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  1. telepraise

    Over 65 & Exercise

    I mentioned this in an earlier thread on biking. After being attacked by jerks two different times on my favorite road, I finally woke up and hung up the road bike. I now only ride on fitness trails, wide sidewalks and short stretches on side streets that carry almost no traffic. Switching from...
  2. telepraise

    Over 65 & Exercise

    Flying through the air. I've got a great carbon hybrid bike. I ride 14 miles 6 days a week. Of course I live in Florida and it's in the 70s here. It's tough losing dogs, we have two buried in the backyard. Hope the holidays treat you well Mjark.
  3. telepraise

    Too stupid to really understand heat pumps, but luckily…

    Used heat pumps in central Florida for many years. IME, they're good down to about 40º and WAY less expensive to run than a heat strip. Once you get down to 40º, you have to switch on the heat strip (emergency) heat.
  4. telepraise

    When Mentoring Finally Clicks With The Mentored

    Busted! Old Deaf Roadie your first paragraph fully exposes your humanity. Your compassion and service are commendable and I'm proud to know you electronically. As a retired elementary teacher, I know of what you speak, I saw that light come on in a struggling student many times over the years...
  5. telepraise


    After 37 years of teaching elementary school I retired in 2020 just when the virus hit (my last two months were virtual, yuck). I did not renew my certificate as they required 20 hours of training on the teaching of reading. I also knew I would never substitute teach. The next two years were...
  6. telepraise

    Guitar Stand Rant

    I bought that same Fender stand (I think) with the red bracket. I just bent the yoke into a tighter C so the tele neck just fits in there. Problem solved. Really the issue is with the tele peghead shape, there's just practically no shoulders on the peghead for a stand to grab. I've found the...
  7. telepraise

    What's on your workbench today?

    People are going to be too mesmerized looking at that guitar to pay any attention to what you're playing on it. Simply stunning, Laren!
  8. telepraise

    Pedalboard Power Supply Suggestions?

    If you want to stay small the One Spot Pro CS6 is low profile. It fits on the underside of my small wedge shaped pedal board.
  9. telepraise

    Kind Woman - Richie Furay

    Yes! Take me back to my youth. Richie is older than me and his vocal chords are still doin' it. That's background vocals done right too!
  10. telepraise

    Oh well. The UK welcomes its new fast food overlords.

    In reference to the American fast food chains- I remember about 20 years doing the car queue to pick up my daughter from highschool and being shocked at the obesity of the teenagers (I'm talking 70+ lbs over and waddling). No one in my high school was that heavy, only one guy who could even be...
  11. telepraise

    NGD Poor Man's White Falcon

    Nice! From what I've read you'll want to upgrade those blacktop filtertrons for a hollow body. Head on over to Gretsch-Talk, really nice people over there that really know their stuff on Gretsches.
  12. telepraise

    Do I still need a tele?

    I don't know what the market value of your tele is over there, but I'd be inclined to hang on to it. Both the tele bridge and neck pickups are in a class but themselves, especially the bridge pickup, in that they produce voices no other guitar can successfully mimic. ONce you get into HBs I feel...
  13. telepraise

    Do you try to cut down on plastic?

    Definitely. In reading National Geographic I've become aware of how pervasive plastic has become in our environment, all the way down to the smallest creatures in the ocean. It doesn't break down like naturally occurring substances and now that China has quit taking our plastic waste, most...
  14. telepraise

    For those that have made wenge necks…

    Myself personally, I would fill the pores, probably with epoxy because they are so huge. It's dense enough that it would probably polish up nicely with oil. I would opt for a catalyzed satin finish that gets really hard, but that's just my preference.
  15. telepraise

    What's on your workbench today?

    Never seen the first type before. Be aware that plug cutters cut a tapered plug with a bevel on the small end to ensure a totally tight fit when plugging a hole.
  16. telepraise

    Speaker Help, Please

    Tele-girl, welcome to the forum! For the rest of you gentleman (I use that term loosely), you should know that Marcy Marxer is one hell of an acoustic guitar player, I remember her well from her Cathy Fink days. Good to have you here!
  17. telepraise

    Simple mods for earlier breakup- 6g2 Princeton

    I didn't realize there were amps you can turn up to 10 without breakup. Both my Deluxe Reverb and Princeton would break up by 6 but by then were so loud It was hard to be in the same room with them. I found the Wampler Euphoria on the "open" setting to do a pretty good facsimile of what the amp...
  18. telepraise

    White shirts have to be clean and pressed.

    As you look, so shall you be perceived. As you are perceived, so shall you be treated. I was an elementary school teacher for 35+ years, not a field where you're expected to dress up. I always wore nice long sleeved dress shirts and pleated slacks. Everyone from the principal down to the...
  19. telepraise

    The Gospel Music Appreciation Thread

    A little more contemporary than what's been posted here. Gospel with a backbeat, fender guitars, a hammond B3, and acoustic piano. I find this hard to listen to sitting down.
  20. telepraise

    I may never play my tele again

    Beautiful strat! I'm with Tarkus though, strats and teles each do their own thing.
  21. telepraise

    Capo question

    The premium capos you list are great on acoustic guitar, not necessary for electric where string tension is way lower. Among serious bluegrass players, the Elliot is the gold standard and totally reliable so the pros who make their living on a flattop all use one. The G7th Heritage is one notch...
  22. telepraise

    (The Band Is) All In the Family

    Wow!!! talk about perfect pitch, both on the fiddles and vocals. The archtop guitar looked to be unamplified other than what the nearest vocal mic picked up.
  23. telepraise

    New Speaker Day: Celestion Gold G10...stuffed it in a Laney Cub 10

    Love the breakup tone on those Celestion alnicos! In a bigger cabinet where it can breathe, you should end up with terrific amp.
  24. telepraise

    Compressor pedals ? What do you use?

    Didn't we just have one of these threads? Wampler Ego.
  25. telepraise

    (The Band Is) All In the Family

    Seeing the Church Sisters reminded of this group of youngsters who showed up in my feed a couple of years back when I was re entering the world of bluegrass. Three sisters and mom, they can really sing harmony.