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  1. december

    Clueless Question: Playing bass through my guitar rig? Dangerous?

    I ruined a guitar amp with a bass. Low levels and it should be fine. It won't sound the way a bass is supposed to.
  2. december

    Another Unpopular Opinion

    I could never get into it, either. I like 'Estimated Profit' but the rest of that album (the only one I have) is just boring to me. I also can't stand the Beatles and Rolling Stones. People fixate on 60s & 70s rock as if it was the pinnacle of rock music. It was great for its time, it played...
  3. december

    14-year-old wants practice amp. What's good? Yamaha THR vs. Boss Dual Cube vs. what else?

    Boss Katana 50. Variable wattage: 0.5W, 25W, 50W. Tons of built-in FX. Need a PC to access all of them but several are accessible from the amp panel. Can be quiet enough to play with high gain after midnight in an apartment, or loud enough to to play small gigs. It has an acoustic channel, a...
  4. december

    Who else counts how many things are plugged together just for your rig?

    I do ponder this. It's electricity, so it is light; it is moving at the speed of light.
  5. december

    Parametric EQ v.s. Semi Parametric

    I use parametric EQ on guitar and a 31 band graphic on bass. Have a 5 band parametric rackmount EQ in the FX loop of a Marshall Valvestate and a Katana 50 with the built-in parametric. 10 band graphic EQs are useless because they only have one of the frequencies I usually need (250Hz) and the...
  6. december

    Could 11s be the ideal gauge for solid-body electric guitar?

    On a 25" I have 52 36 26 20w 14 11 On a 24.75" I have 53 38 28 21w 15 11 NPS roundwound. Both drop-D, A=432Hz I hate loose, twangy strings. I never bend. The wound G is the most important part of these sets. Sound so much better than plain and the intonation and tuning stability is much better...
  7. december

    Recommended Brands For Specific Pedal Types

    Source Audio Nemesis is a very versatile stereo delay with a lot of options and MIDI sync capability. Amptweaker makes the best distortion pedals available today. TC Electronic Thunderstorm is a perfect analog flanger, and for $45 new, there's no reason to pay more for anything else. DOD has...
  8. december

    Radio Frequency Interference

    Copper shielding tape. Power conditioner. It these don't help then there's probably nothing you can do.
  9. december

    Favourite big pedals?

  10. december

    5 Pedals You'll Never Sell

    Every pedal I own is in use on my "board" (coffee table cut short). I'll never sell: Amptweaker Tight Metal Pro II EHX Tri-Parallel Mixer Source Audio Nemesis delay TC Electronic Thunderstorm flanger BBE Sonic Stomp Keeley Compressor Pro DOD FX62 bass stereo chorus DOD FX72 bass stereo flanger...
  11. december

    Let's Be Honest Performers...What is your range?

    This damn frequency generator blew the tweeters in my monitors! Around 18kHz and they popped and don't work anymore. Luckily they're still under warranty so I've got replacements on the way. This hearing test almost cost me $400!
  12. december

    Let's Be Honest Performers...What is your range?

    4Hz - 17.5kHz thru 8" Sterling Audio monitors. I'm 41 years old. Have always had more sensitive hearing than most. Have always taken proper care of my ears; don't wanna be that 50 year old bass player that can't hear bass anymore. I can hear the electricity in the walls and the signals from...
  13. december

    To Lock Tuner or Not? Help!

    Just because you don't gig doesn't mean you shouldn't have the best tuning stability you can get. A better reason to upgrade tuners is for a higher gear ratio, and if they're locking then that's another bonus. I put locking tuners on all 3 of mine, but more for the reasons of: black tuners and...
  14. december

    Non traditional covers of famous songs.

    TOOL's 'No Quarter'
  15. december

    Underwelmed on my new Exotic EP pedal

    Music IS Magic
  16. december

    Underwelmed on my new Exotic EP pedal

    A one-knob boost doesn't do much. Go for something like the Friedman Buxom Boost, with bass & mid boosts, treble boost/cut, and a very useful 'Tight' knob. And the EQ can be switched off.
  17. december

    Do You Remember Your First Pedal?

    Big Muff Pi, black & yellow, 1999
  18. december

    Tremolo- Yea or Nay?

    I could never get down with tremolo because they didn't have a way to match the tempo of the song. No matter how much I adjusted the rate it would go off-beat within a few bars. So I just ordered a Source Audio Vertigo which can sync to the MIDI clock of the DAW, and has subdivisions.
  19. december

    Delay In Finding My Delay

    You can't get simple, low-priced, and fancy freakouts all at once. Analog delays by nature are very limited in what they can do, and few have tap tempo. Seymour Duncan Vapor Trails Deluxe is one. Digital delays are capable of much more versatility and fine-tuning. The Source Audio Nemesis is...
  20. december

    Why do cheap pickups sound bad?

    I've been wondering this, too, and how do different sets of good pickups sound SO different? To all the "they don't necessarily sound bad"... There are definitely some cheap pickups that sound REALLY BAD. I have an Epiphone Les Paul Muse. The stock Alnico Classic Pro humbuckers were utter...
  21. december

    Do a lot of people use 9's on Telecasters?

    9-42 on 25.5" scale is very common. A 25" PRS SE Mira also came with 9-42. I quickly changed them to 11-51.
  22. december

    Why are there so many used Boss Katana's for sale

    The 50 doesn't have a line out or FX loop, so a lot of people that bought them ended up getting a 100 or Artist. In FB groups, owners praise them but then they keep wanting to buy more of them. I have a 50. Sounds like garbage out of the box. Way too much bass and low-mids, woofy & boxy. And a...
  23. december

    Comparable pickups to PRS 85/15?

    I replaced my PRS pickups with Seymour Duncan Pegasus/Sentient. Much more clarity. Not too hot, they're capable of sparkly cleans to heavy distortion. Pegasus has more low end than bridge pickups usually do, and it's not quacky or nasally. They sound good with coils split, too.
  24. december

    Are expensive pickups worth it?

    $128-$175 each for 3 sets of Seymour Duncans made 3 $500 crap-sounding, unrecordable guitars completely transform into really nice sounding instruments that are recording very well.

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