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  1. AxemanVR

    Help picking amp

    ‘ My totally biased suggestion is Mesa Boogie. Haven’t played one yet I didn’t like… ‘
  2. AxemanVR

    Tweed Deluxe vs Tweed Champ

    . I’m not trying to throw a wrench into the works, but I recently got a new 2022 Fender ‘68 Custom Vibro Champ Reverb and (tone-wise) it compliments my 2019 Fender ‘57 Custom Deluxe perfectly: My ‘68 Custom VCR has an amazing amount of gain, which translates to a nice brownish overdrive when...
  3. AxemanVR

    Mesa Mark V:25 owners attention: Dumble tone hidden in there

    ‘ I’m so sorry, I should have spoken up earlier (in defense of all non-Dumble amps that sound excellent), but my Mesa Boogie TransAtlantic TA-30 and Fender ‘57 Custom Deluxe both provide some super-sweet overdriven tones that makes it possible for me to not care about getting whatever a Dumble...
  4. AxemanVR

    Standby mode

    ‘ For years I have only used the Standby for warm ups (around :30 seconds on average) and never noticed anything like cathode stripping. That said, I’d never leave an amp on Standby when I’m not using it - even between sets during a live gig. Just turn it back on a few minutes prior to playing...
  5. AxemanVR

    Will NOS tubes kill my OT/Amp?

    The main reason I don’t trust so-called “New” Old Stock tubes is, how can anyone be absolutely sure if what they’re getting are truly “unused” tubes. It stands to reason that the NOS market has been around long enough now that a significant chunk of new/unused tubes has to be fairly depleted...
  6. AxemanVR

    What makes a speaker or amp "3 dimensional"?

    ‘ The sound quality of an electric guitar involves every link in the chain. Assuming we are just going from guitar straight into an amp, then both the guitar and amp must possess the 3-dimensional magic that one seeks. If either are flat sounding, then that can compromise the entire setup...
  7. AxemanVR

    Probably a very stupid question..

    ` Just make sure you're using heavy gauge "speaker cable" NOT a regular guitar cord... `
  8. AxemanVR

    Probably a very stupid question..

    ` Here's one way to do it, if you don't mind modifying the amp: A) Represents how I assume the amp is currently set up. B) Adding two jacks, one connects to the amp's speaker output and one connects directly to the speaker. C) For normal use you can use a "jumper" speaker cable. D) For...
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    Building muscle memory

    ‘ Oh, and don’t forget to take breaks. If you start feeling super frustrated, stop and get a soda or take out the trash. You might be happily surprised when you come back and notice how playing that part is suddenly easier… ‘
  10. AxemanVR

    Building muscle memory

    ‘ When I come across new finger patterns that I’m not completely familiar with, I will focus on making my fingers hold that pattern whenever I reach that specific spot. Practice playing whatever song you’re doing at its normal tempo, until you reach the “trouble spots” then stop (if you have...
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    ‘ To me counterpoint is like listening to two knowledgeable people (both having equally valid perspectives) talking at the same time - with each listening to the other just enough so their conversations still make sense, yet differ in that each is competing to make their “point” the more...
  12. AxemanVR

    How to dampen stray notes/strings

    I believe we both said the same thing in a slightly different way…
  13. AxemanVR

    How to dampen stray notes/strings

    ‘ Over time it just becomes an unconscious part of your technique. Both your fretting and picking hands work together symbiotically, constantly shifting to both play the right notes while avoiding the wrong ones. Like others have implied, only slow methodical practice over an extended period...
  14. AxemanVR

    Your take on the venerable I-IV-V

    ‘ I’d first start by not defining music as “progressions” (that’s the “trap”). Oh, sure, we usually start off with “I” or “i” (a Major or minor harmony Tonic) and go from there, but what comes next is entirely up to you (“I” or “i” can be followed by anything that sounds “good”). Like @Larry F...
  15. AxemanVR

    Time Signatures - How Much Music??

    ‘ I’m 100% sure that music is always 100% music… ‘
  16. AxemanVR

    Using diminish chords to change the feeling of tonal center

    The concept of a “Dominant Function” is the ticket to doing what you’re talking about. Chords that serve a Dominant Function want to go somewhere, namely to the Key’s “Tonic” (in the Key of C Major “C” would be the Tonic) or another chord that has been “Tonicized” by something called a...
  17. AxemanVR

    Frustrated and stuck in second gear. Recommendations to learn next level guitar - getting from novice to advanced????

    ‘ My learning greatly excelled via “obsession”. Find the thing that most interests you and become completely utterly obsessed with it until you totally nail it. Some things you can’t control, like whether a teacher or a lesson will “strike a chord” (so to speak) or whether playing with others...
  18. AxemanVR

    Using diminish chords to change the feeling of tonal center

    ` I’d just add this… Remember that there are several types of diminished chords: 1) diminished triad 2) diminished triad with a minor 7th 3) diminished triad with a diminished 7th 4) diminished triad with a Major 7th The first one is simply made up of a root, a 3rd and a 5th. Most often...
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    Pickup height

    ‘ I usually set the treble side to where I like it, then set the bass side to balance things out… ‘
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    When the right amp comes along..

    ‘ My only criticism is that it clashes with the orange cab. Get rid of it… :lol::lol::lol: ‘
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    Your #1 Telecaster

    I’ve owned several Teles, but the one that stands out above them all is my 2003 Fender AV ‘52 Telecaster: I did replaced the original neck pickup with a Fender ‘51 Nocaster and upgraded to modern wiring. I also bought a 2011 Fender AV ‘52 Hot Rod Tele neck which is what’s on it now (9.5”...
  22. AxemanVR

    "New-be" question amp noise/static (New to Tube)

    Yeah, I should have said “tube pins” (then seating them). ‘
  23. AxemanVR

    "New-be" question amp noise/static (New to Tube)

    First of all, you should always have a spare set of tubes. The easiest way to eliminate a tube problem is to swap out all the tubes. Keep track of where the old tubes were located so you can identify which one is the bad one. That said, sometimes just pulling the old tubes out and reseating...
  24. AxemanVR

    Neck tints on Telecasters, which one do you prefer?

    ‘ I have both. It kind of depends on the body finish I suppose. I’m pretty sure my 1996 Fender Standard Tele would look weird with a tinted neck, but my 2003 Fender AV ‘52 Tele is perfect with one... imo... ‘
  25. AxemanVR

    How to keep motivated.

    ‘ Here’s a link to a Music Theory primer I wrote, for anyone who may be interested: ‘