own waterslides for the guitars I build. If I sell them, I let the buyer know the source of each part.
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    What's your lightest Tele ?

    My lightest is one I assembled from a semi hollow body tele style body. I put P90s on it and love the sound and the action.
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    Neck Nitro Chips, Normal?

    Wood and metal expand and contract at different rates with temperature changes. The wood also swells and shrinks due to changes in humidity.The only way to prevent the chipping would be to not have any finish over the ends of the frets.
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    Fender Custom Shop Stradivarius Telecaster

    I know it is not built the same, but my custom build looks very similar and it is my favorite guitar.
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    What the F... new thinlines

    I actually prefer this version of the same guitar.
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    What the F... new thinlines

    Like the hole, but not the location. I would prefer it in the traditional place.
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    Dipping a toe into semi hollow guitars

    I built a semi hollow tele style with p90s. It sounds and plays great. I also have a 335 and a '52 Tele copy I built, but prefer the sound of this tele. If you can get your hands on one of these bodies, they make a great platform for your build.
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    I kinda think I want a Telecaster.

    I have several guitars. My take us the easiest to sit and play. The round bottom of a strat makes it slide off my lap, while the tele just sits there. I used to be a straight humbucker man, did not like strats at all and never had a tele, until I built my first. It was not a true tele, since it...
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    Cooling fans… blow or suck?

    Definitely blow/suck.
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    Would you pay 4000+ euros for this?

    I regularly reset the angle of rotation on bolt-on necks. They have a tendency to shift over time. I put a very thin piece of 150 grit sandpaper between the neck and body to increase friction, which prevents neck movement. It also makes the bond between them more solid, transferring vibrations...
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    General Telecaster Noise Question

    I put copper shielding in all my builds and it helps a lot.
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    69-71' Yamaha Acoustic Red Label Owners Club _ Please Sign In ;-)

    I am in the process of making a brown tortoise shell 3 ply pickguard for an FG300 for a friend of mine. I made the template today. If it turns out well, I can make another. I could not find a good copy of the original for less than $100, but got a 15 x 20 sheet for a goodprice.
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    Which cheap vintage Fender guitar would you buy?

    I wouldn't. I can build my own for a lot less. I took this 2021 Squier Affinity body and built it into a '52 custom Tele. I found a great unbranded neck and got hand scatter around pups. I put in Wilkinson tuners, a 4-way switch, a six saddle tele bridge and leveled the frets. I really like the...
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    Tele BRIDGE pickup magnet type poll

    All other parameters being equal, the stronger the magnet, the higher the voltage output. The cleanest tones come from low to mid strength magnets. Distortion comes from high output pickups best, which means stronger magnets. A2 or A3 gives really criso, clear, clean tones. A5 can still gives...
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    The Most Beautiful Guitar You Have a Picture Of?

    That us a behind-the-nut bender. It has a cam on it, so when you raise the lever arm it stretches the string. It can be used to change the tuning on that string or to bend the note while playing.
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    Removing Joe Pass' name from my pickguard

    I have removed things from plastic with a sharp straight edge razor blade. Put a thin strip of scotch tape over the ends to raise it up. The tape is about .002" thick. It will protect the surface and scrape only in the middle. After the offending scribble is removed you can polish the area with...
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    Removing a Squier Decal?

    Here are a few of my builds.
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    What Semi hollow do you play most often?

    I built mine from a RWG tele style, semi-hollow body. I installed P-90s in it wound to '55 LP specs. I loved the sound of the '55 LP, but it was way too heavy to hold for hours every night. This has the same sound, but in a much lighter body. I also play a 335 style, which I also custom built.
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    Removing a Squier Decal?

    I use my own logo, unless the customer wants an original neck. If I use an unbranded neck, it gets my custom logo. I just sand the entire front of the headstock, apply a sealer coat of lacquer, then apply my logo and 5 or 6 more coats of lacquer. Then it can be polished down to remove any bumps...
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    Inexpensive light weight Tele

    I use a semi hollow Tele I built with P90s. It sounds great plugged in and is the loudest Tele unplugged.