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  1. Obsessed

    Where the heck is Obsessed?

    Thanks. I gotta mention that I am enjoying that smoked paprika in lots of dishes other than just the chili. Mucho thank you For the eye opener. Oh, for other members, I really am referring to authentic smoked paprika … just to be clear.
  2. Obsessed

    Where the heck is Obsessed?

    Hey, a big thanks to the concerns. Everything is fine up here on the mountain. The creek is frozen over, so not quite enough electricity for some extra amp time (whoa … new emojis), but otherwise Mrs. Obsessed and myself are doing Very well. I wanted to take a trial hiatus from my only social...
  3. Obsessed

    Got an electric car

    Haa, yeah, you are quoting the classic simple mis-leading uninformed argument. I wish it were true. Not your fault to buy into it at all, because that is the intent. Please read more about these issues. It is not so simple, yet very interesting. Part of it is how we look at the solar energy...
  4. Obsessed

    Got an electric car

    Sorry. Respectfully, the carbon footprint of a nuclear energy plant is the same as any fossil fuel energy in equal BTUs generated. Just sayin’ The honest solution is to reduce energy consumption, not playing a shell game … just like EVs.:rolleyes: Okay, just wanted to square up some...
  5. Obsessed

    Wilt Chamberlain & Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Airline Commerical

    I’d like to see either of them sitting in a modern airline seat in coach. Just sayin’
  6. Obsessed

    Colorado Fire

    Shocked and unimaginable that this kind of fire could occur in Colorado in December. The footage reminds me of the Santa Rosa fire a few years ago, but that was in the summer in extreme heat. I hope everyone got safely out of the way. Unusual unseasonable destructive forces are now in play.
  7. Obsessed

    There are no stupid questions...

    +1 And “clumsy” is a good description of his version.
  8. Obsessed

    Please Recommend Combo Reverb/Tremelo Pedal

    Great advice. I love my Mr. Black Deluxe, but it does not have certain functions in order to keep it simple.
  9. Obsessed

    What is the oldest Coffee you've ever drank.

    Maybe this is how flesh eating bacteria is born?
  10. Obsessed

    What is the oldest Coffee you've ever drank.

    I would check the local hospital ICU bed availability first. Just sayin’:twisted:
  11. Obsessed

    Please Recommend Combo Reverb/Tremelo Pedal

    +3 on Mr. Black Deluxe. The perfect amp single pedal to have. Both effects are Fenderish too. I have thought of buying another one just to build into one of my amps.
  12. Obsessed

    International Dateline confusion

    All I can say is that flying the 12 hours from Tokyo to San Francisco allowed me to have lunch twice on the same day.:):cool:
  13. Obsessed

    Are you going out on New Years Eve?

    I’ll miss Missoula’s “First Night” for two years running, but it is a hard … no friggin’ way.
  14. Obsessed


    Wow. The marketing department has guts.
  15. Obsessed

    Soooo....where do they hide THAT thing?

    I think that was last decade, things are changing rapidly here. No box elder, ash and only some very small mountain maple for about 100 miles that I know of.
  16. Obsessed

    You think you have too many guitars?

    I’m always inserting the obvious “consumerism gone amuck statement”, but your preemptive strike gives a good argument and moxie for how these things can logically happen. A bit unsettling for me.o_O
  17. Obsessed

    You think you have too many guitars?

    Gotta throw in the obligatory Joe’s photo op:
  18. Obsessed

    Pedal order and buffers help!!

    Yup, this is great advice. I totally agree.
  19. Obsessed

    Got GAS

    The nearest GC to me is two states and one time zone away … not to mention two major passes in the middle of winter with avalanche warnings. Apparently, I have not read enough TDPRI threads lately to give me enough GAS to go.:D
  20. Obsessed

    Which is dumber?

    I call myself an idiot every day. The dumbest thing is to do another dumb thing after the first dumb thing didn’t work.:oops:
  21. Obsessed

    Soooo....where do they hide THAT thing?

    This is correct. I have seen pics of one upside down and the proboscis lays along the belly. This was our worst year yet. They are coming to take us away aha.
  22. Obsessed

    An Embarrassing Admission

    I would agree with you, but I gotta say that my wife has a MOTS pick guard on one of her bass guitars and it does evoke good emotions … for her. That said, she is a bass player.:lol:
  23. Obsessed

    What is the greatest boom town of all time over one decade?

    Okay, I just had to look it up: I got to spend a few weeks in 1997 to experience the start of winter there. Very fun. “Quartzsite is a well known destinations for snowbirds. In a Mohave Desert setting and only 879 feet above sea level, more than 1 million folks visit this community each year...
  24. Obsessed

    What is the greatest boom town of all time over one decade?

    I was thinking Butte, MT as well, but doesn’t Quartzite, Arizona do this every winter?
  25. Obsessed

    Friends Getting Old Too Fast

    A $1 million house in San Diego is a storage shed. Just sayin’. ;) He might need to keep working to pay the property taxes.:lol: There is just too many things to do in life than working after retiring. Like splitting wood, shoveling snow, plowing roads, growing a garden, canning tomatoes …