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  1. old_picker

    Arlo mod mod

    Have had this topic danced around before but no definitive answer - so once again, this time in regard to the Esquire version which is shown below. I'd like to make the effect a little more extreme eg less highs less lows. Would I increase the value of the .0047 cap [to ground] to say .01 or...
  2. old_picker

    Esquire body dimensions - working drawing?

    I'm looking at an Esquire repro project and would like to use early 50's specs. I haven't discounted the idea of building it like the earliest model using two 19mm slabs of dressed pine glued in a sandwich config. If a blueprint isn't available some core questions need confirmation: Body...
  3. old_picker

    Both h.bucker pickups in series - mini switch

    Using a three way toggle as selector switch. I'd like to be able to run both humbuckers in either series or parralel. I already have parralel when the toggle is in the middle position. I'd like to use a mini toggle to switch the pickups from parralel into series mode when middle position is...
  4. old_picker

    Active pickups and 25k pots.

    Currently on my bench is a guitar with active humbuckerpickups installed and controls etc working fine. I rearranged some if the wiring in the cavity and noticed it still had the original Alpha 500k pots. Other active circuits I've seen use mostly 25k pots. What effect does using higher value...
  5. old_picker

    Vintage 3-way wiring for strat

    Searched for an hour today for the original pre 1977 3-way strat wiring diagram and failed. What I found didnt spec 3-way switch or list the positions and what pickups were selected in each position I'm a duffer with switches and cant figure it out. Has anyone got a link to the original 3-way...
  6. old_picker

    DIY Shielding paint anyone?

    Currently using Stewmac copper tape to shield cavities. It is time consuming but works very well. From the front pickup rout to the back of the control cavity in a strat I'm reading a resistance of 0.4ohm is it possible to get similar conductivity using DIY shielding paint? I've heard that...
  7. old_picker

    Wiring diagram - twin HB's two vol two tones - 4 x push pull - series parallel - coil dump

    Chasing a wiring diagram that will operate mods from 4 push pull pots: Neck vol up = neck coils in parallel Neck tone up = neck coil dump - slugs Bridge vol up = bridge coils in parallel Bridge tone up = bridge coil dump - slugs The Jimmy page mod seems to be common but cant find one initially...
  8. old_picker

    68 Thinline refurb

    This battle worn warrior is on the bench at the moment and have a couple of quick questions. The job is to replace the electrics, straighten ot the guard, rewind the bridge pickup, level crown and polish frets and a setup. The objective is to retain the look of the guitar as it is. Belonged to...
  9. old_picker

    Arlo 4-way mod question - extra in between tones

    Just built up a parts tele for the office and note that I have discovered an in-betweener tone between pos 1 and pos 2 - also between pos 2 and post 3 the tone is meatier with more output than the arlo mod slot. A bit less bite than the bridge Pos 1 being furthest from the nut pos 1 = bridge...
  10. old_picker

    '76 Starcaster original fret size??

    Just plumbing the knowledge well here for a minute. Does any one know what size frets these guitars had originally - I have one in here for a refret and it looks like its got a set of 6000's on it - really big. Width 3.1mm or 0.122" height not much :] I don't want to tap them out sideways if...
  11. old_picker

    Gibson spaced hardtail bridge.

    Does such a thing exist ? 50mm or 1.96" string spacing at the saddles. I have one of the Stewmac top loaders but not overly happy with the quality. I've used Schaller 3d6 which is great quality but too many moving parts eg strings tend to wander on the roller saddles. Ideally I'd like a steel...
  12. old_picker

    finished bodies - where?

    After a fiesta red tele body but having a devil of a job buying one off the shelf. Would love to hear of any outfit that might have one. Stewmac have a candy apple but its cut for the modern USA Fender bridge which is a no go for this job. Thanks for any tips
  13. old_picker

    Who now? looks like Allparts has dropped the ball

    Sent an email checking stock levels on Candy Apple tele bodies on January 23rd. They were showing in stock on the 23rd. I received my reply today 5th March which advises me they are not in stock but are still showing as in stock. How can you confidently buy from an outfit who are happy to take...
  14. old_picker

    Dual control Strat - when were they made?

    As I recall it was pretty much a standard strat guard with master volume and master tone. Apparently they were made sometime in the CBS era and the objective was to cut costs. not sure whether it was early or late CBS era when these were released. There was a whole lot of changes made to the...
  15. old_picker

    Are the wheels falling off at Allparts?

    Last few times I've looked there were many holes in the stock of bodies and necks. I reckon on more than half the items listed in these two are tagged as sold out. I ordered a fiesta red strat body showing in stock and a set of tuners last month. No shipping advice to hand so ten days later I...
  16. old_picker

    treble bleed question

    I have found using a small value cap (.00039uf) gives a good natural roll off. The treble holds up and doesn't become overly predominant at the lower end of the sweep. I find with higher value caps, eg .001uf, the treble becomes predominant towards the bottom of the sweep. I've tried various cap...
  17. old_picker

    EL84 retainer MIA

    Small problem? no idea - but I don't feel happy to use it with the el84 flopping around like it is. Looks simple enough to replace the retainer and I'm hoping that's the case but what type? Looked at local valve amp parts suppliers and there is a puzzling array to choose from. See pics below...
  18. old_picker

    Straplock button compatability

    Wondering if Schaller [old type] straplock strap assembly is compatible with Grover straplock buttons. Any one with first hand experience? thanks
  19. old_picker

    hard tail strat bridge

    Looking at using a Fender hardtail bridge [Fender branded ex taiwan] in a project coming up soon. My template set is cut to match the Gotoh strat hardtail bridge GTC102 shown below. The string holes dont line up. The gotoh has a string spacing of 52.5mm [2.21"] and the fender 56mm [2.22" / 2...
  20. old_picker

    Warmoth modern neck - screwing on holding stick

    Sounds dumb? sure it does Bought a superwide strat neck with the modern construction side adjuster. Went to screw on my finish holding stick and hit metal with the second pilot hole.I'm no newbie to building and used hundreds of necks but not one of these. Tried to avoid both truss rod and the...
  21. old_picker

    concentric knobs for cts dual pots

    Any body got a tip as to where I can get these? Concentric knobs for CTS 500k/500k dual concentric "stacked" audio taper pot Top shaft is 3/16"(4.75mm) diameter bottom shaft is 17/64"(6.75mm) diameter. There are plenty out there but none I can locate atm with correct shaft sizes. These are a...
  22. old_picker

    Pickup placement '72 vintage Thinline vs MIM RI

    Currently drawing up set of templates for a Thinline using Lollar imperial wide range humbuckers which are on order. I am working from a file I downloaded from a German based plan depository that has been mentioned in TDPRI forums numerous times. Whether the drawings are of original or reissue...
  23. old_picker

    Musikraft - Big storm and power outage

    apologies for previous post :( Located at Vineland NJ - Any one know what's going on over there atm?
  24. old_picker

    OT - Mustang Special phase switching problems

    Got all the pickup wires soldered up and the leads in position to fit around the rather awkward control and pickup routs. A CTS push pull on the tone control has been added to activate a phase switch so bridge pickup is OOP with neck in the up position. With the pot in the down position it is...
  25. old_picker

    2" Nut? - sounds mad but

    Anyone have any idea who does Tele necks with a 2"nut?