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  1. Headless Axeman

    Stuff happened

    No such thing as worthy of it. Enjoy the hell out of playing it. Or hey, just sit and look at it. Whatever you like. It's yours.
  2. Headless Axeman

    What do you consider the quintessential American made acoustic guitar?

    I have and love a J-45, but the answer is a Martin D-18.
  3. Headless Axeman

    First Pedal Board Questions

    To be honest, I have little doubt that a comp will be sticking around. Next time I get a chance, I'm going to dedicate a good hour just to working with it and figuring out how much value it has for me. Ha. I know how how these things go. It's why I had "final" in quotes. The point being...
  4. Headless Axeman

    First Pedal Board Questions

    Thought I’d follow up with an update on where things stand. I spent some time scouring used listings for good deals on pedals that I thought might work on my board. Ended up with this somewhat random (and EQD-heavy) arrangement. I expect to spend the next bunch of months comparing some other...
  5. Headless Axeman


    What I hear from your story is that (a) you’ve been through a whole lot, (b) an opportunity arose and you went for it, (c) it went about as expected, all things considered, and (d) it was well received. While I’m sure your criticisms are valid, I’m pretty confident that they are overly harsh...
  6. Headless Axeman

    I have to wonder what the story is here!

    You truly never know what someone else is going through.
  7. Headless Axeman

    Quilter SuperBlock US and UK Versions

    Not to sidetrack the thread, but what cabinets are you superblock owners playing through?
  8. Headless Axeman

    Do You Remember Your First Pedal?

    It was an EQD Dispatch Master. I got it ... last week.
  9. Headless Axeman

    First Pedal Board Questions

    This is the truth. On a small board, it seems a good idea to cover multiple bases with one pedal if possible. But beyond that, I just move the knobs around, and everything sounds great. The kind of pedal where I'm noodling with it a bit, and all of the sudden it is 45 minutes later. Looking...
  10. Headless Axeman

    First Pedal Board Questions

    Thanks everyone. In one of the least surprising turns of events ever, after a couple weeks of watching pedal videos and reading up on things, a late night session looking at used pedal classifieds resulted in me getting my first three pedals — the Keeley compressor plus, Benson preamp, and EQD...
  11. Headless Axeman

    Advice for the to-be Divorced

    1. Congratulations on making a big decision that is almost surely a good thing for you. 2. Glad that your daughter is your absolute priority through this process. 3. You may be surprised (I was) that despite the relationship being unhappy for a long time, you will still go through a mourning...
  12. Headless Axeman

    First Pedal Board Questions

    Yeah, I'm really starting to see that. Some fuzzes that do really nice low gain sounds and all the way up. Lots for decent prices. I am way, way down the rabbit hole right now...
  13. Headless Axeman

    First Pedal Board Questions

    Seeing a trend here. I'm ok with waiting on a compressor for now. Thanks. Very cool, and definitely budget-friendly. What are the 3-4 must haves on the board for you? Particularly if you're doing alt country or blues? I'm getting a lot of fuzz recommendations from people who know this...
  14. Headless Axeman

    First Pedal Board Questions

    Thanks. I can't tell if a comp pedal is one spot where I can *ahem* be frugal. I hear a lot of good things about the Mooer Yellow or the Dyna Comp. Both can be had for $60 or less. Don't know how much of a difference it is between those and, say, the Keeley 4 knob that @skradlee (and others)...
  15. Headless Axeman

    Why are there so many used Boss Katana's for sale

    It is because (a) a ton of them were sold, and (b) guitarists love nothing more than getting new gear.
  16. Headless Axeman

    First Pedal Board Questions

    As the title says, I’m putting together my first board. I’ve been playing for awhile but have never tried any pedals beyond a looper. Have been thinking about starting with pedals, then I got invited to a monthly local jam at a rehearsal studio that has a couple Marshall and Fender stacks. A...
  17. Headless Axeman

    Upgrading my basement setup

    Thanks. I agree with you almost across the board. I am looking for an amp that leaves me with my guitar in my hands much more than my phone. For the Catalyst, I’d hope to use the physical knobs, and avoid the editor. With 12 preset slots, I think I’d probably spend a practice session or two with...
  18. Headless Axeman

    Upgrading my basement setup

    Wow, the catalyst sounds extremely good. I’m curious to hear the factors going into your decision between that and the AC…
  19. Headless Axeman

    Upgrading my basement setup

    Thanks, that helps. What is your current headphone setup?
  20. Headless Axeman

    Upgrading my basement setup

    Thanks for this. Yeah, after posting, I really started to zero in on the Aviator Cub, and some of the amps similar to it: the Katana, the Blues Cube and the Jazz Chorus being the most interesting others. Somehow after going down the rabbit hole, I hadn’t even seen the Catalyst. I’ll check it out.
  21. Headless Axeman

    Upgrading my basement setup

    Thanks for the response. I’m embarrassed to say that I don’t know what this means. And a quick Google hasn’t really helped. Can you elaborate on what it means to have stereo effects? I appreciate it.
  22. Headless Axeman

    Upgrading my basement setup

    I'll try to keep this as short as possible. I want to upgrade my current bedroom practice setup. It currently consists of a Yamaha THR10II and a Ditto looper. And that's it. Here's what I need: 1. Able to take pedals well (I'm going to build a basic pedalboard, questions on that to come...
  23. Headless Axeman

    Show Off Your Country Licks #24

    Took a shot. Great track. I don't have a country lick to show, but enjoyed a good noodle.
  24. Headless Axeman

    Backing Track Challenge 365 Rock

    Thanks for the help, @Mjark and @bullfrogblues. That was pretty obvious in retrospect. First time using this stuff. Anyhow, here's my sloppy, way overdriven shot at it. Mostly just playing the A minor scale up and down the neck with some focus on the pentatonic, and following my ear. I...