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  1. BobbyMac

    30% Off 40th AV Squier Guitars and Basses

    Chicago Music Exchange is having a sale on the Squier 40th Anniversary guitars and basses. This translates to $420 for a $599 guitar. Now is a good time to get one of these if you have been on the fence about shelling out $599 on a Squier. I did not hesitate to buy a 40th AV Strat in LPB with...
  2. BobbyMac

    Fender Nashville Player Plus Telecaster 3TSB for $608.19

    Got a heads up from Slickdeals about this special price for a Fender Nashville Player Plus Telecaster. That's a huge discount off the usual price. For example, Sweetwater has this guitar at $1129.99.
  3. BobbyMac

    NBD Squier FSR 60s Precision Bass Sonic Blue

    Saw this Squier FSR 60s Precision Bass for sale online and my local Guitar Center showed it to be in stock. I took a drive up there and checked out the one on the wall and was, not surprisingly, pretty impressed. On sale for $359.99, a pretty deep discount from the usual MSRP of $529.99. Lo and...
  4. BobbyMac

    Finished Up Another Thinline The Other Day...

    I have several Thinlines, mostly genuine Fender models, but of late I have been assembling my own. Here are some pics of my most recent. The body is a relatively inexpensive double-bound 3-color sunburst Thinline from China. The neck is by AllParts. The pickups are Fender USA Original...
  5. BobbyMac

    Rolling Stones and Fender Amps

    I don't recall the Stones using Fender amps during their heyday. The amps in this clip from the Mike Douglas Show were likely provided by the studio. I see a blonde Bassman on the left, a blonde Dual Showman in the center, and a blackface Super Reverb(?) on the right. They perform a few tunes...
  6. BobbyMac


    Happy New Gear everyone!!
  7. BobbyMac

    Marty Bell Finishing

    Marty was happy to paint another body and head stock face for me. It shipped yesterday and is tracking to be here tomorrow. I've always been a fan of sparkle paint jobs and this is my third by Marty Bell, who is nearing retirement due to increasing loss of vision. I have the parts and pickups...
  8. BobbyMac

    Buy Anything on Black Friday?

    I ordered this: And these:
  9. BobbyMac

    Squier by Fender FSR Classic Vibe 60s Telecaster Thinline

    Man, I sure wish Fender offered this model here in the USA!
  10. BobbyMac

    Let's See Some Of Your Amps

    Here's some of mine...
  11. BobbyMac

    Cool AmpStand/Cabinet

    Several years ago, I purchased a couple of amp stand/cabinets from a maker on eBay. He only had a few of them available. One for 59 Bassman sized amps in tweed, and another for Twin Reverb sized amps in black tolex. I bought one of each. They weren't cheap at over $300 per, but I had to have...
  12. BobbyMac

    Bass players you've never heard of...

    Lalo Carillo is one of my all time favorite bass players. His playing on this cover of Room 335 (Larry Carlton) linked below is a perfect example of his utter mastery of the instrument. He is a true joy to watch and you can tell how much he is into the groove. And another unknown favorite...
  13. BobbyMac

    Seller's Remorse - Fender MIM 72 Telecaster Thinline FSR

    I have over 30 guitars presently. You'd think that would be enough. Yet, I am constantly amazed at what is available today and buy a new guitar every six months or so. My justification for such behavior is to try to sell a guitar for every one I buy. It isn't always easy to decide what to...
  14. BobbyMac

    My Rosewood T-Style Partscaster

    I've assembled a few dozen replica-type partscasters over the past 20 years. Many of them I've let go, or been talked out of. I haven't put one together for some time now. I still have 8 or 10 of them, though, including this one. Assembled maybe 10 years ago, or so. Except for the neck...
  15. BobbyMac

    My Rosewood Partscaster

    I've always thought the Rosewood Telecaster was cool, and not just because my favorite Beatle played the first one. Aside from the weight of the rosewood body, what is not to like about this variant? Of course, I could never afford a real one, or even a reissue, not to mention a modern Custom...
  16. BobbyMac

    My '55 Precision Bass replica build

    Normally when I assemble a Fender-style parts guitar, I go very conservative in color and cosmetics, adhering to period correctness in all ways, whenever possible. This bass, somehow, defied all of my usual restraint. You might want to put on some sunglasses! Not a real Fender, by the way...
  17. BobbyMac

    The Jimmy Herring Band

    I recently discovered Jimmy Herring on youtube. Quite a unique Telecaster slinger! This particular live recording performance of a song by the keyboard player is a pleasure to watch, not only for the musicianship, but for the sheer joy the players exhibit for each other throughout. I liken...
  18. BobbyMac

    Maple or Rosewood?

    I better have one of each available at all times! What about you?
  19. BobbyMac

    Some pics of my B-Bender

    Gene Parsons installed this bender in my CAR Custom Telecaster back in 2001. The body is MIJ from 1986(based on the pencil date on the original neck heel), the current neck is by Musikraft, and the hardware is all genuine Fender USA vintage reissue, including the serialized bridge plate with...