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    Small amp to cover jazz to classic rock...

    Just got a used Super Champ X2 with a Jensen Jet 40 watt 10" speaker. Run my Telecaster through a Bad Monkey pedal with very low gain to give it a fat warm sound into the SCX2 Deluxe Reverb voicing. Very happy for that warm neck pickup jazz tone!
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    Difference between Vintera and Road Worn

    When I was shopping for the Vintera series I noticed the RW version with "Vintage Style '50s Single-Coil Hot Tele®". I wonder if those pickups are exclusive to the Vintera RW 50's Telecaster.
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    New tele recommendation for Jazz tones

    I suggest fingerstyle jazz on a Telecaster for jazz tone:
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    Decisions decisions…Vintera 50’s standard or Road worn

    The neck on my 50s Road Worn Telecaster I bought new online from GC feels very smooth. When it first arrived it needed to be set up, nut, intonation and string height. The Road Worn to me was unplayable to my standards out of the box and that has been my experience with new Fenders purchased...
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    Getting the best out of a wound g string

    I recently put a wound 3rd on my stock Road Worn 50s Vintera Telecaster strung up with a Set of 11s and found the g string way to quiet. Put back the plain 3rd and back in business. When I had humbuckers with adjustable pole pieces on a different guitar it was easier to balance out the...
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    Has anyone here actually used the ashtray cover that came with their Tele?

    I do. Play fingerstyle using neck pickup only.
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    Peavey Special 130 Owners Club

    Yes please let me know.
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    Peavey Special 130 Owners Club

    Anyone here done the Ken Fox IC chip upgrade to your Special 130s? If so can you describe what it did to the tone of the amp? Was it a noticeable change?
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    Peavey Special 130 Owners Club

    Thanks. I ended up getting a nos Peavey metal glide feet set from a seller on reverb. Had to get a handle as well. This amp sounds full and warm running my 50s Road Worn Tele through a Bad Monkey OD. Love the sound but man this thing heavy to haul around.
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    Anyone here plays their tele with the ashtray on?

    Play with the cover on a newer 50's Road Worn Tele. Fingerstyle guitar. No plectrum. Sailing in the dark jazz tone seas.
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    Peavey Special 130 Owners Club

    Just picked up a Special 130 from the 80s. It does not have the feet at the bottom. Did these come with the metal glide feet or the rubber?
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    1 electric guitar and 1 only... could you do it? are you doing it?

    Yes. Down to 1 guitar. New Road Worn 50s Telecaster. Liberating.
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    Recommend me a decent guitar cable

    George Ls instrument cables.
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    Songs about aliens and UFOs?

    If not already mentioned The Ventures - Out In Space record:
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    Dead Moon

    I miss that band.
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    Fender FE1225 gig bags

    Yes they do look nice. I purchased a Road Worn 50's Telecaster and currently have it in a molded SKB case that came with my G&L Bluesboy I purchased used. The Bluesboy is now in the deluxe gig bag the Telecaster came in. I am batting my eye lashes at those Douglas cases...
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    Fender FE1225 gig bags

    I just noticed Fender has these FE1225 gig bags. Are these newer versions Fender is offering? Anyone compare them to the SKB Universal electric guitar soft cases? Looking for a decent gig bag under $150.
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    Vintage Single-Coil Hot Tele pickups?

    Thanks for the reply. I've read that the older Road Worn 50's Telecasters had TexMex pickups.
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    Vintage Single-Coil Hot Tele pickups?

    I see Vintage Single-Coil Hot Tele pickups are on the newer RW 50s telecasters. How do they compare with the previous ones on RW 50s Telecaster? Are they much hotter? Noisier?