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  1. Jerry J

    MLB Part Deux

    This is sad but true. They let a lot of talent walk, some trades made sense, but not keeping Trae and letting Soto walk shows their lack of commitment. Then the Lerners made their money in commercial real estate in the DC area and a lot of it. I'm not sure how valuable office and retail...
  2. Jerry J

    I'm a "corrected" lefty, and honestly a little bitter about it

    You know in the world of MT biking Cannondale has made their reputation of bikes with these forks:
  3. Jerry J

    I'm a "corrected" lefty, and honestly a little bitter about it

    That's another good point - a few friends that are lefties have had difficult times finding guitars, especially vintage instruments.
  4. Jerry J

    I'm a "corrected" lefty, and honestly a little bitter about it

    If you went to some Catholic schools the nuns would have beaten that out of you. Can't have that going on after all
  5. Jerry J

    NGD - Dave's Guitar Shop Limited Edition American 1962 reissue Telecaster - Vintage Blonde

    I know what you are talking about - I have their sonic blue '62 Jazzmaster, it's a gem like yours. And yes, Dave knows how to really spec their guitars. If there is any difference between Dave's guitars and custom shop models, I have not seen it. Enjoy!
  6. Jerry J

    Bitcoin - Cryptocurrency

    Unless the CIA actually invented it, eh?
  7. Jerry J

    Let's talk about the best movie ever

    You mean Pee-Wee Herman's Big Adventure wasn't the greatest movie ever made?
  8. Jerry J

    Hello from Sacarmento

    Welcome, and I love that guitar strap on your Strat. You'll like it here.
  9. Jerry J

    Upcoming job interview and not sure I want to work for them

    I don't know what you do for a living, but you stated you would like to make more money before retirement. So I assume you are closer to retirement age? That is important because it will effect your daily quality of life once you do retire - you'll need money to enjoy your lifestyle and not...
  10. Jerry J

    Hamms Beer

    While I like your memories of the old Hamm Beer, the trouble with all these regional brands, and in fact, even large national brands, are owned by a handful of multinational corporations and could be brewed ANYWHERE they have a brewery. I am glad you enjoyed it. For me, there are too many...
  11. Jerry J

    Removing Amber Tint from Neck

    I used lacquer thinner on a USACG neck I tinted with ReRanch's neck tint because that's what I had on hand and it worked fine. FYI - I sprayed the tint over a couple of light lacquer coats, the clear coated the tint. Still the tint was uneven. Had I not tinted the neck, I would have been...
  12. Jerry J


    When I used to work in an office, and had to dress up, my go to socks were Golden Toe. However, over the last few years of business casual dress code and finally WFH, I have one favorite sock now - the Darn Tough Sock company, made in Vermont, durable and guaranteed for life. Pricey but very...
  13. Jerry J


    I used to buy overstock Sock Guys biking socks - before Performance Bikes closed all their retail stores. Generally, they'd make a bunch of socks for a variety of biking events, the sell their leftover inventory at a good price. I love them but for biking only.
  14. Jerry J

    Dwayne Haskins - RIP age 24

    He certainly was way too young and it is truly a tragedy. RIP Dwayne. Further as a Washington Redskins/WTF/Commodes fan, I certainly wanted him to work out here, but that wasn't in the cards. He's a local kid - from Potomac, MD, a pretty toney area just outside DC, and had a stellar HS career...
  15. Jerry J

    MLB Opening Day

    Well, you could add the Commodes to the list. If only we could get new owners of both teams, there might be a chance. I blame the DC curse on on one man - Danny Snyder. He's a pox on the city. He has the anti-Midas touch
  16. Jerry J

    MLB Opening Day

    It is amazing how far and fast the Nats dropped. But Rizzo's obsession with pitching uber alles cost us offensively. Yes, great pitching usually beats great hitting, however, at some point you have to have offensive production. And what happens once Juan Soto and his agent, Scott Boras, hit...
  17. Jerry J

    Seldom Seen Old Pics of Famous Musicians

    Oh my Lord! I have NEVER seen this picture before but it might be the greatest picture EVER taken. End of story. I've seen both perform. LP in '76 or early '77 at the Baird Auditorium in the Smithsonian's Natural History building. Macca I've seen a few times when he passed thru DC.
  18. Jerry J

    Seldom Seen Old Pics of Famous Musicians

    I remember when GH stopped by the WH, but I forget if it was in '75 or early '76. Obviously, Jerry was still president at the time. BUT I know that GH was in town for his tour that stopped at the ole Cap Centre... Home of the Bullets and Caps.
  19. Jerry J

    Seldom Seen Old Pics of Famous Musicians

    Love the hair and his music.
  20. Jerry J

    Grandparents' cars.

    My paternal grandparents couldn't afford a car, or if they did, I wasn't aware of it. But then my grandfather died when I was 2. My maternal grandparents were from Northern Italy, and my grandfather only drove German cars. His last one was a simple Opel Kadett, which was fine for city living...
  21. Jerry J

    Desert Island. One album. Yeah, yeah, I’m sure it’s been done

    If I can have a CD player, I'll take the Rykodisc release of Apostrophe/Overnight Sensations.
  22. Jerry J

    Steely Dan - Black Cow

    Is that a bad thing?
  23. Jerry J

    Russian Tubes

    I know that. I'm just saying it would be nice of them instead of launching more space junk... JMHO and YMMV.
  24. Jerry J

    Color preference poll

    That is really, really, really cool. I love it.
  25. Jerry J

    Russian Tubes

    Good point - I was thinking the same thing. Maybe we can have Elon or Jeff or Bill or Sir Richard start building them in the west again?