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  1. DrB

    Questions concerning the sound of Supro/Valco S6424/1624T - Dual Tone

    Hi all, The basic question is: Are these amps supposed to sound stiff? I will elaborate. But this is my basic question. A buddy of mine built one of these amps for me using Classic Tone's 10W Supro OT (part number 40-18063). Here is a pic of the guts of the amp: I am using JJ ECC83S tubes...
  2. DrB

    Alnico 3 Broadcaster Bridge Pickups

    Hi all, So who are currently the winders? I've had an Hamel STD-B at 9K which died on me sometime ago... Ron Ellis is a very classy gentleman, and I had bought this pickup with his help way back when... he wound this busted pickup it for free again back to 9K. Sadly, it died again after 1...
  3. DrB

    5E7/5F4 circuit with a StratoTele and Celestion G12H30 (75Hz)

    Fender 5E7 Clone with Classic Tone 40-18088 OT and Tung-Sol 5881 RI power tubes and Slyvania and GE NOS 5751 valves with GE NOST 12AT7 PI and quality (some NOS Mustard) caps... G12H30 75Hz (70th Anni) 8Ohm loaded Fender Blues Jr. cab with DrZ's Brake Lite attenuator. 2001 Fender American...
  4. DrB

    Taming 5E7 (head) clone with

    Hi all, I want to share my experience concerning a recently finished 5E7 clone, a head, with Classic Tone OT 40-180888 and 2 new Tung Sol 5881's (love them) and a Sylvania 5751 in v1 and Jan Phillips 5751 and 12AT7 in v2 and v3, respectively. Love the results, but the amp turned out to be...
  5. DrB

    TC Electronic Nova Delay & Nova Repeater & Flashback with a Trinity Reverb

    Hi fellas, This one is fresh out of my Nikon D3200 and Cubase... i5htTMHvCW4 Equipment: Guitar: 1990 Fender American Standard Stratocaster (van Zandt Vintage + neck and middle and Blues Sp. bridge); Amplifier: DLT Amplification 1987-RRPA Barlo Mk. 50W plexi type of amp, with a...
  6. DrB

    Miking Guitar Cabs with Shure SM57 vs. Prodipe TT1 Pro

    cGx7rtZhw-4 Hi guys, I hope this is in the right forum... Miking amps and all... Here is a simple comparison. I hope you like it. I prefer TT1 Pro, it sounds more open. And BTW it is not audible in the video, but SM57 is really deaf. The vol. difference between them two is...
  7. DrB

    TC Spark Booster vs. PaulC Timmy vs. Xotic BB Preamp

    t8zawU6exaA FYI gitarpedal is a Turkish guitar forum that I am hanging in... apart from the Duncan board and here... So it's not an online vendor or something... so that you know... I hope that this vid would be useful to somebody sometime... I gotta say that I kept the amp at the verge...
  8. DrB

    TC Electronic Flashback vs. MXR Carbon Copy

    A2u7bxw5jpw I hope that it'll be useful to somebody sometime... And... need to mention that I think both of them are fine pedals. I kept both. While Flashback obviously can do much more stuff, CC is quite good at what it does. BTW the vid is done with my Blues Jr. and Strat at high...
  9. DrB

    Lovepedal AMP11 vs Zvex Box of Rock

    aNW0H-SmoQ0 FYI, I am not affiliated with any company and am not making any money from this video. It is all for your use and liking. And, is a Turkish guitar forum for which I am shooting these videos. Best, B
  10. DrB

    Some gainey stuff with a Mesa V-Twin and Duncan JD tele bridge pickup Hi guys, I did this for some jam on the LPF, the backing track was great... Anyways, here is what I have used: - Mesa Boogie V-Twin (power amp out) - Alen Geere Boom Boost - EMU 1616m - RedWirez 1960 cab IR / VST - Antress' Modern...
  11. DrB

    Voodoo Lab Sparkle Drive MOD vs. MJM Phantom vs. Lovepedal Eternity

    IhhLPv9-7ps I have learned so much from this forum... Hence, I sincerely hope that you guys will find it of some use... Best, B Note: gitarpedal is a Turkish guitar forum, in case you guys wonder... :)
  12. DrB

    Vibroverb with a new Jensen C12N?

    Have scored one for quite a good price. I am thinking of a DIY Vibroverb (or Pro Reverb)... Was it bad decision? :) I know, I've already got it... But still... Am doing some research on this, and all I find is and...
  13. DrB

    T.C. Hall of Fame Reverb: Good?

    Hi guys, Was wondering about that pedal. Any good? Worth the money? Suggestions? B
  14. DrB

    Marshall JTM30 for clean and twangy country stuff with a tele?

    Hi guys, Here is another thread of mine over in the pedals forum, and I think it will be informative about what I am looking for. I have 3 options: 1. try a Barber Tone Press or some other...
  15. DrB

    A DIY Dumble Clone Demo: DLT Amplification Pumble

    Hi guys, Here is an DIY amp that a friend of mine recently has finished. It is basically a Dumble clone with some twists. (I am not affiliated with any of the business side of my friend. Just demoing...) The PT and OT are Hammonds, and PT is...
  16. DrB

    Country twang with a tele + Fender Blues Jr.: Compressor?

    Hi guys, I know this is quite an old question. Have been doing some searches in here as well. And found out some stuff. Yet, to get your precise impression (being Turkish and in Istanbul, believe me it is quite improbable to get some worthy opionion locally about this tone issue regarding...
  17. DrB

    Alen Geere Loverdrive: A review

    Hey guys, The item in question is made by a Turkish company, and recently I have been sent one to check/evaluate and shoot videos and all (BTW am not making a dime out of this and am not affliated with the company, so that you know) for a Turkish website. Especially because that TDPRI has...
  18. DrB

    Bummer: Today my Hamel STD-B died... WTF am I gonna do?

    Am really feeling bummed! :cry: I have been using this pickup (Hamel's Broadcaster) for the last 6 7 years, and have been really happy. Now that Hamel is out of the pickup winding business, I dunno what I should do? One thing that I was thinking was to get the pickup to Duncan...
  19. DrB

    A review: OC Duff 8.00K #42 Plain Enamel A5 Tele Lead

    Hi Fellas, After lotsa emails, Owen wound me a tele lead pickup. I wanted to mix the tone of a Fralin Blues special on the wound strings with the one of Duncan JD on the non-wound strings. The following link has more information on what I wanted...
  20. DrB

    Question about a semi-hollow partscaster with p90s

    Hi, I have a USA CG mahogany back, quilt maple top semi hollow tele body routed for 2 p90s. I already bought the pickups, they are lollar's. Here is a pic: I was thinking about using a maple/rosewood strat neck which I already have (the neck pocket is routed for a strat). But now I...
  21. DrB

    Illuminate me regarding Stuart's and Hamel's

    First of all, I have been here for sometime and learnt a great deal of information from some of you guys. That's why I like this place. Secondly, please do not regard this post as one where some dude is trying to "question" the perception of some of you guys here. I just want to learn since I...
  22. DrB

    Where to buy a seven way blade switch?

    Guys, I'd appreciate that information a lot. I know they do exist, and have seen on a buddies tele. I cannot reach him now, hence the thread here. Thanks, B
  23. DrB

    Sequealing: What should I do?

    I recently have installed a Lindy Fralin Blues special tele lead into the bridge of my 01 mary kay white ash/rosewood american series strat. The pickup has lotsa dynamics, harmonics to it, and I get to love it pretty much. But it sequeals. On my blues jr. that I am using for my gigs, I...
  24. DrB

    Suggest lead pickup for a bright tele

    This is my first post in here. Looks like a great place. I am looking for bridge tele pickup for my northern (hard) ash body, maple neck warmoth modded american fender tele. It has a SD antiquity in the neck. It is a hell of a player, and the neck sounds awesome, at par even with my gibson...