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  1. Dik Ellis

    Dual overdrives - yay or nay?

    I like stacking an OD with a distortion pedal to bring out the mids. Usually the OD is set for a little more crunch to enhance the clean tone. I ramp it up with the distortion. I recently acquired a TC Electronic Spark pedal and I am stacking that with a BBE 427 distortion. With 3 voices on...
  2. Dik Ellis

    Who else counts how many things are plugged together just for your rig?

    I had a large (10-12) pedalboard, but now I run smaller ones (5-6), and I have specific boards for each of my amps. I swap out pedals on the smaller amps (Blues Jr. and Valve Jr.), but I like the set up I have for my Mesa MKIIB. They are mostly modulation pedals, as my amp produces lot of...
  3. Dik Ellis

    Have you ever had to use your "backup" guitar during a gig?

    Yes, I always have 2 guitars for a gig.
  4. Dik Ellis

    Examples of wah used well?

    Zappa on "Dirty Love".
  5. Dik Ellis

    Y'all loan out guitars?

    That's how I lost my 1974 Silverface Twin. He wasn't as much of a friend as I thought. Never again.
  6. Dik Ellis

    No Doubt: Underneath It All

    Saw No Doubt in concert. They opened for U2. Great show!
  7. Dik Ellis

    Over 65 & Exercise

    Oh yeah, the wife and I work out 3 days a week, doing 6-7 programs 3 sets of 15 reps per program. And 75 crunches at the end. Wife walks 3 miles 3-4 times a week and I do 2 miles. You are gonna hurt when you get old, so you may as well be in decent shape.
  8. Dik Ellis

    The "Golden Era" of Guitar Player Magazine: An Inside Account

    I have been a subscriber for many years, on only one thing disappoints me letters to the editor.
  9. Dik Ellis

    Be honest: do you sometimes just admire or stare at your guitars ?

    Absolutely. In my mind they are works of art, and I can't believe they are mine.
  10. Dik Ellis

    Rocky and Bullwinkle more

    Great satire.
  11. Dik Ellis

    NGD - 2007 Fender Nocaster

    Mine is a 2003 NOS and my first Fender Tele.
  12. Dik Ellis

    What Was The Shortest Gig You Have Been To?

    Jeff Beck back in the early 70's. Gone in 20 minutes. My brother thought he was taking a break. Jeff more than redeemed himself in shows that I saw in later years.
  13. Dik Ellis

    The Boss Pedal Owners Club

    Great pedals. Value and quality.
  14. Dik Ellis

    Everybody needs a DS-1 pedal

    Had my DS-1 modded with a Monte Allums Mod Kit. It has, 3 voices, and it rocks
  15. Dik Ellis

    Simplest / best app to record acoustic songs 'ideas' to iPhone?

    I record my song ideas with my electrics by using the video on my camera. I was surprised how good it sounds.
  16. Dik Ellis

    What are your strings of choice?

    GHS Boomers LXL (.10-.38). Same gauge as the old Fender 150's. Used by Jimi and Duane.
  17. Dik Ellis

    Nobels ODR-1?

    Got OD1 Mini on my Christmas list. The Nobles is a classic.
  18. Dik Ellis

    Guitar Stand Rant

    No wall hangers on my house.
  19. Dik Ellis

    Homey records you love…

    Just picked up a Herb Alpert best of CD. It includes "Rise".
  20. Dik Ellis

    I really love Traffic. "Low Spark of High Heeled Boys" is a masterpiece...

    Steve Winwood did some great stuff even before Low Spark. Check out that, too.
  21. Dik Ellis

    The Cars and Elliot Easton

    Got to see the Cars in concert twice. Great shows! Whenever our band did Cars tunes, all the girls got up to dance.
  22. Dik Ellis

    Hey, Tell us did you ever Smash one up?

    Not in my life time. But my best friend destroyed a Gibson EB3 that I sold him. Done in a drunken rage.
  23. Dik Ellis

    Deliberate Practice

    Indeed, noodling gets boring for me. I am always trying different chord combinations for new song ideas. Some one said to work on your soloing with a backing track. I've got my Fender GDEC and you tube for that.
  24. Dik Ellis

    I am almost but maybe not quite ready

    My twin has lived in Japan for over 25 years, and yes, you can't get near a KFC at the holidays.