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  1. Onebean

    Wiring help

    My son and I are wiring up his jazzcaster, and we are using the attached diagram. I assumed this layout was shown from the back of the switch plate, but the tabs on our switch are opposite the diagram. Now I’m wondering if this diagram is shown from the front of the switch plate. We have it...
  2. Onebean

    Looking for a wiring diagram for a Tele with a P90

    My son and I are building a guitar for him, and we are at the wiring stage. We have a P90 in the neck position, and single coil in the bridge position. We are using the standard Telecaster 3 way switch. Can anyone share a wiring diagram for this set up that includes the pot values and the values...
  3. Onebean

    Looking for Jaguar body prints

    Hey everyone, it's been a while. My son has shown an interest in playing guitar, and likes the look of a Jaguar. I would like to do a father son project, and build a Jaguar with him (I might build one for me at the same time). Is there a CAD file available for the Jaguar body? He doesn't need...
  4. Onebean

    How can I use a Crown PA amp for bass guitar?

    So I need a real cheap bass setup for some potential jamming with some friends. I have a bass speaker in a cabinet, a Crown amp, and a Fender Deluxe Jazz bass. I assume to make this work, I need some kind of a preamp to go between the bass and the amp. This is a garage jam, so volume will be...
  5. Onebean

    Anyone here using one of those Gimbal phone holders for video?

    I've been thinking about getting one for a family vacation we have coming up. I would use it with our iPhones. They look like they improve the quality of video dramatically. I'm just looking for some real world feedback. If you have one, please include the manufacturer and model, and give me the...
  6. Onebean

    Build Challenge 2017???

    Hey everyone. I've been off the board for a while working on some Hi-Fi stuff and the usual family life. With the weather warming up, i have started thinking about building another guitar. Has there been any mention of a build challenge this year? I did a search, and didn't turn anything up...
  7. Onebean

    Anyone here downloading music from HDtracks?

    I want to know if, in your opinion, it sounds better than CD? Also, if you are using a Mac or iPad, can you give me a rundown of your setup? I've been flip flopping on giving it a try for a while, but I'm just not sure I understand how I play the files after I download them. I assume if I import...
  8. Onebean

    Recommend a P-90 set for me

    So I have a Gibson Les Paul tribute with P-90's, and I love the way in sounds running into my tweed Princeton. Naturally I start thinking i need a Tele with P-90's, and with spring here, I'm thinking it's time for another build. What P-90 sets should I be considering? SD makes a bunch of...
  9. Onebean

    Do You Like Horseradish?

    My family is out tonight, so I'm a bachelor for supper. I grabbed a quick sandwich and thought I would catch up on TDPRI while I ate (we have a no tv or device rule at family meals). I was eating my roast beef and horseradish sandwich, and I suddenly wondered how many people like horseradish...
  10. Onebean

    Need advice on fixing Strat finish cracks

    The finish on my friends Mexican Strat from early 2000's suddenly appeared with these 2 cracks in the finish. The guitar had been in the case for a couple months and when it was taken out to play, the finish had these 2 finish cracks. It's like the finish shrank and cracked from the pick-guard...
  11. Onebean

    Source for head stock sticker for Les Paul Jr. Build (Not Gibson)

    My friend is building a Les Paul Jr.from a kit, and wants to add a headstock sticker in the Gibson font and color, but his last name. Any idea where he could buy one? Onebean
  12. Onebean

    Can someone point me to a fret end dressing tutorial or video?

    The fret ends on my challenge build are just a little sharper than I care for. I have the Stewmac fret end bevel file, and those stainless steel fret board protector from Stewmac. My frets are nice and level, crowned, and polished, but the ends aren't perfectly flush with the side of the fret...
  13. Onebean

    I ran across this great Roy Buchanan video and had to share it

    It's a great cover of Hey Joe, and the camera angles are amazing. Enjoy Onebean
  14. Onebean

    Hosting a dinner party for 6 adults. I'm looking for entertainment ideas.

    We do this traveling dinner party thing with 2 other couples and we take turns hosting. The host couple cooks a nice meal for everyone, and then has some form of entertainment planned. The last time we hosted, we did dinner and a movie. This time I was thinking some kind of card or board game...
  15. Onebean

    Please explain the term floating baffle as it applies to Tweed cabinets

    Is the baffle on a tweed cabinet screwed to the front face or bolted loose? If it's screwed, I don't understand why it's called a floating baffle. I'm getting ready to build a tweed cabinet, and want to make sure I get this floating baffle thing correct. Also, what thickness of birch plywood...
  16. Onebean

    5F2a build. I'm looking for advice on speakers cabinet size and mods

    I picked up a 5F2a kit from Mojo on cyber Monday. I ordered it with no speaker, cabinet or tubes. I have a tube stash, so that isn't an issue. Now the question is what speaker, and what cabinet. I've been researching the "big box" Princeton from the late 50's, and I am leaning that way. If my...
  17. Onebean

    Any love for the Bassman 10??? How many versions were there?

    Is there any love for the Bassman 10 combo amps for guitar? Is it the same amp as the Bassman head and cabinet style amps? What is the power output on these? They look heavy, really heavy. I've been watching a few videos on youtube, and it looks like they have a master volume, but know one demos...
  18. Onebean

    I need help jetting Mikuni VM34 carbs on my Yamaha XS650

    This is a long shot, but I don't participate is any motorcycle forums currently, and I know there's a bunch of really smart members here. Here's what I have, and where I'm at. 1978 Yamaha XS650 with lots of modifications Motor is rephased and bored out to 707cc Pamco Pete electronic...
  19. Onebean

    Got to see ZZ Top with Blackberry Smoke over the weekend

    I didn't know much about Blackberry Smoke prior to the show. I watched a couple YouTube videos the night before the show so I had an idea what I was in for. They did a great job overall. The lead singer and guitar player Charlie Starr seems to be the band. He danced around, sang, and played some...
  20. Onebean

    Any recommendations on podcasts for a long drive

    I have some solo long drives coming up, and I'm looking for podcast recommendations. I'm pretty open to most topics, except Religion and politics. What do you listen to and enjoy? What keeps you entertained and focused? Onebean
  21. Onebean

    New guitar day

    Here it is. Good grief, I'm treading water on my challenge build, and I have the nerve to think about another build. I grabbed this mahogany at the wood store Saturday. I'm thinking about trying to clone Keith Richards "Dice" Les Paul Jr. double cut. I've never done any relicing, but I...
  22. Onebean

    Question about Behlen's lacquer

    Do I have to spray vinyl sealer under the lacquer. It says to on the instructions, but I was hoping to put a couple coats of tinted shellac on, and then spray the Behlens lacquer over the top of it. Any guidance would be appreciated. What does the vinyl sealer do for me if I have shellac down...
  23. Onebean

    Help with truss rod oreintation please

    I'm in the challenge build, and I'm building my first neck. I'm setting up my neck for heel truss rod adjustment. Here's my truss rod. Do I install it like #1 or #2? #1 #2 My guess was #2, but I figured a quick ask would be better than trying to remove a glued on fretboard...
  24. Onebean

    I saw the Stones Saturday in Kansas City

    I don't want to spoil it for anyone planning to go, so I won't reveal any set list details. I will say it was a master class in straight up rock n roll. It was my first time seeing the Stones, and I left a bigger fan than I was coming in. They killed it! They were tight as a drum, and very...
  25. Onebean

    COMPLETED : Onebean's Inaugural Isthmus

    I'm pumped to join the challenge again this year. I used my new thesaurus app to name my 2015 entry :lol:. I'm not sure what I'm doing yet, but I leaning towards a maple neck with a rosewood or ebony fret board. I have some chunks of hard maple that could make a one piece maple neck, so I might...