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  1. red57strat

    What strap lock hardware do you prefer...and why?

    I don't use straplocks on my Fender guitars. I use bottle cap washers from a brewery supply for my Gibson guitars.
  2. red57strat

    Musician Buddies Always Needing to Borrow Gear

    Sounds like he's not really good at taking care of his stuff. I certainly wouldn't let him borrow mine.
  3. red57strat

    D string problem on my #1

    I've got one guitar with a slightly low D string slot. It works fine as long as the neck relief is right where I like it. It'll rattle on the first fret if the neck straightens even a tiny bit. I can tell the changing seasons with that guitar. It's my hygrometer. But I've also had guitars...
  4. red57strat

    What was a pre-CBS Tele worth in the mid 80's?

    I couldn't afford a pre CBS Tele in the mid '80s. I paid $175 for a nice '66 Mustang (not pre CBS) and sold it a couple of years later for $225 and thought that was a big deal. About the same time, I bought a new made in Japan Squier Tele or $180.
  5. red57strat

    Do you change your own oil?

    I used to be an actual mechanic, but I pay to have the oil changed in my newest car because it was under warranty, and now that the warranty has expired, I find it to be easier and not much more expensive to have the dealer do it. I do all the repairs except alignments on my wife's 7 year old...
  6. red57strat

    Do You Change Your Own Strings?

    When I was 8, my mother tried to tune my guitar using middle C on the piano as a reference and broke a string. We had to go to the shop where I took lessons and have it repaired. I've restrung and tuned my own guitar for the past 45 years.
  7. red57strat

    Fender CuNiFe WRHB in MiM Classic '72 Telecaster Thinline

    I bought a set of CuNiFe WRHBs on sale and put them in my 2013 MiM Classic '72 Telecaster Thinline along with a pair of 1 meg pots. It sounds great! What a change from the original pickups! It sounds great with my Princeton Reverb clone and incredible with my Dr. Z Cure and especially my Z...
  8. red57strat

    5e3 Power Transformer Spec

    I have a 330-0-330 120mA PT and an old 5Y3 rectifier in mine. With a line voltage of 120v, the plate voltage is 356v, which I think is just right. It sounds great! Yours will be higher with 127 line voltage. You may want to use a Brown Box or a DIY bucking transformer.
  9. red57strat

    Cheese and apples!

    I like cheese and grapes, too
  10. red57strat

    Need an amp for telecaster

    I didn't like Teles until I bought a tweed Deluxe Clone. Now I like them with every amp. So that's what I recommend, though they can be loud for home use.
  11. red57strat

    Best Small Gigging Amp No Budget Limit

    I recently spent a while playing a new Quilter Aviator Mach 3. I really, really wanted to like it. I have back issues and the weight was a big draw, as was the multiple channels, tremolo, and reverb. I had the cash in my pocket. Unfortunately, I really didn't like it. There was something...
  12. red57strat

    Best Small Gigging Amp No Budget Limit

    I have (and have had) several amps that may meet your needs. My favorite these days in my Dr. Z Cure. It has enough headroom for playing in a band and gets just the right amount of grit on its own. The variable footswitchable boost is great! I have a Z Wreck Jr and it's a great amp, but it...
  13. red57strat

    Jim Croce - Operator

    I have a DVD of these recordings. I only kinda liked Croce's studio recordings, but love him and Maury playing together as a duet. A big revelation in the DVD is that when they went to Ovation guitars, the tone went to hell.
  14. red57strat

    FYI Fender CuNiFe Neck or Bridge Pickups $150

    Mine arrived earlier today. They're going into a nice playing, clean 2013 MIM '72 Classic Telecaster that I bought earlier this year.
  15. red57strat

    FYI Fender CuNiFe Neck or Bridge Pickups $150

    Mine are due to arrive tomorrow!
  16. red57strat

    Capacitor discharging for the unbeliever or careless

    I designed commercial indoor lighting, mostly solid state, at my last job. A co-worker pulled the driver out of a fluorescent fixture and accidentally touched a lead while holding the case. He screamed like a little kid! High voltage, very low current. The fixture hadn't been plugged in in...
  17. red57strat

    three hole versus four hole bridge mounting specs

    The spacing of the outer screw holes is similar, but the relationship between the screw holes and string holes is very different.
  18. red57strat

    Removing Tele bridge without ruining screw holes?

    This is how it's done! I do this in every application that takes wood screws or sheet metal screws. It's very important when putting amps back together- pine cabinets need extra care. But, if the screw holes eventually get stripped, they're easy enough to repair.
  19. red57strat

    In praise of college towns.

    I grew up (and still live) within 10 minutes of Providence and 45 minutes from Boston. College towns or not, the access to live music and parties at local colleges and universities and the clubs that catered to them kept me busy when I was younger! Also, access to good record shops! When my...
  20. red57strat

    Do you always have a pick in your pocket ?

    Usually. A few in the cup holder in each car and a bunch of top of the clothes dryer.
  21. red57strat

    Trixie sent me to look at a car yesterday.

    I've got a '97 that I've owned since '98. It's been a summer toy and is in great condition. It's an awesome car! I'm sad that I'll have to put it away for the winter in a month or so.
  22. red57strat

    What’s your favourite o.d. with a tweed champ

    I like a couple of things about it. It doesn't add a lot of mids or other coloration to the tone and you have a choice between OD and boost. A King of Tone can be even better because you can have both the OD and boost and even combine them, though I had one, and my particular PoT sounds way...
  23. red57strat

    An Esquire has one pickup, Telecaster has two

    The earliest Esquires were available with two pickups.
  24. red57strat

    Madison Cunningham

    She's awesome!