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  1. skydog6653

    SOLD Squier 40th Anniversary Telecaster gold parts

    Everything to turn your Squier to gold, or build one from scratch. Included: 6 tuners w/ bushings, 2 strap buttons, gold anodized aluminum pick guard, both pickups, control plate w/ pots & switch, bridge plate w/brass saddles, jack w/ cup and all the screws. $85 shipped ppff
  2. skydog6653

    I was offered a deal and couldn’t say no!

    Nope, I did a mock up in the mod shop and didn’t like anything as much as the tort.
  3. skydog6653

    I was offered a deal and couldn’t say no!

    Squier 40th Anniversary in Sherwood Green/Gold
  4. skydog6653

    I was offered a deal and couldn’t say no!

    Still getting to know it, and it came with 11’s, so I need to get some 9’s on there sooner than later, but the 11’s seem new so I’ll wait a bit.
  5. skydog6653

    Wait a minute, you met who?

    His son still lives there on the family property, but he and his father are at odds.
  6. skydog6653

    Poll. Best Pickup Builder / Brands? Price No Object.Your Favorite Five?

    No Mare, No Onamac, no Rolph…but Epiphone?!
  7. skydog6653

    Your Pure Stock Electric Guitars. Bought New. Zero Alterations.

    When did you order? Thanks i’m at 4 months yesterday, 9/23/22
  8. skydog6653

    Please help ID this Telecaster!

    I came across this guitar a couple of years ago and liked it so I saved the picture. Can anyone ID it for me?
  9. skydog6653

    Best tool ever

    I’ll have to go with Danny Carey
  10. skydog6653

    Anybody Into Old Volkswagens?

    Paul & Ringo? 🤔
  11. skydog6653

    Stewmac Alternatives For Polishing Guitar Bodies: Advice Sought.

    The polishes that work the fastest are also the least forgiving.
  12. skydog6653

    Wanted WTB - Looking For My Old Guitar - Fender/Warmoth Thinline Telecaster

    Cool! I just visited that thread. While I can’t attest to his HB’s I currently have a set of his Vintage Wind pups in my Telecaster. I like them a lot.
  13. skydog6653

    Build idea- Naked black tele

    My tuxedo cost me more than a USA Tele, but has features they don’t have.
  14. skydog6653

    Top Load or Thru the Body?

    Yeah, it’ll feel “slinkier”, much like top wrapping a Les Paul, but how was the tone affected.
  15. skydog6653

    Santana.... Tele.. winning

    Michael Shrieve is one of my all time favorite drummers.
  16. skydog6653

    Top Load or Thru the Body?

    But you did anyway…
  17. skydog6653

    1/4 steel saddles vs 5/16 steel saddles ...What is the tonal difference

    How did you get so knowledgeable about TDPRI in just 2 weeks?
  18. skydog6653

    Need tuners for my 68 Tele...

    What a kind gesture!
  19. skydog6653

    Is this a genuine Tele?

    Of course it’s a Tele. Are you questioning if it’s a Fender?
  20. skydog6653

    Real or fake

    Is this you in the new Fender ad?