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  1. Mjea80

    Now spinning

    Post up what you’ve got spinning AND an intersting lyric from the album. “me with my belt wrapped around my head and you just sittin there, in your brand new leopard skin pill box hat” !!
  2. Mjea80

    Why no cherry wood?

    I built a whole restaurant worth of 8/4 cherry table tops and still have a bunch kicking around the shop. Super clear too. If anybody wants a blank to build a neck or a body let me know and Ill send it to you for free you just pay shipping. :)
  3. Mjea80

    Tossing cigarette butts

    Back when I smoked I didnt like throwing them out the window so I would just butt them out in my Jeep ashtray. Thinking back on it, its disgusting and I can’t even imagine how bad the interior of that Jeep stunk. But hey been off em almost 3 years now :)
  4. Mjea80

    Which techniques have you mastered? Poll

    I think aive mastered noodling. I hardly ever plug in, but I enjoy just noodling pentatonic scales in different keys. Although the other day I thought, “my guitar playing seems to have plateaued”. Hmmm
  5. Mjea80

    When you mow your lawn don't be that guy who....

    I dont mind mowers on the weekend but I hate hearing nail guns / shingling on the weekend. My dog also hates it.
  6. Mjea80

    Am I being bamboozled? (CL content)

    No clue what Zella is. Has a scammy name to begin with. If he really wants the guitar tell him to Zella the money to the courier, he can then bring cash for you.
  7. Mjea80

    Random Daily Photos September 2022 Edition

    Messing around with some long exposure shots last night.
  8. Mjea80

    My Collection at 20 years of Playing (8 guitars; long read w/ photos)

    Nice collection you’ve got here !
  9. Mjea80

    Your thoughts on the state of guitar reviews

    All you need is a camera and a youtube account to be a “reviewer”. I take the reviews with a grain of salt.
  10. Mjea80

    Is it actually cooler to be a bad singer???

    Your name is… Michael.. Bolton ?!?!
  11. Mjea80

    Shirtless in public?

    I will do this on my own property cutting the lawn.
  12. Mjea80

    Do You "Discover" Older Music?

    Yes I am about 10-15 years behind on current music. Just got quite into The Strokes.
  13. Mjea80

    MLB Part Deux

    Lets go Bluejay’s !!
  14. Mjea80

    Anyone Get on Reddit?

    Only reddit I do is adding the word “reddit” to a google search.
  15. Mjea80

    Random Daily Photos August 2022 Edition

    SUP surfing a wave on the south shore of Manitoulin Island (Lake Huron). This was about a week ago. 📸 by my wife.
  16. Mjea80

    Recording Acoustic Guitar

    A ton of good advice here. I appreciate all for chiming in. I tweaked my back on the weekend so until it feels better I cant do much for recording. But once it does I will do some experiementing and post up my results for some more advice if you don’t mind. :)
  17. Mjea80

    Recording Acoustic Guitar

    I will def check these out and report back!
  18. Mjea80

    Recording Acoustic Guitar

    Yes this is one of the main reasons I will be recording my tracks separately. Thanks for the reminder :)
  19. Mjea80

    Recording Acoustic Guitar

    The LG got some new strings quite recently. For such a small guitar it pacis a punch! I will definitely have to do some experimenting and record a few parts so you all can hear it and give me dome advice on some different options ! :)
  20. Mjea80

    Recording Acoustic Guitar

    A lot of good advice here. I also do like singing and playing at the same time, so it will feel weird for the first little bit, but Im sure I will get used to it.
  21. Mjea80

    Recording Acoustic Guitar

    On previous acoustic works Ive done I always do both parts at once, but on this one I want to do everything separately. Get it nicely in time. On a few of the tracks I may want to add drums so good timing will be a must. Maybe once I am ready to go I will rent a couple condenser mics at...
  22. Mjea80

    Recording Acoustic Guitar

    I will record the song in my own studio and then release via all the major platforms. So whatever youd call that.. I dont plan to make a penny of them. The genre will be acoustic singer somgwriter and I plan to add lead to some or all of the songs. My studio is lightly treated. Carpet on...
  23. Mjea80

    Recording Acoustic Guitar

    I agree on going into the box. Sounds very lack luster. Ok I will look into the microphones you suggest, thanks!
  24. Mjea80

    Recording Acoustic Guitar

    Hi there, Lately I’ve had a goal to put together an acoustic EP. So, I got to work writing. Im just putting the finishing touches on the 5th tune. Wondering if you all can give me some advice on how to best record my acoustic. Ive got this old 65 Gibson LG that has a pretty nice tone to...