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  1. Jensen

    Edge: Great Guitarist?

    I agree that he is easy to identify and I respect him for that. However I think he has become too easy to identify because he is repeating himself to too high an extent. And his sound is effect based to an extent that takes away some of my respect too. But there is no denying his talent for...
  2. Jensen

    Is rolling down the tone standard Tele operating procedure?

    On my t-style I roll the tone down quite often. In the beginning I used to use the middle position almost all time time with everything wide open. I still love that sound. I have found more recently that I really like the bridge on its own when I roll the tone down to take of the ice picky...
  3. Jensen

    Phil Collen used stock Squier

    This is rather interesting. Can't say I am too surprised. I often find it hard to see what I am missing in cheaper guitars. Often times the quality is absolutely excellent. Not a fan of Collen, nothing against him, just...
  4. Jensen

    Harley Benton's version of the Fender Mustang Micro??

    I can see why they did that. The Mustang Micro is rather popular and was out of stock for some time and it currently is so again on thomann's website. I've already got the Mustang Micro and really like it. It is a cool tool and it is good sounding. To be honest, I think Andertons and others on...
  5. Jensen

    New Gibson SG - sixth time’s the charm

    Thanks to this thread I was introduced to the String Butler. I did some research and all those who had actually tried it were positive. Only those who had never tried one disliked the idea. I have played Les Pauls for more than 25 years, so I obviously like them but it is no secret at all that...
  6. Jensen

    How do locking tuners compare to slotted tuners for stability?

    If I remember correctly I got the trick from someone here, so we both need to thank someone else but of course I am happy my post was of interest. I have tried to cut it both before and after. Sometimes it can be a bit tricky to get them in, if you cut before. It is easier to make sure the v...
  7. Jensen

    How do locking tuners compare to slotted tuners for stability?

    If we are talking vintage style tuners, I have had that problem as well and found a solution. All you need to do is to simply make sure the high e and sometimes the b string has and end that is shaped in the v-form. I hope I can explain this in English: Find out how long you need the string to...
  8. Jensen

    Classic Vibe Tele, do these fret ends seem messy?

    Unless it caused any problem with regard to playability, I would not worry and just play the guitar. People pay fortunes for more "battle scars" on their guitars.
  9. Jensen

    Pink Floyd re-form to support Ukraine (tele sighting)

    That was great stuff. Thanks a lot.
  10. Jensen

    Pink Floyd re-form to support Ukraine (tele sighting)

    David has been pretty open about using the Pink Floyd name for this in order to get attention for the cause which I think is far bigger than any of Pink Floyd's musical history. As a huge Pink Floyd fan I have no problem with that at all. I was so happy to see them do this and so, I am sure, the...
  11. Jensen

    Pink Floyd re-form to support Ukraine (tele sighting)

    You can read about the guitar (scroll down) on this great Gilmour source: Perhaps you have already been there. Anyway, I like to point people's attention to the site since it is good stuff if you are both a guitar nerd and a Gilmour fan.
  12. Jensen

    What do you dislike about the Telecaster ?

    I cannot think of much since I love t-style guitars. I think the bridge pickup is great when combined with the neck pickup but too ice picky on its own unless you turn the tone down. As soon as you turn the tone down, the middle and neck position gets too dark, so you can say I dislike the...
  13. Jensen

    51 Nocaster vs 70th anniversary Broadcaster

    Since a lot of people seem to take interest in this topic and enjoy the videos I thought I would point your attention to this interesting interview with Mike Lewis where there is a lot of talk about the Broadcaster:
  14. Jensen

    New Squiers Are Now $600

    Has anyone actually played any of these guitars? It seems most people base their idea of value on where these guitars were made and by which brand.
  15. Jensen

    In praise of my Fender Vintera Telecaster Custom 70

    Great looking guitar. Not surprised you like it. An interesting story to read.
  16. Jensen

    What is your signature model?

    Mine would be a rather regular tele but with a different setup with regards to tone controls (don't even know if it is technically possible, feel free to laugh in case it is not :-)) I would like a tele to have two tone controls, but they should not be one for each pickup. I would like for...
  17. Jensen

    Gorgeous demo of a 1950 Broadcaster

    I don't think we disagree as much as you may think. I certainly liked it, and I liked that there was this whole section of him just playing. I felt no need for it to finish at all. My commets about the comparison was the from the gear nerd in me. If it was there afterwards as an extention you...
  18. Jensen

    Gorgeous demo of a 1950 Broadcaster

    Thanks for sharing. That was rather interesting and while I will agree there is some difference in sound it is not that easy to determine the extent since he is not playing the same stuff and I don't know whether the amp settings were the same. In this video there is this same sort of "feel"...
  19. Jensen

    Gorgeous demo of a 1950 Broadcaster

    Thanks for sharing. That was really good. I can't complain at all but it would have been really interesting if there was a comparisson with a new telecaster so it would be easier to determine the extent to which the player and the amp played a part in the excellent tone.
  20. Jensen

    NGD: Vintage (The Brand) V-52 Blackguard

    I have got that one. A great guitar. I really like it and have had it for about three years.
  21. Jensen

    70th Esquire vs Baja - Need some opinions

    If you don't want to rout but still want p90 tone from the neck position of the esquire there are options. Here is an example: Unfortunately I cannot help any further than point to their existence. I have never tried...
  22. Jensen

    70th Esquire vs Baja - Need some opinions

    How about adding a p90 pickup to the neck position of the esquire? You can keep both guitars, and you can reverse the changes if you regret it.
  23. Jensen

    Any Pink Floyd Fans Out There?

    I am a huge Pink Floyd fan. For all Pink Floyd fans and gear nerds there is a huge amount of knowledge and inspiration to be found at
  24. Jensen

    Bluesbreaker type pedals

    I had the original Marshall Bluesbreaker pedal for 15 years. I wanted to find a replacement since it stopped working. I got the Mooer Blues Crab. I am perfectly satisfied and honestly cannot point to a difference in sound. Great pedal. Very glad I found it.
  25. Jensen

    New practice amp….?

    Fender Mustang amp would be my suggestion. It has got tons of classic Fender tone and other good stuff. And at bedroom volume it sound more like a tube amp than any real tube amp at low volume will. At least, that is my experience.