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    Let's See The Latest Tele Family

    A pair of Esquires:
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    Need orientation on Taylor guitars

    Taylors are expensive, even the entry-level models. Since this won't be the last acoustic you buy, I say stick with the 214ce. I've owned a BBT, 214ce, and GT, and the build quality for all of them are excellent.
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    Gibson or Epiphone "Made in USA"?

    The USA Epiphone collection looks nice but I'm definitely experiencing some sticker shock. Most of these guitars cost as much as a Gibson, so why not just get a Gibson?
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    Playing unplugged

    I played my solid-body electric unplugged for awhile because I didn't want to disturb anyone in my home, and I was too lazy to plug it into my amp and use headphones. As expected, the experience was lackluster, so I switched to a hollow-body, which has enough volume unplugged.
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    What's your favorite lesser-known or obscure guitar?

    Strandberg makes these extremely ergonomic guitars that are light weight and comfortable to play.
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    What is it about fuzz?

    Nice EQD pedals. Have you used the Acapulco Gold? While not technically a fuzz pedal, their demo made it sound fuzzish.
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    Craigslist alert: Northern VA - 1985 MIJ 62RI

    Saw that earlier today. That *is* a good price.
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    Small body acoustic recommendations

    Thanks for the suggestions. I decided to get the Taylor GT. Here she is: The body is a bit larger than a parlor and very comfortable to play. Given its small stature, it projects surprisingly well and has more low-end than expected. I like it a lot so far.
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    Here your chance to get into lap steel...

    It’s cheaper on eBay from Musicians Friend:
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    Here your chance to get into lap steel...

    I have one. Aside from the horrible tuners, it’s pretty good for the price and fun to play. Oh yeah, the bridge is also cheap looking but actually more sturdy than I expected.
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    Small body acoustic recommendations

    Amen to that. I bought the two Martins last year when going into a brick and mortar wasn't feasible. Those guitars look lovely, especially the bearclaw pattern on the right guitar in the second photo.
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    What is it about fuzz?

    Pedal addict here, but don't own a single fuzz. What's their appeal? What can do they do that an OD or distortion pedal can't?
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    Small body acoustic recommendations

    Thanks for the responses, everyone! I definitely went down too many rabbit holes over the weekend on your suggestions. As for the Martin 15-series, I reluctantly have to admit it's not for me. I previously owned a Martin 000-15SM and a D-15M, both absolutely flawless in build and rich in tone...
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    Small body acoustic recommendations

    Hello, can anyone recommend a smallish body guitar? Something between a parlor and a dreadnought, like a Big Baby Taylor or Martin Jr. My price range is around $1300 new. Thanks in advance!
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    The Taylor club!!!

    I’m gassing for the GT. I have a few other entry-level Taylors and want to add a smaller body to my collection, but the price is giving me second thoughts. For around 1399, are there better alternatives to the GT or should I just pull the trigger?
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    G&L Owners club

    My first G&L: a Doheny, in surf green, straight from Fullerton. I love the neck, which feels a tad bit chunkier than a Fender, and the MFDs are growing on me.
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    Taylor GT anyone?

    I’m struggling to find real reviews of this guitar. The ones from guitar magazines and sites all read like advertisements. Anyone here own one? How is it?
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    Comparing Martin and Taylor: do I have cloth ears?

    Having owned a few of both, my biggest take away is that Taylor necks are thinner and easier to play than Martin's. You can't go wrong with either for build quality and sound.
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    All solid wood Martin for under $500

    I recently discovered the Martin DJR-10 that sells for $499. It's about the same size as a Big Baby Taylor but is all solid wood. Why haven't I heard of this before and why don't they have more reviews on the retailer sites? Is there a catch? What am I missing?
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    Amp kit compared to the real thing

    Firstly, thanks for all the replies. I've never seen this level of discussion on any other guitar forum before. Kudos to the community y'all have built here, and I'm happy to be here. Back to my original question, I'm mainly interested in comparing how a 5F1 amp kit would sound compared to the...
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    Amp kit compared to the real thing

    At about a grand, the Fender '57 Custom Champ is alot more than I'd like to spend on an amp. I ordered a Champ clone kit from Mojotone that I can't wait to arrive. Anyone here own or played both? If so, how does the kit version compare to the real thing? Thanks in advance!