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  1. jtcnj

    Anybody order tubes from Ukraine lately?

    3 separate orders 3 different ebay sellers - 4 6p6s, 4 6p14p-ev, from Ukraine, and 4 ef80 from Bulgaria; all ordered Aug. 16, all delivered Sept. 6.
  2. jtcnj

    Matching output tubes, cathode biased push/pull question

    I dont know but I'm thinking the difference may be in transconductance. In cathode bias the cathode resistor / ohms law vs. grid voltage in fixed bias. Different control mechanism.
  3. jtcnj

    Matching output tubes, cathode biased push/pull question

    A simple method to pair tubes is maybe more what I am getting at. I am not stuck on a perfect match, just avoiding a large mismatch. I already have the dissipation and cathode resistor value dialed in, knowing there will be some variation with different individual or pairs of tubes. I am...
  4. jtcnj

    Matching output tubes, cathode biased push/pull question

    I have 10 or so EF80 tubes, I'd like to match them in pairs. The amp is Robrob JCM800 Micro, typical shared cathode resistor bias, 2 output tubes. Can I measure the open circuit (no EF80s in sockets) anode voltage, note it. Say - 301 and 302v. If I then insert a pair of tubes, measure the...
  5. jtcnj

    Why build a micro amp and not something a bit more capable?

    The ability to crank the power section at reasonable / household volumes is the main attraction, to me at least. My EF80 JCM800 micro still pretty darn loud. 15 - 25 watts is crazy loud in my house. My @5w 5F1 champ, especially when pushed with a boost or OD is pretty darn louder. I'm only a...
  6. jtcnj

    Anyone looking for a cheap mod platform monoprice has this model for $70.

    I snagged one. I got the blonde with rosewood board one about a year ago. Wanted a maple board. New nut, and recently a stet of Bootstrap Extra Crispy and I couldn't be any happier. Will switch necks, sell off the blue, or get a set of Bootstrap Palo Duro for it.
  7. jtcnj

    6P6S vs 6V6GT

    I have them in my 5F1, 5E3, and 6G2 builds. Sound good, lasting fine so far, but I rotate my amps often, and often cant run them hard / loud, but often I do.
  8. jtcnj

    Where to find clip leads for MM

    The real cheap ones on ebay I tried didnt last; both went open / no continuity at the probe end. I cut the ends off, cut one of my clip leads in half, and made a pair of clip lead probes.
  9. jtcnj

    Bootstrap Palo Dura

    I got the EC set installed last weekend and - WOW, I'm thrilled! I'm not a Tele-first player and cant say how they compare to others except the stock Indio an SX teles I have or had. I'm mostly classic rock, but often play single coils clean or clean-ish, and with OD. So, the bar is set...
  10. jtcnj


    I'm done with the big name / big venue shows and expensive tickets. We had to do The Stones as a bucket list thing in 2017, great day out with our Uncle Doug before C$#id took him. Saw Gordon Lightfoot Monday in a small venue. Real nice day out for the wife and me. Sure, he's not The Boss, but...
  11. jtcnj

    First baby pictures... Bassman Micro

    Nice work!!
  12. jtcnj

    Is my 5E3 working properly?

    I know better, complete brain fart. Not getting enough sleep lately. Unplugged the switch and tip are connected, and grounded to ground lug through leg of 1M resistor.
  13. jtcnj

    Is my 5E3 working properly?

    I may have missed something in the posts, but the pics show a cable plugged in. The measurements are without it, yes? Sometimes I have to move the probe around a little to get a reading on soldered joints. I dont know if it is the flux from the solder coating the components or what.
  14. jtcnj

    Bootstrap Palo Dura

    I recently received an Extra Crispy set in NJ. Ordered June 15, received July 5, have not the time to install yet.
  15. jtcnj

    Princeton Reverb thumping sound

    Swap tremolo triode tube, and check power tube bias, I would start there.
  16. jtcnj

    NGD Monoprice Indio

    Old thread, but anyway.... I have been playing other guitars and hadn't picked up the Indio tele since maybe February. It is my only tele. Picked it up last week and was impressed with it all over again. Decided it deserved a pickup upgrade. It is stock except for a bone nut. The stock...
  17. jtcnj

    Budget pickups for classic Tele sound?

    I just ordered a set of Bootstrap Extra Crispy for the <$100 Indio Tele. Mostly from reviews / sound clips here on TDPRI. 4 week lead time, but I'm still somewhat in the honeymoon phase with a cheapy Firefly V.
  18. jtcnj

    Bootstrap Pretzel vs. Extra Crispy?

    Old thread, but reading / listening here and others, I just ordered the Extra Crsipy set for my cheapy Indio tele. Not in a hurry for them, I realize the lead time is around 4 weeks or so.... just hope it doesn't drag out with the way things have been going lately.
  19. jtcnj

    Licensed Floyd Rose never stays in tune

    One of the common problems with the licensed Floyds is the metal the base is made from. The knife edges can be easily damaged, even by adjusting the action height under string tension. When I adjust the action, change strings or slack the string tension for any reason, I first stick a piece of...
  20. jtcnj

    Bassman Plexi-ish micro build

    you could also move the 2 pre-amp sockets farther left away from the power PI / power section.
  21. jtcnj

    Indio/Monoprice Tele Review

    I'll add to this for others searching for info. I got the blonde with rosewood fretboard, back in Sept. 2021. On sale, around $90. to my door. Nut is the weak spot, poorly cut plastic. Made my first bone nut from a blank. Hardware and electronics at least ok, function well. Truss rod responds...
  22. jtcnj

    Heavy Watter Desktop Head Builderino Saga

    Old thread, but nobody responded, so..... The data sheet is per triode. If you are using a shared cathode resistor for both output triodes, and you take the measurements and use ohm's law, it will be for both triodes combined. So yes, @5.5w max for both triodes. With a speaker or load...
  23. jtcnj

    micro amp chokes

    I used SS rectification and will do same on the upcoming Bassman / JTM or Plexi EF-80 build. I thought using choke was another method smooth the B+ ripple. If it is not needed for ss config., lower $$ is a good thing.