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    Fender USA micro tilt feature - just an unnecessary gimmick ?

    I had the micro tilt on my '73 Thinline Custom, and the luthier who set the guitar up for me back then, did comment that it was very uselful compared to shimming the neck. I went on and did a lot of gigs and recording on that guitar with no tuning issues. Probably should have kept that Tele
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    New fingerboard in Australia

    There's some experienced guys in Melbourne who you could discuss this with- Ray Carlton Guitars, Craig at O'Donnell custom guitars
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    Using Boss GX-100 with actual amps instead of PA

    I use its relative, the GT1000 into a Deluxe Reverb as a big stopbox, sounds great, but took me a few days of tinkering with the configuration to get it sounding right. I also use the GT1000 into a PA with no amp for gigs, have it sounding very much like my DR
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    How many Tele-only players here?

    I have a 50s Roadworn Vintera Tele, a T-Style thinline made by a friend, and a Gretsch White Falcon. I bought the Falcon as I was doing a lot of rockabilly gigs where guys seem to favour Gretschs, and it was a good price second-hand. I bought the 50s RW Tele a few months back, and now I use it...
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    GAS’img for a Tone Master D’Lux.. go Black or Blonde model?

    Probably the speaker is the key. The Blond runs the "no bright cap" firmware from new, but you can load that onto the Black one. I don't detect any midrange hump on the Blonde, it just sounds more even across the tone rather than blackface scooped I guess.
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    GAS’img for a Tone Master D’Lux.. go Black or Blonde model?

    I've owned the Black and now own the Blonde, as I guess I just like the blond tolex look. I have used the Neo Celestion in other combos, and it is a sweet speaker. I gig with the Blonde doing country and rockabilly, and usually run an overdrive (OCD or Blues Driver) with an analogue delay. My...
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    How many of you have had issues with your Tone Masters?

    Many gigs now with my TMDR- can't fault it.
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    I bought this guitar, vintera road worn LPB

    They are top bang-for-buck guitars. The factory fret job on mine was a bit ordinary, requiring the frets levelled, but since then it plays great. The bridge pickup is as good as any IMO
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    Which Telecaster Exceeded Your Expectations?

    50s Vintera Roadworn from 2020. I bought it out of curiosity, not perfect, but it just feels right and sounds great- better sounding than a lot of Teles I've played in the last 45 years or so. I was disappointed with a couple of Custom Shop Teles I owned in recent years and found the relic work...
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    A few questions about the Boss Nextone amp

    I had a Nextone- a very good workhorse amp and very gig worthy. I also have a Kat 50 and used to have the Kat 100...all used as straight amps with pedals in front- they all sound different. I got frustrated with the Nextone as I found myself fiddling with settings and software so much, that I...
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    Are the Fender Tone Master amps still worth it, or has something "better" come along?

    I went out and bought a blonde TMDR, and it is definitely a top amp. I sold my Roland Blues Cube Stage months ago, and not sure why...hey I'm a guitarist. Out of the two, I love the look of the TMDR, and it sounded good on a couple of gigs, but I also gigged with the Roland and it is a tonally...
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    Which Telecaster Exceeded Your Expectations?

    Really enjoying my 2020 Vintera Road Worn Tele- best sounding pickups I think that I've had in any Tele over the last 40 or so years, and that includes a lot of Teles old and new. One heck of a good guitar for the price.
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    Are the Fender Tone Master amps still worth it, or has something "better" come along?

    I think the best piece of kit for those who own TMDRs is an inexpensive Joyo American Sound pedal. Experimenting with the pedal's EQ, gain and voicing will effectively give you the midrange control that helps for some kinds of guitars and pickups. I set the pedal for a mostly clean tone...
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    52 AVRI not sure if is legit

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    Denmark St London today. It's very different

    I was on holidays from Australia in London in 1975 and bought a Flying V reissue from Top Gear (I think)? in Denmark St. Haven't been back to London since, but may go next year
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    NAD: Kantana 100

    I had one for a little while, and they're OK but I kept going back to my Kat 50 which I thought sounded better with pedals.
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    NAD/First impressions - Roland Blues Cube Artist

    My BC Stage was quite good, but played up beside a HRD 4, the Stage really sounded flat, but that's just my preference.
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    When tube production ends one day...

    Tubes will be around a long while. I've been gigging with a Blues Cube Stage and a Katana 50 and thought that was the end of tube amps for me, but I recently bought a Hot Rod Deluxe Mk4 off a guy desperate for money, the amp was hardly used and I thought it might come in handy as a token tube...
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    NAD/First impressions - Roland Blues Cube Artist

    I have the Stage version of the BC and it really has a Tweed character to its sound in stock form- I don't use tone capsules. Great amps
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    Fender Japan DrK Tele, anyone have any experience with one of these?

    I used a friend's DrK Tele a few years back at it was top quality. It had a full humbucker in the neck position, and the single coil bridge and middle. It could do a passable job of Strat quacking from memory. Maybe your Tele has a specific factory wiring setup, but there's no reason it can't be...
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    What would you buy for $3000?

    Whatever you buy, you may well sell in a few months:) :)
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    Paul McCartney playing George's rosewood telecaster.

    Paperback Writer and Rain sessions were done in the same couple of days in 1966, and on the promo video for Rain, George has his SG. John used a '63 Gretsch 6120 on the Paperback Writer session(there's photos of him in the studio using it) but didn't like the guitar and gave it to his cousin...
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    Beatles- Get Back Documentary

    A great documentary to watch - a snapshot of a certain time in history. It just showed to me as someone who has played in bands for years, that the The Beatles were like most other bands- different individuals who get together, play music, write music, have happy days, have not so happy days...
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    Which Tone Master?

    Having owned Twins and Deluxes and one Super over the last 50 years, I just had to try the Tonemasters with an open mind. I bought the Twin and it sounded pretty darn good, but lacked something that the tube versions had..something in the mid-highs just wasn't doing it for me, and a after a few...
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    1967 Gibson ES 330 Headstock

    Looks like an entire replacement headstock may have been spliced onto the neck, if there was a bad break. Someone has copied the original headstock, but not made it well enough. That's my opinion anyway.