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  1. pcasarona

    Had to have it.........

    Saw Tab at the Alex City Jazz Fest (AL) a few years ago. He is really good live!
  2. pcasarona

    Vintage 1967 telecaster

    Thanks. Great guitar. Do you know what month it was made? I'm betting Sept.
  3. pcasarona

    '72 Thinline - Looking for bridge cover

    I've always thought early tele's (up to the 72 Deluxe) had 7.25" radius. The Deluxe was first (and only that I know of) to have flatter 9.5" until 1983 when 12" was offered on stand Tele's and the new elite Tele's. This is confirmed by Dochossoir. Unless, there were possibly "special order"...
  4. pcasarona

    '72 Thinline - Looking for bridge cover

    I'm pretty sure the originals were 9.5in. I seriously doubt that Fender had a 12" radius Tele neck back then. As far as the RI's go, Fender often "Improves" them for playability. I am currently looking at a CS RI of the '68 Thinline Mahogany from this year and read that the spec.s include a...
  5. pcasarona

    '72 Thinline - Looking for bridge cover

    I thought the original Deluxe had a 9.5" radius neck?
  6. pcasarona

    Value 1972 Tele custom

    Count on $400-450 for an original WRHB.
  7. pcasarona

    Live versions that are better than the studio?

    Best live performance by an artist overall in terms of sounding better than (or in this case exactly the same as) their studio work was a concert I saw in Jr. High School at Princeton University's Jadwin Gymnasium. The band was Boston and to this day I have never heard studio music reproduced...
  8. pcasarona

    1968 Telecaster

    Very nice! Congrats. There's just something special about seeing an original unmolested guitar. Thanks for sharing.
  9. pcasarona

    Advice on bullet truss rod nut

    Never noticed or thought to measure, but here are 5 of mine;
  10. pcasarona

    Who's left?

    Buddy Guy!
  11. pcasarona

    please show me your telecaster thinlines! (i'm crazy about them)

    Mahogany was one of the options for the first series Thinlines ('68-'71), but was quickly phased out shortly after the Thinline II with WRHB came out. I've only seen a handful of them including mine. There was another for sale currently on Reverb.
  12. pcasarona

    I have a thineline 69 Tele; orignal & altered I am interested in.

    Actually, I believe the Mahogany Bodies bring the premium. I've been looking forever for a '68 Mahogany Thinline; last of the Maple Cap necks. The Custom Shop just released a real nice RI, but I'm holding out for an original.
  13. pcasarona

    I have a thineline 69 Tele; orignal & altered I am interested in.

    Is it Ash or Mahogany? Pictures would be nice if you have any.
  14. pcasarona

    please show me your telecaster thinlines! (i'm crazy about them)

    Added another '72. This one is in rare Mahogany.
  15. pcasarona

    Question of Weight

    I liked it the first time, hence the like, and I still like it. No sarcastic wit here. Keep up the creative expression.
  16. pcasarona

    Help with Tele Body date.

    My guess is that it has been stripped and refinished. From the photos, seems like some remnants of Olympic White or Blonde finish, but hard to tell. It's a pretty piece of Ash though. Lovely grain.
  17. pcasarona

    Calling All Amateurs... Let's Hear It

    I wish I knew more about home recording (and playing guitar for that matter), but I did manage to record 3 or 4 songs before my computer crashed and I lost my software. I can only claim some guitar work over these backing tracks. Never learned enough to do much else. Any advise or pointers...
  18. pcasarona

    SoundCloud Embeds Now Possible

    Sorry, I think I posted this in the wrong place.
  19. pcasarona

    Trucks vs. Allman

    Tedeschi Trucks band is my favorite live band right now. Just a tremendous band.
  20. pcasarona

    SoundCloud Embeds Now Possible

  21. pcasarona

    Question of Weight

    May have actually seen this thread back in the day and just forgot. Redundant to say that you have an incredible guitar there. Video clip seems to disprove myth about heavy guitars being tone and/or resonance killers. But, I have always suspected that weight was more about personal preference...
  22. pcasarona

    What are you listening to right now...?

    Just found this video from the night I met Steve Vai:
  23. pcasarona

    Question of Weight

    Would love to see photos if you have time to post some. Wish I could afford an early Tele. Perhaps one day.
  24. pcasarona

    Question of Weight

    Should have said also, that I use the cigarbox as a travel guitar, so I play that a lot as well. With sharp metal corners, it is not the most comfortable thing to put in your lap, but it actually plays very well.