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  1. 39martind18

    NGD 98 Taylor 815ce

    Found this 98 815ce at a local music store. Checked it out, and fell in love. Got it last Wednesday, played a gig with it on Friday. With the bigger Jumbo body, acoustically, the bass response is deep and pianistic, mids have the typical Taylor scoop and the highs are all sparkly. When run...
  2. 39martind18

    Pawnhop Steal Vibrolux Reverb Update

    Last November I dropped into a local pawnshop and found a Vibrolux Reverb for sale, marked at $320. I checked it out, found that it lit up, but made no sound, so I offered $250, and got it. Took it home plugged it up to one of the two JBL K110s I had, and it made sound. I installed the JBLs...
  3. 39martind18

    Microphonic preamp tube in 79 Vibrolux Reverb

    I was playing through my new/old Vibrolux Reverb this afternoon, and noticed a ring as chords decayed, pitched at "E." I tried another key, "G," and the ring either disappeared or diminished to the point that it was not readily discernable. I figured I might have a microphonic preamp tube, so...
  4. 39martind18

    Silverface Vibrolux Reverb Pawnshop Find

    Strolled into a local pawnshop this morning, snooping like I like to do, and came across a silverface Vibrolux Reverb with a price tag of $320 on it. Immediately, my antennae went up both at the bargain price and its possible working (or lack of) condition. Cosmetically, it was pretty much...
  5. 39martind18

    NGD, Sorta

    I've had these two for some time, and loved 'em both. Got to looking at them, and decided the necks belonged on the other Tele, so with a long rainy Friday afternoon, and no playing prospects due to Mexican Beer Quarantine, the time was right. Before pics of my Nashville Power Tele and my...