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  1. Axegrinder77

    Attenuators for stupid people - I'm confused

    The brake lite is pretty darn good. Another effective way is to run a volume pedal late in your chain, with at least one buffered pedal before it. Using the combination of both, i get some nice tone from my drri at low volume. It’s always a compromise though. Speaker vibration, and air...
  2. Axegrinder77

    Moving to a condo. Add a headphone Jack, or sell my amp?

    Is the building concrete? You might be able to turn up a little on the 1 watt setting. I’d keep the amp as is, and get a good “bedroom level” set up in addition. I have an iridium that works well for this application. I almost always run it to monitors, as i don’t love the headphone...
  3. Axegrinder77

    Only 1 Pedal Allowed

    Ehx dmm is magic. Really, if you haven’t had one, you gotta experience that as a guitarist. I had a dmm xo. Sold it because i wanted tap. Mistake, but i digress… Tried everything under the sun. Now i got a dmm 550 tt on the board. And a Strymon dig - npd actually! Very cool stereo delay
  4. Axegrinder77

    The Dig is the best delay

    I just picked up an used dig today. I wanted stereo and analog dry through with high headroom, so i can run it after my iridium. So far so good. I like my delays percussive, not too washy - the reason i sold my volante. Gonna try to dial it in tonight. Normally I’m an analog delay guy...
  5. Axegrinder77

    I need a phaser

    Another vote for the mxr phase 95. Small, and 4 great sounding, usable models in one. Very good pedal.
  6. Axegrinder77

    Only 1 Pedal Allowed

    Fair and honest answer man. But… one pedal! Which??
  7. Axegrinder77

    Only 1 Pedal Allowed

    Killer pedal!
  8. Axegrinder77

    Only 1 Pedal Allowed

    Tubescreamer is king
  9. Axegrinder77

    Only 1 Pedal Allowed

    You’re very loyal. I love it! i love Barber pedals. Direct drive v4 on my board. Can’t imagine ever taking it off - it bumped a zvex distortron off for Marshall plexi - and it does more. Special pedal.
  10. Axegrinder77

    Only 1 Pedal Allowed

    If you could only have 1 pedal (excluding tuner, yawn), using your main amp (feel free to state) and guitar/s, what would it be? For me, into my drri or iridium, tough call been my dmm 550tt and my bonsai. I think tubescreamer is the one pedal that you can stomp on and without fail will be...
  11. Axegrinder77

    Amp advice please.

    Any way you choose to get bedroom volume will be a compromise. I’ve tried it all. Attenuator is a good option if you can still be kinda loud, but just need to “take the edge off”. However, you are messing with the dynamics - finger to speaker interaction. My current solution is to use my...
  12. Axegrinder77

    Talk me out of the JHS morning glory

    I didn’t like it. Too bright.
  13. Axegrinder77

    3 dirtboxes from your arsenal that give a good, solid, strong sound

    The 3 drives currently in my board all meet that criteria (probably why they have the spot, although they work well together too). Tumnus Bonsai Barber direct drive v4 (usually set to plexi/flat)
  14. Axegrinder77

    Brit Floyd

    Just saw them the other night. They were ok. I mean they’re pretty good, and much better than i could pull off, but i was expecting a bit more i think. Probably doesn’t help that they’re touted as the best tribute in the world. And also that they have impossible shoes to fill. First and...
  15. Axegrinder77

    Back To The Iridium

    Any of you guys know, factually, if the iridium has superior dsp? It seems to me that it has a little more depth tonally and in feel. Subtle, but noticeable to me. I read somewhere that it has more milliseconds or something. I agree about the high cut. I set it globally on the stomp at a...
  16. Axegrinder77

    Back To The Iridium

    I can totally understand that. In fact, i felt that way early on. But I’m lazier than you, evidently. Glad you like it. As i said, it’s quality kit. Lots of great options in the modern era. We are lucky
  17. Axegrinder77

    Back To The Iridium

    So I just sold my HX Stomp XL. Impressive piece of gear. But the last couple times I plugged in, I didn’t like my tone and went to the couch and turned on the TV. Of course it could be user error, in fact it most certainly is. But after a couple months, I hadn’t found a preset that I liked...
  18. Axegrinder77

    Show us your Pedal board.

    I’m pretty happy with my new set up. I’m doing lead guitar, not flashy but adding colours and textures etc.
  19. Axegrinder77

    Anyone using the TC Electronics Plethora X5?

    Had one and sold it after a few months. It’s a very good product, but I found limitations. 1) I prefer analog modulation for the sound quality 2) although very well designed and simple, it’s still fiddly 3) although you have many effects, you only have 5 at a time. Sure you can have like...
  20. Axegrinder77

    Can’t stand U2? Nor can Bono

    They've been packing arenas and stadiums for over 40 years and we're discussing them today. Doin something right I'd say. IMHO, a great band. Go see them live and you might agree. Are they perfect? lol, no. Is any band? Well, maybe led zeppelin was, but that's just not fair.
  21. Axegrinder77

    Les Paul- smooth toneful pickups

    I tried this and it made a difference... the bridge squeal went away completely and the neck reduced and changed pitch... phoned my tech, and he recommended just removing the covers.. I suppose this is a more preventative approach than trying to dampen the covers? I do like the way they...
  22. Axegrinder77

    Les Paul- smooth toneful pickups

    just an update - procrastinating my work day (from home) and plugged in again. I realized that with the gain high, I can roll back the volume without losing much, except the squealing. So, the acid test will be when my BE-OD deluxe finally arrives. If I can get away with volume at 6 or 7...
  23. Axegrinder77

    Les Paul- smooth toneful pickups

    Just pulled the trigger on ordering the 57 and 57+. I was thinking about non plus in bridge, but it doesn't seem too hot, and why not go for a little extra :). Mine will go to 11 Thanks guys, I've had a few people recommend these, so seems like a prudent choice.
  24. Axegrinder77

    Les Paul- smooth toneful pickups

    yeah, it seems to me it's not worth the risk and cost.. Better to keep them for when I grow up and turn the gain down.. They sound incredible with anything up to "tubescreamer" type gain.
  25. Axegrinder77

    Les Paul- smooth toneful pickups

    Hi all, I’m not a member of any Les Paul forum, and so hoping for some advice from my tele brethren. On impulse grabbed a great deal on an used tribute Gibson LP. I knew pretty quick that the 490 pickups would come out, just seems a little spikey and harsh to me. After research, I...