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  1. Tarkus60

    Blackstar ID core

    I think I want one. The 2x20 watt. I like the stereo effect. Anyone have one? I had a Boss Katana sold to a friend that needed a amp. I never much cared for it. To complicated for this old man. I wonder about this one...
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    Slow Today

    Is the forum really slow today or is it me?
  3. Tarkus60

    Terrified but obessed

    I am terrified of heights. It get worse as I age. But I am obsessed with these. The next town over has grass airport. They fly all the time in the summer.
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    Crazy I cannot sleep. Been up since 1 am. Cleaned the house, read all the threads on TDPRI. This has been going on for a week. Wife is sound asleep, so I am limited on what I can do.
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    Forum Names

    I tried to be creative on my me there are 2 on here that are great!!! Knows3chords My most favorite is Killing Floor dang it why couldn't I think of that one.... That ping ping clicka is cool also.
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    I traded my Sweetwater exclusive CV with Mojo tone WRHB today. I tried to bond with it , just couldn't. For this came with Fender 65 jazz master pups. This guitar is so light.
  7. Tarkus60

    3D printed homes

    The times are a changin.
  8. Tarkus60

    Dang Snow

    We got 3 inches this morning. Very early for southern Indiana. I like snow just hate the cold that comes with it and..... The insanity of the salt trucks. They really get carried away with it.
  9. Tarkus60

    Wine and retirement.

    I want to be a old wine guy. So I bought a on-line kit. I am not completely new to this. A few old buddies make wine and beer. But this my first time. Looking for advice and discussion.
  10. Tarkus60

    Jam day

    I so look forward to every other saturday. Its jam day. We bring food beer and jam all day. I am so lucky.
  11. Tarkus60

    Moxy and 1977

    We jamed this 8 track and vinyl...
  12. Tarkus60

    France...smashed sandwich

    While in the Marines. I served on two Med cruises. While in Toulon and Marseille France we found a great surprise. There were these roadside sandwich stands. They served a footlong bun, with steak cheese and french fries-on the sandwich, with fabulous french mustard. They would put the sandwich...
  13. Tarkus60

    My wife...John Entwistle

    I'm blessed with my best friend as my wife. She is not coming after me....because I got lost. It's so nice to be a little old, and to be so peaceful. I wish everyone the same. Now go listen to The Who!!!!! My first concert IU assembly hall 1974. I was 14 rocked my world.
  14. Tarkus60

    CCR on Netflix

    WoW just watched the CCR documentary on Netflix. So very good. I was very fortunate to see Mr. Fogerty live a few years back in Indy. Non stop one right after another. The best musical performance I have ever seen. You have not saw him , you should.
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    Tidal vs Spotify

    I see more and more post with people using Tidal. Is the sound quality better than spotify? How about the quantity, just about everything is on spotify.
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    Windows defender scam

    I got one. Freaked me out at first. Mine looked just like this one, be careful out there.
  18. Tarkus60

    P90 and 500K Pots

    So I am putting together a P90 duo sonic. It has 250k what will I be missing by leaving them in. Just curious.
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    Rock'n roll

  20. Tarkus60

    Fret sprout

    My beloved D18. Indiana crazy weather. Was in the 90's for a fews weeks, and winter surprised us. She is not stored in a case, I play it alot! I turned the heat pump on, it was cold 90 to 35 . Played the other day and I could feel it. It was so smooth, so you will know when it is not right...
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    My Iphone 11 takes lousy pictures. I have always been a camera wannabe. So any recommendations on one? Less than $500.00
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    So I am old been playing for a few years. Every other Saturday we have a 4 acoustic thru fishman mini loudbox Jam. We sing and play and have fun. We do suck. So now the kinda leader of the group wants to to tune down 1/2 step. My ignorance is like what the crap is this. My pretty D with hammer...
  24. Tarkus60

    Vintage Kenwood amp ground question

    I recently purchased a 1977 fully restored Kenwood amp all new caps and noisy transistors replaced. It still has the 2 prong power plug. I read all the time about in here about people adding a 3 prong plug to vintage guitar amps. So isn't this a requirement on a vintage stereo amplifier? I do...
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    Anyone go to one? I went yesterday got my xray's wow back is not straight. He performed my first alignment. My issue is he wants to sign me to a 8 week program that you pay up front. I am not sure about that. My barber told me no way would he do that, he recommended his, which is pay as you go...