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  1. Alcohen

    Do doctors still make house calls where you live?

    Think about it. There is a shortage of primary care physicians (PHP) virtually everywhere. This isn't small town America of myth, it's a world with 8 billion people. How could docs justify spending time on the road visiting people where other processes or technology allow that to be centralized...
  2. Alcohen

    Have you ever had to use your "backup" guitar during a gig?

    Couple months ago. Bridge pickup spring-mounted from the back of the guitar, the screws stripped, leaving the pickup jammed up against the strings. Could not have fixed it mid-gig. Fortunately, brought my tele as a backup. Yes, it's a silly design and this would not have happened with a tele...
  3. Alcohen

    Any Star Trek fans around? If so, check out Star Trek Continues.

    I forgot to mention my favorite tribute to the original aesthetic in the episode I watched: identifying an actor with just the right buff build to be James T. Kirk, and then prominently featuring his waxed torso in gratuitous moments of undress. Totally cracked me up. I'm sure he appropriately...
  4. Alcohen

    Any Star Trek fans around? If so, check out Star Trek Continues.

    Watched the first few minutes of the episode above. As an entertainment made to recapture the original vibe, this is really good! Lighting, period special effects, character development, plot, all right in line with the original experience. Kudos to them. The C-list actors don't bring the same...
  5. Alcohen

    What Makes Boutique Speaker Cabs So Much Higher Priced?

    Forgive my ignorance, but does it matter to the sound quality whether the cabinet is made of the finest wood with exceptional dovetail joints, plywood, or even particle board? I get pride of ownership and looks and all that, just want to know if there's a difference sound-wise. Genius. You've...
  6. Alcohen

    I had to make an uncomfortable (To my ears, that is) compromise to my new band.

    Me, I'd turn this into a positive experience - it gives you the chance to check out all this new tech available out there for amp modeling. Many people on this board and elsewhere swear by this tech and have announced their conversion from using amps altogether. A lot has been discussed above...
  7. Alcohen

    Has anyone here told "The Aristocrats" -joke in front of actual people and survived?

    Just because no one else had anything positive to say about the movie, my recollection is I laughed until it hurt.
  8. Alcohen

    Fender Deluxe Reverb killers

    This is a good answer, per the specs. But I question the question's premise. You can get great tones from the right DR or DRRI in the right circumstances. But it's a what, sixty-year old design? There are so many ways in which these designs have been improved. The Accomplice, for example, has a...
  9. Alcohen

    Went to the Met Museum. Cool Stuff. (Lotsa pics)

    The Met's music collection is as comprehensive and thoughtfully-laid out as everything else there, well worth seeing. They've also had specific exhibits from time to time. A few years back (apparently eleven years, I be getting old), I saw an exhibit called "Guitar Heroes," featuring three great...
  10. Alcohen

    Talk About Your Last Gig Here

    Played a birthday party last night with the classic rock band at a typically beautiful house outdoors high in the Berkeley hills. I started the night playing the Robin Ranger, which I've started playing again after a long time in disfavor. Ever since I replaced the original cheapo Japanese...
  11. Alcohen

    Buddy says he's 40 & I said:

    It's not your job to fix anyone (and you can't). If it's a friend, sometimes they just need to be heard. One thing better folks have tried to teach me because my instinct is to respond like this. Maybe lay off the prescriptions and just share understandings and experiences. Your friend felt...
  12. Alcohen

    Marty Bell Sparklecaster!

    Really nice!
  13. Alcohen

    Talk About Your Last Gig Here

    Drummer made a point of saying before the show, "make sure you look at me, it's really good when we're watching each other." Then he missed the ending of like four songs because he wasn't watching. LOL. Nonetheless, a great time had by all. We were tight when it mattered and it was a forgiving...
  14. Alcohen

    I’ve been looking for that tuner…

    Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.
  15. Alcohen

    Having a Stent put in while awake the whole time

    Kind of. They wheeled me in when I had a heart attack. EMT's had called in and there was a SWAT team of professionals waiting for me at the ER. They gave me some sort of cocktail so I can't say I was really conscious but I was never out. I believe I was talkative, probably annoying, until I got...
  16. Alcohen

    Songs About Wedding Attended With A Broken Heart!

    Gladys Knight is criminally underappreciated. Sorry, off topic, but I made the mistake of clicking on the video.
  17. Alcohen

    NGD: Going Natural, Suhr! Custom Classic Antique S with Wilkinson WVS 130

    Not usually a fan of natural finishes but that is superb looking. Great specs, too. Enjoy!
  18. Alcohen

    Trailer to the re release of the Doug Sahm documentary....

    Love him. Is this available for viewing anywhere?
  19. Alcohen

    NGD!!! Eastwood CDR (Coodercaster-ish)

    That . . . is a very cool-looking guitar. And you wrote a great review.
  20. Alcohen


    Yeah, well, don't look at Keef's hands. Lack of joint distortion probably isn't dispositive, i.e., I think you can have arthritis without developing osteophytes (bone spurs). In some cases the body senses the loss of cartilage and tries to make up for it by growing some new bone around the...
  21. Alcohen


    You have a medical question, the last thing you want to do is get a bunch of semi-informed opinions from clowns like me on the internets. See a doc if you can. If it's osteoarthritis, x-rays will likely show diminished space at the joints from cartilage loss. I just turned 60, and arthritis has...
  22. Alcohen

    My new Quad Reverb

    I lost my hearing just looking at this thread.
  23. Alcohen

    Waterboys - the 80's revisited

    After not thinking of them for a long time, was listening to a compilation recently. Kind of shocked at just how interesting and talented Mike Scott et al. were. BTW, I've never seen a band that had so many former personnel they get their own Wikipedia page...
  24. Alcohen

    Maybe my wackiest gig of the year, happening tonight

    There is a livestream and I'm totally going virtually! So jealous of your gig, it sounds super fun.
  25. Alcohen

    Going to nyc, advice needed

    Yelp is your friend for restaurants, stores, etc. - local reviews as opposed to what some tourist wrote on the internets. Katz's is indeed amazing but there may be tourist lines(!) now (LA has better delis, sorry). Avoid the tourist attractions such as Times Square, Hard Rock, chain restaurants...