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  1. djhblues

    PRS SE Zac Meyer dead 3 string

    You were correct- it was in the bridge. Luthier looked at the g slot on the bridge, filed it a bit, and everything is good. Funny how it didn't show up until I changed the string. Thanks
  2. djhblues

    PRS SE Zac Meyer dead 3 string

    I should clarify- at the bridge, not the nut
  3. djhblues

    PRS SE Zac Meyer dead 3 string

    Thanks to all for all the tips and recommendations. I took it to my local luthier. After playing it a bit, he loosened the string and filed the slot a bit and re-setted the string. Problem solved...and no charge. Thanks Paul, and I will use your set up recommendations as well, since I did fool...
  4. djhblues

    PRS SE Zac Meyer dead 3 string

    I used 000 steel wool The string is still dead after using a capo at the first fret, no string tree Sliding a sheet of paper when capoing at fret 1, paper is very tight at the fret 8; farther down the neck not as much resistance; putting a straight edge on the frets, I don't feel any rocking...
  5. djhblues

    PRS SE Zac Meyer dead 3 string

    No- 10-46 D'Addario. Thinking it was the nut slot was too low, I tried a piece of paper underneath the string at the nut. Didn't help.
  6. djhblues

    PRS SE Zac Meyer dead 3 string

    Thats what I'm thinking. I did swap the string, thinking it was faulty And of course, I messed with the truss rod, so I hope I didn't mess things up. Not really comfortable doing that. I could add a little something in the slot to see if that changes anything. Thanks!
  7. djhblues

    PRS SE Zac Meyer dead 3 string

    Hey guys, need some advice. I just picked up a PRS SE Zac Meyer ( don't know who he is) from a friend who doesn't play but had this guitar. Upgraded USA '57/08 pickups, CTS Pots and some other upgrades were already done to the guitar. The guitar played great, sounded great and the price was...
  8. djhblues

    68 Custom Princeton Reverb

    Could you update when you do the mods? I have the '68 Princeton as well . I use to love the amp because it sounded so much warmer to me than the '65 PRI. Then that became a problem. I just found that the bass control was unusable. I always left it at 2. My question is: I like the tone stack, but...
  9. djhblues

    Eric Johnson first Strat series vs Virginia

    I have the first generation EJ Strat (2006) and love the guitar. I've added a treble bleed circuit, and most recently a Callahan bridge, as the high E was getting to close to the edge of the fret board. The Callahan bridge made a big difference. Really like it ( although not cheap by bridge...
  10. djhblues

    why locking tuners on a tele?

    Quick string change, although split tuners with the hole down the center on my EJ Strat make changing strings a breeze. Love them as well. I can't stand the hole through the shaft that came on my tele- changed them out immediately to locking tuners.
  11. djhblues

    Praising the 68 custom Princeton Reverb

    I love this amp. I swapped out the Celestion cheap speaker with a Celestion Gold. Loved it at lower volumes, but it was pretty dark as I cranked the amp ( just gigged with it last week). So I put a Cajun Cajun speaker in now (75 watts vs 40 watts for the Celestion Gold). Gigging this week, and...
  12. djhblues

    Best amp you ever played ???

    I have a Dr Z Plus UltraLite with a Celestion Blue- overall the best amp I have played through. Bought it based on reviews and was not disappointed. Does it all for me, and with a J Rockett Blue Note pedal- I have the tone I love. I can never go into a store and test an amp out and get the...
  13. djhblues

    Your #1 Strat?

    I have a Suhr SSH with a roasted neck that, overall, is the best guitar I own. But...I have an '06 EJ Strat that is pure strat in my opinion. Love the action and tone. Been my go to for years and would never part with it.
  14. djhblues

    What is one amplifier you regret selling?

    '65 Twin Reverb. My first good amp. I bought the amp and a Mosrite Ventures model guitar for $400.00 off a guy that no longer played. Sold it for $500 in the early '80s and bought a Peavey Mace because it had chorus built in. The guy that bought it couldn't leave with it fast enough and told me...
  15. djhblues

    O Canada . Who’s your favorite Canadian band/performer?

    Yea, forgot about him. He was (is?) a fine player/songwriter. I'm from Detroit area as well. We still have some great players around here.
  16. djhblues

    O Canada . Who’s your favorite Canadian band/performer?

    Great bands and players listed for sure. Now that my daughter and son in law live in Canada, I have even more of a fondness. Best current band for me in the last few years? Brothers Landreth, as well as singer/guitar Joey Landreth- Just great song composition and beautiful slide work. Check them out
  17. djhblues

    Pedal people: Why have you avoided multi-effects processors?

    I share duties on guitar with another guy in a worship band ( my other gig is a blues band when we can ditch the covid) . I use a modest pedal board and he uses the Helix. For what we do, he can get some great sounds, specifically to build patches for verse, chorus, also patch for the next tune...
  18. djhblues

    Good Cheap Pedal Power Supply?

    I have the Caline on my mini board on its perfect-no issues at all. Highly recommend it. Works perfect for my needs
  19. djhblues

    Favorite 6V6 amp?

    MOre details on the amp please- looks very cool. And the sound? Thanks
  20. djhblues

    Joe Bonamassa - what's the deal with him?

    Agree he is an amazing talent, and him and Norm (Norm's Rare Guitars) have a thing going. Anything vintage comes along, Joe is the go to guy first. Keyboard player in my old band opened up for him (wish I had been in the band at the time!) when he was sponsored by BB and still doing small...
  21. djhblues

    Are you a pedal fiend?

    I have two boards- a small board for the blues band/cover band I play in, and a larger board for the worship band. The small board usually stays static, other than swapping out the drive pedal.Boss Tuner, 2 overdrives (although I could get by with just the J Rockett Blue Note -fabulous OD) Boss...
  22. djhblues

    Best Heavy Weight Amps For Cheap

    Have to agree with you on that. I was in a band in the '70's with a guy that used one. Weighted a ton for sure, but I was envious of his tone through it. Not many pedals available in those days. I was using a BF Twin with a Soul Bender for drive (or was it the LBT-1 in plugged into the input...
  23. djhblues

    Telecaster bridge pickup to pair with a Nocaster neck on a Baja tele for clean and warm

    A bit late to this thread. I have a players series MIM tele I bought recently (roasted maple neck w/no'caster pickups). I loved the tone at first, but since the purchase, I find the output of the pickups to be a bit thin, specific to volume. Im comparing them to my USA Asat, as well as my strat...