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  1. fasthand

    New B5 & vibramate day

    Installed brand new B5 with vibramate plate bridge plate and dual action saddles. been wanting to do this to my Nash t63 for awhile parts arrived today pretty straight forward or so it would seem I absolutely hate it took a stellar playing boutique guitar and turned it into complete...
  2. fasthand

    New speaker day

    Reviews claim top 8” on the market Installed in my tweed Champ clone
  3. fasthand


    Grandson new guitar day He’s 13 been play in earnest last couple years learning from YouTube He’s becoming quite good I’ve shown him nothing though he watches me or asks me to play certain things He is into the same classic guitar stuff as I and I’m 63 He has his own interests too He’s been...
  4. fasthand


    New Champ amp clone day I purchased this from Steve’s guitar Loft at Lay’s guitars Kenmore Blvd. Akron Ohio Mojo Tone kit JJ tubes Celestion 8/15 driver and oversized Mark’s Custom Cabs with dark tweed nitro lacquer. Sounds amazing Have played all of my guitars through quickly and no bad tones...
  5. fasthand

    Professional instrument set up

    I have worked as a designer, problem solver, quality control manager, and in technical type positions for over 35 years. I’m guilty of thinking I can sort out anything, I have done my own set up work using the typical tools and manuals that those of us that tinker have used. Lately I have had...
  6. fasthand

    Back after a long layoff

    I’ve been away for a few years now Well I would come by to look something up Wednesday I received something I would like to share I have been eyeing these for a long time and recently got my Squier CV frankentele playing very well so I wanted to get something a few notches up This was on reverb...