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  1. golfnut

    NGD R8

    Finally found a fantastic Gibson Les Paul to go with my Custom shop 56 tomatillo strat and custom shop 52 Tele. I originally set out to find an R9 but a couple of things made me change course to the R8. First I was thinking of a flame top but I don't like over the top and it was hard to find a...
  2. golfnut

    Would a Historic Gibson make you sell your standard?

    I recently picked up a new Standard 50's Les Paul. I feel I got a really good one. Pretty nice flame on the Tabaco burst top for a standard. Someone I know picked up the same guitar with the same finish and it isn't near as nice, no flame whatsoever and a very mismatched looking top. Mine is...
  3. golfnut

    NGD Gibson

    So I'm mainly a single coil guy. I've got a couple of really nice custom shop journey man relic Fenders, a Strat and a Tele and a MIM Road worn brad paisley silver tele that my wife bought me for my 60th birthday that is a nice guitar, almost as nice as my CS 52 Tele, albeit after about $300...
  4. golfnut

    Advice on IEM

    Hopefully someone with experience will respond. I'm looking at the following 3 IEM's Sennheiser EW G4-A Galaxy Audio AS-1800 Shure PSM 300 I rented the Sennheiser for a month to try out and used it a couple of times in church. I really liked the system and its my only experience using IEM...
  5. golfnut

    NGD Custom shop Tomatillo Strat

    Well I picked this up a week ago today. Been playing it constantly at home for the past week and today at a worship service. I've mainly been a Tele guy but have owned several strats in the past 40 years. This has to be the best of the bunch. Everything aligns on this from the beautiful flame...
  6. golfnut

    What are my options for a Nashville Telecaster?

    I'm looking for a 3 pickup telecaster in the Nashville style. Can be custom shop or any US made. I know there is a plus tele they're currently making but its not US. As well I can't stand new shiny guitars. The ones with lots shiny, thick finish all over it. Would prefer something either old or...
  7. golfnut

    Nashville telecaster with b bender

    I've just made an offer on a Nashville Telecaster with the stock parsons bender on a guitar forum in Canada. Just waiting for a response from the seller. In the meantime I'm wondering if someone, who might know, can tell me if those b benders are decent? I'm more a less mainly wanting to buy it...
  8. golfnut

    Tuning stability differences

    So I have 2 Telecasters. A roadworn Brad Paisley Tele and a custom shop 52 Telecaster. I have absolutely no tuning issues with the CS 52. I can take it off its wall hanger everyday and never have to tune it. However every day I pick up the MIM tele I have to tune. Sometimes its worse than other...
  9. golfnut

    New type of band situation making me a little nervous.

    I haven't really been nervous in a performance situation since the early 80's. It seems I'll be starting to play lead-electric in my church's praise and worship band on the 13th of this month. Its completely different than the establishments I've played. I am not familiar with the material at...
  10. golfnut

    Feeling strong enough for 11's lately

    I have 2 Tele's a custom shop 52 and an MIM road worn Brad paisley, the silver one. I strung both with 10-46. This past week however I noticed that the MIM in particular started to feel very slinky on the strings. Almost like they were 9's or something. So I decided to throw on a set of 11-49...
  11. golfnut

    gonna get my first bass

    So I've been playing guitar for about 47 years. Professionally toured through out the late 70's, 80's in to the mid 90's. Along the way I've fooled around on the bass, even played a few songs on stage, on bass. But have never owned one. In the past year I've gotten in to recording. I've got...
  12. golfnut

    Anybody watch Yellowstone?

    I was just curious about the brand of a guitar in a scene. Season 4 episode 7 Lloyd smashed Walkers guitar so in order to make up for it he went to the pawnshop to get him a replacement. The replacement was a nicer guitar than he smashed and they showed the headstock briefly and it had the name...
  13. golfnut

    Has keto ruined my relationship with the Tele?

    So last march I went on the keto diet and went from 205 pounds (5'7" height) to a very slim 147 pounds. I've been quite overweight most of my adult life and never had issues with tele comfort. Now the body seems to cause a bit of pain against my ribs. Its not a huge problem but I have to be more...
  14. golfnut

    Splitting up my board

    Just wondering who else does the following scenario this way: I just bought a new amp with an effects loop. The amp has 2 channels. I am able to set a fantastic sounding mid gain crunch on the second channel but it will require putting my time based effects in the loop. I have all my pedals on...
  15. golfnut

    in ear monitor system

    Not sure where this should go so hopefully this is the right place I know absolutely nothing about In ear monitors. I'm joining a new band that uses them so I'm looking in to it. The other members are all using the Shure PSM 200 which is discontinued. On the Long and McQuade site there is a PSM...
  16. golfnut

    NAD Fillmore 50 Combo

    Well I picked this up yesterday. I'm surprised how big it sounds. The cleans are fantastic. More than enough clean head room for me I think. I usually run my Kingsley Page on the clean channel with just a slight amount of break up. So if I'm able to get that from the amp on a gig that would be a...
  17. golfnut

    Mesa Fillmore 1X12 cabinet 19" versus 23"

    I'm possibly picking up a Fillmore 50 combo next week and if it works out I'm going to order the matching 1X12 extension cabinet. For anyone that might know or have experience with these 2 cabinets can I expect a noticeable big diffference?
  18. golfnut

    My quest for a 1X12 combo "Mesa Boogie"?

    I've been on the hunt for a 1X12 combo so I can leave my 67 Pro Reverb home. Something smaller, not necessarily lighter but lighter would help. Enter the Fillmore 50. From what I'm reading it might be exactly what I need. It seems it may solve some of the problems I had with a Tone King Sky King...
  19. golfnut

    Peavey Delta Blues 115

    There is a couple of these listed on Kijiji I'm thinking of checking out. Would like to hear some opinions from those who own or have owned one. Will the 15" speaker be a bit too over powering in the bass with a tele? I'm used to 2X12 and find 1X12 a bit too thin bass wise usually. Would the 15"...
  20. golfnut

    Fender Tone Master Twin review

    I bought the blonde version. I never got to do a side by side comparison with the black. I did get to play a black face version a couple months ago but not really sure how it compares. I went with the blonde version because I figured the cream backs would be better for low gain and mid gain...
  21. golfnut

    Taking the leap to non tube

    Well I've been agonizing over what second amp in order for me to leave my heavy 67 Pro Reverb at home with the exception of the occasional outdoor gig (maybe couple times a year) So I wanted something light and easy for practices and club gigs. I didn't want to spend too much so my tube...
  22. golfnut

    is this the beginning of the end?

    I've been searching for an inexpensive practice\backup amp for my 67 Pro Reverb that is light and easy to grab and go. Among some of the candidates were the Blues Jr IV and the 68 Custom Pro reverb as well as one of the Tonemaster amps. The Tonemasters weren't high on the list of considerations...
  23. golfnut

    Best setup for slide

    I have 2 telecasters. I played each one at band practice this week, taking one for one night and the other for the second night of practice. I found that one of the tele's just sounded better and responded better for slide. So I'm thinking of just dedicating this tele for slide playing and open...
  24. golfnut

    Tonemaster twin blonde or black

    Which one would you choose and why? Is there really a difference?
  25. golfnut

    Pulling V1 12AX7

    I was reading on some mods that can be done on a 2 channel amp like a twin or in my case a 67 pro reverb. One of the things you can do is pull the preamp tube for the normal channel, there by increasing the gain of the tremolo channel. Supposedly something worth doing if you don't use the normal...