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    Peavey nashville 1000 owners club

    I bought my NV1000 in September. Only played it at lower home volumes until this past Saturday evening. I took it to a gig and it sounded fine until I began to really dig in on the lower E string stuff, then it started buzzing....but only on the low notes. I immediately suspected the speaker was...
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    Peavey Special 130 Owners Club

    I came across another Special 130 in really nice condition recently and bought it. The stock 4 ohm Scorpion was still in there, but it had problems, so I replaced it with a new EVM 12L Classic. I gigged with it this past weekend and it sounded absolutely fantastic. Another keeper! These old...
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    Happy Veterans Day to all my fellow Veterans! What a wonderful Brotherhood we have. No matter which branch of service, what you did while you were in (MOS), or where you can ever take that away from you. You earned it. USMC 1970-1973 MOS 0849
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    Peavey Renown

    Yeah, they're a little heavy to lift if you have a bad back or have gotten yourself out of shape. I have a good cart to use so I don't necessarily have to carry heavy loads very far. But, there's a ton of tone built into every pound of these old Peavey amps. My little light-weight amps are...
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    Peavey Special 120

    Did that fix the problem? I had a similar issue this summer with my Nashville 400. It actually took two thorough cleanings (apparently I missed something on the first cleaning) but it brought it back to operating normally again.
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    Peavey Special 130 Owners Club

    Two nice Peavey amps have come my way in the past two weeks. First, a really nice "Special" that had a rubbing Scorpion in it. I didn't have a replacement and cleaned out the vc gap on the magnet, but to no avail. So, I installed a well broken in Eminence Texas Heat in there. Very nice tone and...
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    “Green Green Grass of Home” Saturday Jam

    Nice job...Thanks for sharing.
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    The Peavey Special 130 is crap!

    Since my mid-teens, back in the mid-60's, I was soley playing thru Fender Twins and Super Reverbs. It was my sound, what I was comfortably used to. I saw no need to change or use anything else. That is until just over 20 years ago, when I followed up on an ad for a used Peavey Special 130. I had...
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    How do I edge glue a loose speaker cone?

    Nice job! Thanks so much for that info.
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    Peavey Bandit speaker upgrade? Texas Heat/Swamp Thang?

    I just bought an old Peavey (1981) "Special" off CL.....the one made between the Bandit 65 and the Special 130. Really nice condition, except the stock old Scorpion has a serious case of cone rub. I have a Texas Heat put away that I'm going to install in this Special tomorrow. I play clean...
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    Recommendations for an inexpensive small amp

    I keep going back to the older Peavey amps for the good stuff. No compromise, just great sounding, reliable, well built amps.
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    Peavey Backstage Plus any good?

    I own a Backstage Plus. It's a great sounding and very solid amp. It handles pedals very well. I could easily gig with this amp if I put a mic in front of it. A couple days ago I put a JBL E110 in it. It sounded great, but not my cup of tea. Actually, the stock speaker sounds better in this amp...
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    10" Speaker Suggestion

    I know this is a very old thread, but I wanted to comment, so here goes. I bought two JBL E110 speakers last night for half of what they're selling for right now. I put one of those JBL E110 speakers in my Backstage Plus amp and WOW! Over-kill maybe, but the WOW-Factor remains.
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    I honestly can't hear a difference between tube and solid state amps.

    Actually, my strings have the single biggest affect on my sound and tone over any other piece of equipment I own, including amps (tube and solid state) and guitars. My strings do all the work, but the guitars and amps get all the credit. Go figure...
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    "Men With Broken Hearts", By Hank Williams Sr.
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    "The Funeral" by Hank Williams Sr.
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    NGD: Squier VM 72 Telecaster Thinline 3TSB

    Beautiful Tele. Congrats!
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    Peavey Studio Pro 112, thoughts

    It sounds typical, and very easy to resolve. Those jack contacts are most likely dirty and will need to be cleaned up. Spray some contact cleaner (preferably Deoxit) on the tip of a 1/4" plug and run it in and out of each jack several times. In most cases, this should take care of that problem...
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    Peavey nashville 1000 owners club

    Sign me up. I'd been looking for one of these amps for a long time. I bought an absolutely mint-like-new NV1000 last night from the widow of an 88 year old hobbyist. It never was gigged and never left his house until I bought it. Running thru its paces briefly last night with my '52 Re-issue...
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    DV Mark Owners!

    I have since re-loaded the old Bandmaster cab with an Eminence Swamp Thang and a Texas Heat. This DV Mark Little 250M really shines pushing this cab with these two speakers in it. For me, it just doesn't get any better than this. I played three consecutive outdoor, un-mic'd gigs with this setup...
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    Still Rocking Peavey Gear?

    I use a Nashville 400 for most of my gigs. Very reliable and always sounds great. Peavey 12 channel, 1200 watt powered mixing console. Two very old 12" wedge floor monitors with original Scorpions. Peavey Mega Bass head for backup into an old Fender 212 cab. Classic Chorus amp and Renown 400 amp...
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    Windows 10 vs. Windows 11 - New Perspective

    I had an old Tandy, my very first computer, with four 8-inch floppy drives and noisier than an old Maytag Wringer washing machine. That thing would make my house lights go dim when the drives fired up. That one I do not miss, but that was the starting point of my long IT career that I eventually...
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    Any good reason not to buy a USA Peavey Classic 30?

    I had a black covered, USA built C30 for several years. I gigged it ALOT. Never had a problem or issue with it. I did a cap job on it a couple years before I sold it. Yeah, you have to be very careful and stead-handed to work on those, but it's very doable and definitely not quite as bad to work...
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    Windows 10 vs. Windows 11 - New Perspective

    I still keep a few old pc's around with Win 3.0, 3.1 and 3.11....and I do fire them up occasionally just for the fun of it. Win 95 and all of its revisions drove me nuts. I do have a pc loaded with a very good working version on favorite. But, I'd given in and upgraded to Win 10...
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    RIP Jerry Allison - last of the Crickets

    A very nice man and incredible musician. RIP Jerry.