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    Truss Rod Adjustment on your Fender Ultra Lux Telecaster?

    My Ultra Luxe Tele's String Ht feels way to low for me. I loosened my Truss rod 1/4 turn . It actually sounded like it popped when I released it just that little bit . I had to use more force then I figured I would . I like a low action , but this one seemed way to low . Actually not so much...
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    Anybody have experience with Drop Guitar Strap Adjuster ?

    Thanks . So it holds up . I am a working player . So I see the idea would be helpful. Mostly curious about what you addressed . Thanks
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    Anybody have experience with Drop Guitar Strap Adjuster ?

    I'm a working Musicians . So looking more at if it works well and holds up.
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    Anybody have experience with Drop Guitar Strap Adjuster ?

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    New Jack Reacher Series coming soon.

    TV can be a good distraction from reality . Just don't stay to long . LOL
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    Do you Use the Library?

    I haven't used a library in years . But lately I've found things on the Internet that I no longer can find . Thought maybe I'd forgotten the search terms . However I had 2 articles in my Favorites that are no longer active . Confusing because it seems to not hold to any pattern . Has Google...
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    American Ultra Tele question

    It's like a boost . It also appears if I loaded it like a James Burton It wouldn't take much to alter it . Actually regardless of what it is . I've played for 40 plus years . Professionally and now just When there's a family or friend party . I've never owned a poly guitar . Always Nitro and...
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    American Ultra Tele question

    Really ?? They must have screwed my guitar up . As I hear an immediate difference in all positions . At the very least there's a boast in the first and 3rd positions on a telecaster . Especially when you have the Amp cranked . IMO Fender is really Vague on the S-1 . It officially states that...
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    American Ultra Tele question

    I own the Ultra Luxe with the Maple Fret board : The Black headstock actually makes the guitars looks IMO . Normally I wouldn't want any paint headstock . IMO The Pickups make the Guitar . The S1 effects all positions . Depending on the AMP I can get old Beatles Tones , The Stones . Johnny...
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    NGD Fender Ultra Telecaster

    Ultra Luxe 7 lb one Using a Dr Z Cure , Dr Z Caz 45 and Friedman Little Dirty Shirley
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    One of our biggest problems illustrated.

    So it's unwritten With Health questions ? What company ?
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    So, I played the Telecaster Ultra yesterday…

    Noiseless PUP haters Sorta remind me of how parents treated the haircuts of the Beatles . In 35 years of playing, I've never owned a Poly guitar with noiseless PUP's until two months ago . I made the mistake of listening to Internet Opinions . Most of which weren't based on experience but...
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    How to practice with a metronome

    I've played for over 35 years . Professionally as well as just at home . I've never used a Metronome . Probably because we started out listening to records and learning songs by ear . I never practiced Scales or stretching or any of the other stuff . It's hard to remember exact details from...
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    Fender American Ultra Telecaster Finishes

    I like my Ultra Luxe a Great deal . I have to admit that it's weight was the biggest factor over getting an Ultra . They are basically the same guitar . While I do like the SS Frets . I'm not sold to the degree others have been .TO Go SS on everything . It's also a smaller neck , considerably so...
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    Fender American Ultra Telecaster Finishes

    When listening to Youtube videos . The Vast Majority of reviewers were all wide eyed about the Texas Tea . Probably why it sells the fastest used . I liked the blue myself . But wife didn't . And she pays the bills :) JK
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    Fender American Ultra Telecaster Finishes

    LOL Thanks First Poly finished guitar +ever . Haven't purchased New anything in several years . Decades actually . Thanks Again
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    Fender American Ultra Telecaster Finishes

    I bought an Ultra Luxe Tele last month . I was hesitant on the matching headstock . But found one that was just 7lbs . SO I took a chance . I really like it . The Picture doesn't do it justice . Plus I want to say I was really surprised how really good the Noiseless Pups sound Pictures at...
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    If you had an extra $1800 how would you spend it?

    I assume you mean you're taking minimum distribution . So you are over 70 ? Re-invest in what ? The Market is going to crash SOOOOON . Maybe find a family that has nothing and go by them food . Or donate it to them. When you give a little kid who has nothing a doll or truck . When their eyes...
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    New fender ultra telecaster: S1 noisy. Grounding issue?

    Yes that is normal for telecaster pups . The noise you hear sounds more like your amp's Power Tubes . The S! switching is bringing to light issues with your AMP . Not the guitar . I just purchased an Ultra Luxe Telecaster and went thru the same thing with a DR Z Cure . It was my Power Tubes...
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    When is it appropriate to light up your Christmas lights?

    Who cares when it's appropriate ? Seriously no matter when you do it . Someone with disagree . If you feel the season now light it up. If you don't wait ? 30 years ago and before that . Tradition was to get a real tree and decorate it on Christmas Eve. Of course that was back when Christmas...
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    American Original series discontinued?

    Yeah I know they do. It plays good . problem I think was the Thick poly undercoat . This thing weather checked fast . Just before Covid . I was at an outdoor venue with other local bands . It was hot enough they had arranged an air conditioned Room off stage we could take breaks in . The guys...
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    American Original series discontinued?

    Let me add some insight . I don't have an AV But I have an AO 50's Strat . The Lacquer on the body and neck were thick enough to severely crack . So much so the body flaked dust when it first started. Here's a picture of a 4 year old AO Strat that has seen a lot of road play . Keep in mind the...
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    American Original series discontinued?

    I have 2 AO 50's a Tele and Strat . I just bought an American ULTRA LUXE Tele . First poly Finished ever First noiseless pickups. I am really impressed with this new guitar purchase . I personally wish the neck was a little fatter . But other then that . I even sound better . I wouldn't...
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    Ultra Luxe Telecaster (Under the Hood)

    I'm pretty old School . When I was playing out several times a week . What you refer to was rarely discussed because Tube Amps and Single Coil even HB were never super quiet . Nor could we do much about it . Partly why we drove the amps so loud . It covered it up . We used Volume knobs to stop...
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    Ultra Luxe Telecaster (Under the Hood)

    I've played more years then I care to think about . I've played for a living in 22 bands . I still get an occasional call to fill for someone . I have never had shielding in anything . With that said. At least where my influences are . There really isn't that many live band places to even...