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  1. lousy13

    Bee Houston for Your Listening Pleasure

  2. lousy13

    Luthier in Sacramento

    I’m looking for a Luthier in Sacramento to do some work on a Martin HD-35. I don’t think it needs anything structural just some cleanup and a setup. I would also like to get a general assessment on a minor seam separation on the front of the guitar. Suggestions would be welcome.
  3. lousy13

    Need Advice Regarding 6SL7 Preamp Tubes

    I need some advice about 6SL7 preamp tubes. I have a Vintage 47 Spectator that takes a 6SL7 and I've tried two new Tung-Sol 6SL7GT tubes and both are microphonic at least that is my assumption. When I play an open note on the low E string I get that fizzy sound and it becomes more pronounced...
  4. lousy13

    New Ham Radio Operator

    I just got an email from the FCC. I've just been assigned KE0ZJB. I passed the Technician license exam last week. I can see this could turn into another expensive hobby and there are a lot of blogs out there on the subject. It's a good thing I've retired. I might need to sell one of my guitars...
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    Guitar Stores and Blues Venues To Visit in Sacramento

    I'm traveling to Sacramento for my son's engagement party next weekend and will have some time to fill before and after. Are there some worthwhile guitar stores to visit? How about Blues/Roots music venues?
  6. lousy13

    All Night Long - Mike Morgan and the Crawl

    I'm trying to figure this song out. Can anyone help me with some tab or at least a start? Thanks
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    Peavey Prowler

    I bought a Peavey Prowler off of ebay 6 months ago and really like the tone from it especially for the price. I need to get another amp with the same power and was wondering if anyone has any experience with this amp and how it compares to a Hot Rod Deluxe or a Peavey Classic 30. I play a Fender...