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  1. takauya

    What happened to Bill Frisell's CS Tele?

    It's the one he is playing in the Solos Jazz Session DVD. Does anybody know if he still has it?
  2. takauya

    Telecaster with 2 7/32" (56.35mm) string spacing at the bridge?

    Are there Teles with such spec? It's the same spacing as vintage Strats. I think the vintage tele spacing is 2 1/8" (54mm).
  3. takauya

    Baja Tele Body w/ a thin ply at the back

    It's an off center 2pcs Ash body, but with a thin Ash ply at the back. The original finish was solid black. Maybe the body was slightly thin, so they added the ply?
  4. takauya

    Reverb noise on Princeton Reverb?

    Is it normal that as you turn the reverb knob up, some hum increases? There is no hum when it's on 1. It starts humming above 4 and louder to 10. This hum isn't interact with the volume knob. When I turn the reverb off with footswtich, low hum dissapears and higher buzz type hum remains...
  5. takauya

    vibro champ tremolo problem

    Is it normal that the volume is completely off when you turn tremolo off with a foot-switch while intensity is crancked? I changed a V2 tube. No effect. 64' Vibro Champ. Thanks for any comments!
  6. takauya

    What's the average price of BFDR amps?

    I'm seriously considering buying a BFDR. I keep watching ebay everyday. Most sellers price them above $2000. Nobody buy it. so what's the good price of them? I know I can't buy them for $1000.:cry:
  7. takauya

    EL34 bias 1ohm resistor question

    I wanna install 1 ohm resistor in my EL 34 amp to measure cathode current. Now, pin8, cathode is tied with pin1, G3. so the order is Pin1 > Pin8 > ground. Is it OK to just install 1 ohm resistor between Pin8 and ground? Does Pin1 affect to measuring cathode current in any ways?
  8. takauya

    Demeter TGA-3

    I have a TGA-3 early 75W. Is this amp cathode biased? Do I need to bias when changing power tubes? Mine is selected 6CA7 or 6550. I have a manual of TGA-3 100 which is 5881, 6550 or 6CA7. Is it OK to use 5881 tube in mine? I've tried to contact on Demeter website, but got no reply.
  9. takauya

    Help! Demeter TGA-3 controls

    I've got a TGA-3. a good sounding 3 channel amp by Demeter. Well, I have a problem with the 3 speaker impedances written on back panel. They're 4, 8, 8 from left. I suppose this should be 4 8 16. Is this just wrong print? Anybody have this amp? Mine is early version 75W.
  10. takauya

    Are Sovtek 5881s same spec as 6L6GCs?

    I have a pair of "short base" Sovtek 5881. I googled about this tubes and read that these are more like 6L6GC than 5881 which dissipation is 23W. Is this true? so how much current would be correct at 450V plate voltage? 46.6ma? or 35.7ma? Weber calculator says 40.4ma, but this is 70% of 26W...
  11. takauya

    About Vintage Valco amps (Supro Gretsch etc...)

    Hi, I want to know about these amps. I'm especially interested in single 6v6 amps like Supro 1606, Gretsch 6150. The reason is my favorite rock guitarist Dean Deleo uses them. A question is are they different than Fender champ or vibro champ? I have a vibro champ which I really love its...
  12. takauya

    Replacing pots. Should them to be 1/2W?

    I'm replacing pots of a Sovtek Mig 50. I can't find a suitable pots, witch are both 2cm long shaft and above 1/2W. Do I need to care about the wattage of pots like other registers(1/2)?
  13. takauya

    Help Sovetek Mig 50 owners!

    I found something strange wiring in my Mig 50. One of 5881s, pin 7 and pin 8 are connected. This is wrong, right?
  14. takauya

    Princeton stokes mod. Do I need to change a OT?

    I'm considering to do Stokes mod for my Princeton (non reverb) It's BF and has a 71' SF PT and an original OT. I read some people say Stokes mod causes PT burn due to increase of power tube output. so is the new larger PT necessary? also, I'm thinking to install a Deluxe OT. Is the...
  15. takauya

    Princeton Reverb Rattle! How can I fix it?

    I have an original BF PR. and when I turn the volume around 3 or 4 it starts rattle a bit. At 10, it's terrible. Is this common issue for this amp? Now the speaker is a Jensen P10R. I have an original Jensen and a Fender Eminence blue alnico. All of them have this rattle, so I suppose it's not...
  16. takauya

    BF princeton mod to Brown Princeton?

    Hey, anybody have done it? Difficult?
  17. takauya

    BF Princeton amp Power tranny quesiotn

    Hi, a power tranny on my Princeton 66' is replaced to 71' one. This means the correct recti tube for mine is 5U4GB right? It's there now. and I can't use GZ34? I searched on this forum and other places. Some says they are interchangeable, others say no. I have no idea...
  18. takauya

    Bias meter question

    I'm thinking to buy this bias meter. Anybody have experienced it? Is this different from famous Bias King? Thanks!:grin:
  19. takauya

    Vibro Champ heater wiring mod

    Hi, I'm a new here! I'm going to do this heater mod for the VC. Anybody have done? I'd like to see a pic if somebody could post it! Thanks! Here is my terrible sketch of it. Is...