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  1. Crafty Fox

    Christine McVie, RIP

    Yes, I loved Chicken Shack too, and especially that song. I only saw FM once, Green's Playhouse, Glasgow when she joined just after Peter Green left. Her name (Christine Perfect) was printed on the ticket as a guest artist which was then blanked out for unknown reasons, maybe contractural? But...
  2. Crafty Fox

    Hello from the UK (I want to build a Telecaster!)

    While Teles are our main focus/passion/obsession here we do like to indulge, well, everything! I have built 5 Tele style, 1 bass, several resonators, 1 OM size acoustic and 3 archops. And one or two questionable projects. A woodworking class would be a great place for access to tools, machinery...
  3. Crafty Fox

    Hello from the UK (I want to build a Telecaster!)

    Hello Hairy, welcome to the forum. You have come to a good place.🙂 Personally, I wouldn't use Douglas Fir for the neck, but how about using it for the body? I use maple for the neck. I have successfully used other neck timbers, but not DF.......Let's see what other members suggest. Do you...
  4. Crafty Fox


    Yes that's roughly what he was saying. Or to paraphrase: wee-er than a baw herr.
  5. Crafty Fox

    Homey records you love…

    I know that Norrie (Wilson?) from Lost Glasgow would love to learn about those photos. And me too, I haven't been back since 1991! I hardly recognized my hometown when I saw it on TV news items from last year's Climate Conference. I came to Perth, Australia in 1984 for a 2 year working...
  6. Crafty Fox

    Homey records you love…

    I Love The Blue Nile. And I think that FaceBook's Lost Glasgow put up an excellent Rab Noakes version of Downtown Lights last week?
  7. Crafty Fox


    Thank you, my friend, it's good advice. When I stopped drinking I was quite involved in a large Australian church, playing in the band etc. After I had gone 3 months (at my birthday) without the grog I mentioned to my wife that I had stopped drinking alcohol......"Yes, I've noticed" she said...
  8. Crafty Fox


    Well done pal! I am greatly encouraged by your post. I had my last drink almost 23 years ago, on Christmas Day 1999. I reckon I drank enough in the 20th Century to last me through the 21st. And did I expect to go so long? Nope; one day at a time. I probably paid off large chunks of the mortgage...
  9. Crafty Fox

    Do you remember your first case of G.A.S.?

    There were a few nice guitar shops in Glasgow and during my teens I would tour them often. My real GAS began with the late 60's Fender Paisley Telecaster and also the Gibson Barney Kessel. I still lust after the BK but I did eventually make myself a Paisley earlier this year............
  10. Crafty Fox

    Clock went from 2am to 1 am!

    Not in Western Australia. We don't have daylight saving here.o_O
  11. Crafty Fox

    Share your best "Dad joke"

    I used to live a stone's throw from a family who died of mysterious head injuries.
  12. Crafty Fox

    Hey would you tell us about your introduction to, the Telecaster Guitar if you could?

    There was a small guitar shop in the heart of my hometown Glasgow in the late '60s and a teenage Crafty pressed his nose to their window every Saturday hoping to catch the scent of that original Paisley Fender Telecaster. Fast forward some years and I had returned from a back packing trip...
  13. Crafty Fox

    Genuine '15 Jimi Strat ?

    If it's too good to be true........................
  14. Crafty Fox

    Paging John Backlund and other appreciators of unusual motorcycles

    I think that rotary bike was a Norton? I've never seen one. I used to have a Commando back in the UK many years ago. That was a beautiful machine.
  15. Crafty Fox

    Hello from Scotland/NGD!

    Welcome to the forum Tufted McPuffin, from a Glaswegian far away.:cool:
  16. Crafty Fox

    Fire ants spotted in france.

    Haha, that's my home town!😊
  17. Crafty Fox

    Specific Guitars. The Length of Time You Owned Them?

    My longest serving, still owned guitars are: '79 Fender Stratocaster, bought new in 1980 '73 Guild D55, bought around 1988 '88 Fender 52 RI Telecaster, bought in 1992 I have some others but not owned as long as these three, which I'll never part with.
  18. Crafty Fox

    Can anyone recommend some feel good or romantic films?

    + 1 for Big Fish, it's one of my all time favourites.
  19. Crafty Fox

    First Thinline Build - RB influenced

    Great job, well done. I love it!
  20. Crafty Fox

    books you didn't finish

    I think I've read most of Herman Hesse's books........except The Glass Bead Game; I rank that with James Joyce's Ulysses as tried and failed too many times.
  21. Crafty Fox

    books you didn't finish

    I finally managed to read Moby Dick a couple of years ago.........I suffer for my art!
  22. Crafty Fox

    books you didn't finish

    I was only talking about the Gormenghast Trilogy with a friend last week. I read them many years ago and was thinking that I might read it again soon. I still have the books from 45+ years ago.
  23. Crafty Fox

    books you didn't finish

    Yes, me too!
  24. Crafty Fox

    Hello from Scotland

    See yoo Jimmie! :cool:
  25. Crafty Fox

    How do you drill into concrete?

    I often do this kind of work and I also suggest renting a drill, but get a rotary hammer one.