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  1. scook

    Barney Kessel: The Complete "Charlie Christian" Interview (HD Audio)

    Talk about a musician dying too young, CC passed at 25 years old!
  2. scook

    Looking to buy a D28

    I generally buy used, both electric and acoustic. I especially like buying used on acoustics so I can hear what they sound like once they’ve opened up and settled in.
  3. scook

    Hollow body II build

    Yeah, that strip of wood between the blue is phenomenal
  4. scook

    40th Anniversary of the Greatest Play in College Football.

    Not on the same level as “The Play” but a heck of an upset.
  5. scook

    Doing Shrooms With Ravi

    Did you do all the instruments on this?
  6. scook

    Has Anyone Tried The TrueFire Guitar Courses?

    Count me in as a fan. Most of the courses have a free lesson or two in them so you can get a taste for the course. They frequently have sales too, so keep an eye out
  7. scook

    The new Weird Al Yankovic movie!

    Life is tough for a door to door accordion salesman.
  8. scook

    Hollow body II build

    This thread has done nothing to help my GAS for one of these! Great job with this one!
  9. scook

    7 Basses You Should NEVER Buy

    I have a P, a Jazz, and an upright. Would love to add a fret less electric at some point.
  10. scook

    Best Cheap Les Paul Style Guitar

    I can’t remember the exact models but I know at least one model of Epiphone SG and Epiphone LP come with actual Gibson Burstbuckers and not Epi’s version of the Burstbucker.
  11. scook

    This forum is making me crazy, last night I dreamed about Blowtorch!

    Did he have a headstock tuner on the Epi?
  12. scook

    Who knows about maple varities?

    I will second to stay away from silver maples. Too fragile and too much maintenance. Sugars have hard wood and have excellent, vibrant fall colors but tend to grow slower than cultivars of red maples, IME. Sugars tend to have bigger leaves and denser canopies. Both should give you what you’re...
  13. scook

    Any drummers here?

    I play some but wouldn’t consider myself a real drummer. Several years ago I wanted to get better at writing and understanding music as a whole so I learned some bass and drums. I would highly advise any guitar player to spend some time with one or both at some point in their musical journey...
  14. scook

    Caged help.

    Fret Board Logic if it’s still around is how I learned CAGED.
  15. scook

    Martin "Super D" Super Dreadnaught 12dB Louder?

    I need one of these in a 12 fret!
  16. scook

    2022 National Flatpicking Championship Final Round | Winfield, KS

    Nice! A lot of incredible players have come through Winfield.
  17. scook

    iPod - anyone still using one?

    After I couldn’t get it to turn on I tossed it. I should have done some research first!
  18. scook

    2022: 2, Dan German: 0

    Unused fire pit or a warning trap set by a Sasquatch?! Be careful!
  19. scook

    iPod - anyone still using one?

    I wish mine hadn’t died. I live and travel in many places where streaming isn’t an option.
  20. scook

    PRS SE upgrade overboard?

    Yeah, I foresee a Hollowbody in my future at some point
  21. scook

    This could only happen with the Pirates. 😕

    Obligatory post after Doc Ellis mention.
  22. scook

    This could only happen with the Pirates. 😕

    Maybe the mojo is in the old style hats! Definitely been painful since the Bonds/Bonilla years.
  23. scook

    Do You Cook?