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  1. Chuck Stoat

    Looking to buy a D28

    I don't know the answer but this seems like a good question to need to answer for yourself! One thing I was thinking was that if you can afford to take a trip to Nashville you might get the chance to play as many examples as possible both new and used in one place. Fun!
  2. Chuck Stoat

    Why Do You Like Your Strat?

    Given that a lot of what you are pointing to as things you want to do (esp. shoegazey) are effects laden I will say that I generally prefer my single coil guitars over my humbucker guitars when using a lot of effects and particularly find my stratocaster to work the best. Both a combination of...
  3. Chuck Stoat

    Multiple Rat Pedal Board

    I have no idea whether stacked Rats make sense or not. Regardless this owns.
  4. Chuck Stoat

    Telecaster Hot Takes - What Are Yours?

    Probably gonna get roasted for this one
  5. Chuck Stoat

    What if I love the Custom Shop Twisted Tele pickups but....

    You're reminding me that I need to sell the Twisted Tele neck pickup that I took out to replace with a Lollar Royal T.
  6. Chuck Stoat

    EHX String9

    Yeah I've always had a fascination with recreating other stringed instrument tones with my guitar. Especially violin and cello. It probably stems from my love for Ritchie Blackmore when I started playing. Still pedal board space is limited and I don't see this knocking the POG2 off. Also I...
  7. Chuck Stoat

    Yet another neck pickup question. Twisted Tele neck but with more oomph?

    Yeah I think in this case that is probably more the direction I want to go in. Maybe save the P-90 thing for a whole other guitar. Though man I really appreciate all the insight from you on that! I'd like to avoid the full on strat pickup/cutting the pickguard thing - at least in part for...
  8. Chuck Stoat

    Yet another neck pickup question. Twisted Tele neck but with more oomph?

    More the former for sure. I appreciate the tips!
  9. Chuck Stoat

    Yet another neck pickup question. Twisted Tele neck but with more oomph?

    Apologies in advance as I know there are a million posts related to neck pickups but not really seeing enough of an answer to my question. I have a 2016 American Standard - so the Twisted Tele set. I generally like the tone coming from the neck pickup in the middle and neck positions, but just...
  10. Chuck Stoat

    Name me some good Tele players/bands

    Virtually anything labeled as Midwest Emo. Also a ton of Mathrock.
  11. Chuck Stoat

    Best Budget Delay Pedal?

    I have a TC Flashback Mini as a second delay on my board and I like it a lot. Though the TonePrint thing has an awful interface it really expands your options with the pedal if you are looking to deal with it. Looks like you can get used version 1's (which is what I have and haven't felt the...
  12. Chuck Stoat

    Telecaster Vs Les Paul

    It's easy to take this comparison a little too far I guess. But I played Strats all my life and then got a Les Paul and a Tele and I notice that I seem to "think" in a similar way when I play the LP and the Tele, whereas the Strat is different. Interesting as I would think the scale length...
  13. Chuck Stoat

    White Tele... what's your alt. pickguard color?

    Here here! Changed my Natural/Blackguard tele to mint and then to full on white right away.
  14. Chuck Stoat

    I made a trade that only would make sense to me (NGD)

    I completely respect your decision to go for a guitar that may have been less expensive, but that you will have a better chance of connecting with! Also, personally I much prefer plain tops to flame. However, I am sorry that I have to point out that your guitars go in the wrong direction.
  15. Chuck Stoat

    Stratocaster middle pickup

    I mean I'm on one of the quack positions 50%+ of the time, but are you talking about middle on it's own? Is that even a thing?
  16. Chuck Stoat

    Guitar finish impacts sound in the audible range

    Now guitar finish COLOR, obviously that has a noticeable impact!
  17. Chuck Stoat

    Phaser or Flanger?

    Not even a Strymon stan, but I saw this this afternoon after reading this post this morning and if money is no object it could be the answer.
  18. Chuck Stoat

    If you were a MLB Home Run slugger, what's you're walk up song?

    I was at a Mets game a few years ago and we were talking about this (mostly jokingly). One of the women in the group suggested "Needle In The Hay" by Elliot Smith. I still think about this and laugh regularly.
  19. Chuck Stoat

    What is it with so much modern music

    This is so cool!
  20. Chuck Stoat

    No Pick

    In my painstaking research, which involves me generalizing what I am doing to the larger world and finding a few examples that support my findings (e.g. "people like Jeff Beck and Mark Knopfler), I have concluded that as people continue with guitar playing into their later years they start to...
  21. Chuck Stoat


    I sure wish Fender would make more use of that color. Especially in combination with rosewood. It would make my latest search a lot easier and possibly cheaper!
  22. Chuck Stoat

    What Artist Inspired You to Buy a Strat?

    Ritchie Blackmore! Funny as not long after college/alternative became a thing and I moved in that direction and really stayed more in that realm as far as what I listen to and play. But I still listen to and enjoy Ritchie for old times sake. And I still want a white strat, which for some...
  23. Chuck Stoat

    Are you seeing short hour gigs?

    As a home plinker it is really interesting to me to see gigging musicians talk about it. I appreciate everyone's comments!