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  1. slauson slim

    Recommend me some new (or old) Americana/country/heartland/singer-songwriter etc.

    Sunny Sweeney, Hayes Carll, Amanda Shires, Charley Crockett, Lindi Ortega, Molly Parden, Sierra Farrell, Courtney Marie Andrews,Skyler Gudasz, Mandolin Orange.
  2. slauson slim

    The signature Motown guitar tone

    Guitars went into purpose built DI and compression. Motown engineer explains equipment and techniques.
  3. slauson slim

    Does anybody miss the Standard (MIM) Telecaster?

    No, I have one. Plain as a penny 2000 Standard black poly body, maple neck, thin vintage frets, 7.5” radius. Installed a cheap plain vintage Fender bridge plate and threaded steel saddles, and Twang King neck and SD ‘54 bridge. Plays great, versatile, sounds like almost like my ‘65 tele.
  4. slauson slim

    Little Feat what a great band

    Last Record Album is great, especially side one, the first four tunes. Day Or Night is a tour de force of drumming, brilliant electric piano, polyrhythm, and rhythm guitar.
  5. slauson slim

    Isn't it amazing anyone plays in bands anymore?

    Excuse me. What?
  6. slauson slim

    So I made enchiladas tonight

    Enchilada means covered in chili sauce, also can be made with mole. Mole means ground. As in using a metate or a molcajete - grinding stone or grinding bowl. Mole sauces are made from various things. Mole poblano is chiles, peanuts and chocolate. Mole pipian is made from pumpkin seeds and...
  7. slauson slim

    Songs that repeat lines over and over and over...

    Doobie Bros. whoa, listen to the music…..
  8. slauson slim

    Being a good rhythm player requires more theory than lead.

    In a band context - bass, drums, keys, etc. - mind sonic space. The second, third and fourth strings are your friends.
  9. slauson slim

    New word Rant

    No problem.
  10. slauson slim

    What are your strings of choice?

    Ernie Ball reg, super, extra slinkys on electrics. Nothing else, since the ‘mid ‘60s.
  11. slauson slim

    40th Anniversary of the Greatest Play in College Football.

    So many memories. I was listening to the great Joe Starkey call The Play. I’m a long time Cal Golden Bear fan. In the SF Bay Area Cal-Stanford is called The Big Game. Lots of history and rivalry and hoopla and two worldwide influential schools with different cultures. Cal, 30,000 undergrad...
  12. slauson slim

    Do You Change Your Own Strings?

    Change strings and do set ups my own self.
  13. slauson slim

    Essential Jeff Beck Playlist?

    Beckology Box Set - CD version.
  14. slauson slim

    Your best anti-hero

    Toshiro Mifune.
  15. slauson slim

    Name a Sports Hero/Athlete choice of yours:

    Tom Fears, LA Rams Joe Roth, Cal Golden Bear Quarterback
  16. slauson slim

    Random Daily Photos November 2022 Edition

    Mid-November roses.
  17. slauson slim

    Homey records you love…

    My mother’s favorite song, and her favorite version. Sabor A Mi - Edie Gorme y Trio Los Panchos.
  18. slauson slim

    A Kindness

    Yesterday there was a knock on our front door, we were not expecting anyone. It was an unfamiliar casually dressed man, in his 30s or 40s, who did not appear to be a delivery person, but many delivery drivers now don’t wear uniforms. We live behind a gate and so rarely does anyone appear that is...
  19. slauson slim

    Kind Woman - Richie Furay

  20. slauson slim

    Oh well. The UK welcomes its new fast food overlords.

    I just got back from Mexico. Carls Jr, McDonalds, KFC, Chilis, Burger King in Guadalajara.