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    Could 11s be the ideal gauge for solid-body electric guitar?

    Depends on your picking hand technique and the amount and style of bends you employ.
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    '62 American Vintage Custom Dakota Red Pricing Help

    It'll be worth a little more to someone who's a fan of that shade of red, and less to someone who isn't. For everyone else, it's just a Custom Telecaster. Go with the Reverb pricing for that model. "Rare" doesn't always mean "more valuable".
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    Fender Princeton Reverb Tone Master

    Most people who buy amps don't gig, or in any serious manner. We're in the era of the mega hobbyist. I bought a big TV for $800, when it breaks, I'll buy another one. I have a lot of TVs in my house, thanks to my wife, and in 30 years of owning flat panel TV's I've had one go bad, well after the...
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    Do a lot of people use 9's on Telecasters?

    In general, people set up their electric guitars to be as easy to play as possible given their circumstances. When I started playing in the early 80's, .009's were the standard for electric guitar. SRV was the thing that caused a shift to playing heavier strings. There are some things you can...
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    Never knew this

    Also--how deep the fallaway is from the nut to the plane of the headstock to allow deep behind the nut bending. See also: Jerry Donahue.
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    College kid last minute purchase.

    Guitars that don't stay in tune just need a pro setup and proper stringing. If he wants a JM, get him a JM and have it setup prior to sending him off to school. In a dorm, I'd go with a headphone capable amp. Now, when I was in college I had a SP TR and a Rockman in my room and I'd send the...
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    Why do cheap pickups sound bad?

    They sound "different", not bad.
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    New pickups for a 1986/7 MIJ Tele?

    If you just want more power, get a clean boost and leave it on. Much easier than adding new pickups.
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    Celebrated Guitarist Models, The Hype, The Mystery of it all.

    No-one said that buying a signature model guitar would improve your technique. It just makes it easier to LARP one's rock star fantasies. Sometimes, the sig model has interesting features that aren't standard. Usually you could pay someone to mod a similar guitar, but many times its cheaper to...
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    Add analog dry through wire?

    Buy better pedals. Invest in a buffer if needed.
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    Half Rounds on Telecaster? Sticky?

    D'Addario Chromes, the jazz set with the wound third.
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    Half Rounds on Telecaster? Sticky?

    I've used flats, and I really liked them. As long as you can accept you're not going to be doing much bending and that it's a .011 set, they fell and sound great. It's just a different great than round wounds.
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    Kingfish Tele Deluxe

    "perfect intonation" LOL.
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    Pedal tuner recommendations?

    I favor the Boss TU-3 or tc Polytune, but generally the TU-3.
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    Organ Simulator Pedals

    Totally, plus no need to haul around another quirky pedal. Although, if you really want that sound, it will do it, but it'd not a plug-and-play-now-I-haz-organ! affair.
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    NGD Japan Junior Series Telecaster

    Have had my eye on these for a while. I'd have just set it up and given it a run for a few months before I decided to change out the pickups. Post some clips with the current pickups so we can hear.
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    Organ Simulator Pedals

    Yeah. Or I've used that Tech21 rotary simulator, which also includes the fast/slow ramp. The EHX organ simulators can be really good if you voice your chords right, and particularly if you hybrid/finger pick to simultaneously sound the notes.
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    tried out a fancy chorus pedal at guitar center yesterday...

    The UD Stomp is about as fancy as it gets in a pedal. Eight separate delay lines, each with its own delay time, feedback, modulation, stereo position, hi and low pass filters. I do wish it had selectable waveforms for the modulation.
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    looper pedal that can save to memory without stopping playback

    Yeah, I'm also some what unclear as to exactly what you're asking. If it's the ability to save a loop to non-volatile memory on the fly, I don't know--none of my loopers have non-volatile memory. If you mean the ability to start recording a loop, and then end the loop without having it...
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    Is rolling down the tone standard Tele operating procedure?

    I like the option of getting louder, or softer, brighter or darker, so I run the amp fairly hot and bright and then the guitar's volume and tone between 4 and 7 as the the default.
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    Chronic "window shopper" syndrome...

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    IYO, are short scale Telecasters... worth it?

    Fender Japan makes those "Telecaster Junior" models, with a 24" and 94% scaled body:
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    What makes a Tele? THE essential characteristics?

    What Defines A Telecaster? The Telecaster has a number of design elements which premiered on the Telecaster and were subsequently “abandoned” in the evolution of the Fender solid body guitar. Body shape, including contours Pickguard Bridge Pickups Neck, including the headstock and tuner...
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    Would this mod devalue my guitar?

    No mod increases the resale value, particularly over the long term.
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    Olivia Newton-John Dies at 73

    Farrar also did some (or all?) of her tunes on the Xanadu soundtrack, with the exception of the title track.