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  1. NewKid

    You think you have too many guitars?

    I had seven guitars last year. Sold four, gave away two and I’m down to a Vintera 70s Tele Deluxe in Mocha. I love the weirdness of this guitar with its big Strat headstock, fake wide range humbuckers and LP volume and control knobs. It’s like having three guitars in one. I have no desire for...
  2. NewKid

    When all of your guitars are just how you want them

    I’m out of GAS for sure. Down to one electric: Fender Vintera Tele Deluxe in Mocha. I could not be happier.
  3. NewKid

    70th Anniversary Broadcaster Lust

    OP, are you going to post some pictures of your Broadcaster? Congrats on your new guitar. I am down to one Tele; the Vintera Deluxe in my avatar. My next guitar will be a used Eric Johnson Strat.
  4. NewKid

    Getting Married for the first time!

    Do lots of nice things for her every day and make her life easier and better with you in it.
  5. NewKid

    Senior Citzens Please sum up "life" or "what is life all about" in a line or two (for fun?)

    There are many ways to get the job done. Do it your way.
  6. NewKid

    How much of your gear do you actually use daily?

    I switch out my three Fender electrics every week or so. Rarely play my bass or acoustic. Have my ukulele out now and play my mandolin about twice a month. My Henriksen amp is way overkill for my bedroom and I should probably switch back to my Yamaha THR10C that has been in the closet the last...
  7. NewKid

    What to do about my first real guitar

    Hang it on the wall and don’t spend any more money on a guitar you’re keeping for nostalgia. I have a 2018 MIM Strat that I sometimes think of upgrading but then I remind myself that it just there to play once in a while. It comforts me to know I have a Strat even though I prefer Teles and...
  8. NewKid

    A different way of looking at a Fender Road Worn Tele & the AVRI 52/AV '52/Les Paul '59 Reissue/etc.

    I don’t think vintage specs and a relic finish are the same thing. They are both new guitars but one AV 52 feels new and the Road Worn feels used. I had a 50s Road Worn Tele and I loved it except for the modern C neck. If they made it with the U neck I would get another one. Maybe.
  9. NewKid

    How much would you guys pay for my partscasters?

    I think the OP got a lot of honest and valuable opinions here even if they were generally discouraging. When MIMs first came out and their quality was bad there was a company that hot-rodded them and made them great players with upgraded parts. They were still Fenders but better and less...
  10. NewKid

    Farewell to my Acoustic

    Good story OP. I have a great acoustic that is just sitting in its case and almost sold it last month. My wife said I would have made a regrettable mistake and she was right. Keep those great instruments in the family.
  11. NewKid

    What's The Best Book You've Read Recently?

    Atomic Habits by James Clear. It helped me lose 19 lbs. over the first five months of the pandemic by making it easier to eat well and exercise regularly while also learning all the notes of the fretboard.
  12. NewKid

    Belly Cuts on a Tele, what say you?

    Belly cut on my Tele Deluxe, Strat, and Jazzmaster. A must-have for me.
  13. NewKid

    Ever heard of Pitbull Audio?

    I bought my Henriksen JazzAmp 10 from them two years ago. It was a smooth transaction. I would buy from them again.
  14. NewKid

    NGD - nearly 3 years clean and I blew it

    Very cool. You had to do it. I’m 7 months clean but had a GAS episode two days ago. I don’t need another guitar either.
  15. NewKid

    Your 5 favorite posters on the tdpri.

    Frodebro Raysachs JL_LI Torren61 Rze99
  16. NewKid

    When does the Telecaster backlash begin?

    I don’t see bands. I want more Teles.
  17. NewKid

    If I was to get a Telecaster

    I recommend a lighter weight Tele around 7.0 lbs if you can find one. I prefer the Mexican made Teles for best value but the American Teles are beautifully finished in my opinion.
  18. NewKid

    Bought cat food, should I feel bad?

    From your headline, I thought the cat food was for yourself due to hard times. Today I bought foot creme from Amazon even after telling myself I would never buy from them again. Weak.
  19. NewKid

    When you just lose interest in playing

    That happened with me and racquetball. I was pretty good at my club and was able to beat most of the players there. One day I visited my college buddy who I didn’t even know played racquetball. Well, he was pro level and totally crushed me. I could barely see the ball off his racquet and he...
  20. NewKid

    Covers that turn the originals on their heads

    Any Dylan cover.
  21. NewKid

    Ever take a TDPRI break? How long?

    I gave myself a two-week timeout after I found myself getting annoyed about what other people were posting. Someone asked if I was in the Pacific Northwest Woke Police (where do I sign up?). Now I’m on much less and more selective about the threads I open. I also try to spend less than 20...
  22. NewKid

    Are you "worthy"?

    Yes, I agree that every Tele player is worthy of the best instrument they can afford regardless of musical ability.
  23. NewKid

    Need to vent..slooow Guitar Center sale..

    I called a local GC to ask how I could get a discount on an online order. The girl who answered said, “I have no idea.” I don’t blame her or the management that failed to train her. I blame myself for thinking about buying anything from GC because I know better after all these years.
  24. NewKid


    That is a beautiful guitar. Congrats.
  25. NewKid

    When do you decide to move on from a guitar?

    When do I decide to move on from a guitar? 1. When I feel that it would be less stressful to choose from fewer options (minimalism) 2. When there’s a flaw that nags me even though the guitar is otherwise fine (ocd) 3. When I decided I don’t need two of the same model in different colors...