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  1. fasthand

    Do You Know Or Did You Ever Meet Someone Famous!

    Used to jam with Alan Meyers original drummer of DEVO Opened for the Dead Boys and Klaus Nomi
  2. fasthand

    Do you eat the skin of your baked potato?

    Well yeah The white part is just slow you down a bit so that you don’t enjoy the baked skin too fast mmm
  3. fasthand

    Paul Weller RIPS into the Cure front man Robert Smith

    The Jam were and still are at the top of my favorites from the punk pop punk new wave use your favorite genre name He does have a certain air of arrogance about him I listen to them still on a regular basis The Cure not so much Personal preference
  4. fasthand

    Do you always have a pick in your pocket ?

    Yes and small folding knife
  5. fasthand

    Does your hair touch your shoulders?

    Not since high school mid seventies I am rocking very long top with undercut sides Ala Peaky Blinders Arthur Shelby ish
  6. fasthand

    I'm new to Being OLD - Survival Tips welcomed~

    I’m 64 I used to sing I hope I die before I get old Then get old before I die Then die before money runs out Now peacefully
  7. fasthand

    Name all your Women -- Artist whom you LOVE...

    Many greats listed let me add Gillian Welch
  8. fasthand

    The Grocery Bagger

    Was my second job when I was 13 worked at the local grocery all through junior high and high school minimum wage was $1.65 per hour I was the only one in my gang that bought his own guitars clothes bicycle oh and pot as I got older no allowance from mom and dad for this guy
  9. fasthand

    What's your costliest Guitar & Price?

    Kopp K35 $4300.00 new in 2010
  10. fasthand

    Anyone use String Swings. Or should I leave my exspensive acoustic in its case.

    All of my guitars are in their cases when not in use Safer cleaner my wife smokes humidity is easier to control in the cas
  11. fasthand

    In Hawaii, Watched A Father And Son

    I was blessed my dad taught me much of what is required to be a good capable man I still have my parents both in their middle 80s I broke that chain with my son for which I regret daily I have worked hard at making that right with my grandson
  12. fasthand

    Show Off Your Arty Pickguards

    My first wife painted this on my Rocket
  13. fasthand

    I need strap locks with longer threads

    I don’t believe it’s the mounting screw it’s the threaded barrel for the strap lock I used the Shaller S model works perfectly
  14. fasthand

    Metes & Bounds.

    I spent many years as a young man into adulthood working for my father land surveying I worked on many lot, highway, farm, large airports I even worked for the engineering firm in Boston’s big dig I had good eyes was an instrument man on the crews over the years. Learned about using solar and...
  15. fasthand

    Getting Old vs. Being Old

    I’ll be 64 in August I have some aches and pains blood pressure issue etcetera. My biggest age related hardship is birth year guitars are out of my price range
  16. fasthand

    Guitar inventions that should have been taken up by all makers.

    Volume pot is moved 3/8” towards the tone pot making room for your pinkie to operate pickup selector switch
  17. fasthand

    Guitar inventions that should have been taken up by all makers.

    Callaham Tele control plate
  18. fasthand

    Your First Concert

    1974 Firestone high school Akron Ohio Aerosmith,Cactus,Joe Vitale Band
  19. fasthand

    New painting: whiskey jug and fruit

    Well I hope you remain under the art worlds radar for many years
  20. fasthand

    New painting: whiskey jug and fruit

    Very much so
  21. fasthand

    What happens to your gear when you are gone ?

    My 14 year old grandson will get what ever is In my possession at the time of my mortal life’s end Hopefully he will be close to 34 lol. Likely he will be getting more pieces of my collection along the way while I’m here to watch his enjoyment with them. He’s quite musical now school band and...
  22. fasthand

    NGD 1960 Custom Telecaster Relic

    WOW really good!
  23. fasthand

    Old Timer's: What's the first 45 RPM record you ever purchased?

    First hand me down 45s Tommy James and the Shondels I think we’re alone now Gary Lewis and the Playboys This diamond ring First purchased Don McLean American Pie Simon and Garfunkel Bridge over trouble waters