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  1. ronzhd

    What Makes TDPRI So Special To Me.

    This site is cyclical at best IMHOP. At times, I like it better than others. It's the quality of the post's, where it is most reflective. There is valuable information to be gleaned, there are absolutely fantastic thread authors. Great minds and even some great guitarist. Kind of like...
  2. ronzhd

    Who has an electric vehicle, and what has been your experience?

    I rented a Tesla Sport Model 3. I may have documented this on another thread, but here was my experience. Battery "anxiety", is the number one issue and is an actual "thing" among Tesla owners. If you live in a small community, it might work. Would never work for me because you have to...
  3. ronzhd

    New painting: "And don't the trees look like crucified thieves . . ."

    I don't get the "crucified thieves" correlation, but then I'm more of a Bosch guy.
  4. ronzhd

    Squier Affinity vs Squire Classic Vibe 50s Telecaster

    If it is within your budget, go with the CV. The affinity is not a bad guitar, they are a bit smaller over all in the body, width or thickness primarily. The electronics and the tuners are a bit better as well on the CV.
  5. ronzhd

    What do you as a Bad Dog member actually think of a Telecaster?

    The sexy form is perfect, they work in any genre, they are sturdy, they stay in tune, replacement parts are easy to find and inexpensive, they are just the perfect instrument.
  6. ronzhd

    Can you still listen to Bad Moon Rising?

    I hope I don't ever have to stop listening, CCR, OMG... no way man!
  7. ronzhd

    Retire To Another Country?

    As jacked up sideways as things are here, I believe I will stay.
  8. ronzhd

    Time to get my bicycle ready

    Right there with you, got my old vintage Schwinn Klunker beach cruiser ready to roll.
  9. ronzhd

    Your response to "What kind of music do you play?"

    Two kinds, fast and slow....
  10. ronzhd

    Still 335 Dreaming. And Am Wondering . . . . .

    Tell ya what, I had the Ice Tea version Epi 335 Pro. Sold it on Reverb after I got my Gison 59 reissue 335. I have gone as far as to contact the buyer to try and get it back, it was bone stock. Right now my main player is a Fire Fly FF338. The Gibson is a very well built, quality guitar...
  11. ronzhd

    2022: 2, Dan German: 0

    Ouch! I feel for ya brother! I went to grab my backpack out of my truck, I was in a hurry, the trailer hitch said slow TF down, goose egg and gash on my left shin. Friendly reminder, hitches be b!tches.
  12. ronzhd

    Anybody Into Old Volkswagens?

    Had a '75 911 Targa, loved it but was too young and couldn't afford the maintenance. I would really love to have an older beetle van. My uncle had one but I could never talk him out of it. Funny to see this thread, I just returned from Columbia, Mississippi, and there is one off the highway...
  13. ronzhd

    People who lived through the 70s- why was everything ugly?

    I would go back immediately, this afternoon.
  14. ronzhd

    New Muse for me

    Ok, maybe everyone else already does this, but it's news for me. I have had both of these items for a while, I finally figured out (how or why) to use them together, looper and Zoom2. When I am writing, I always record with the Zoom, everything gets recorded. I can record the Zoom back to the...
  15. ronzhd

    remember my password yay or nay ?

    I'm with you brother. I started saving them to a password protected file. I am so over passwords..... FT
  16. ronzhd

    A local fellow has a late model Vox AC15 i can probably buy for $400. Good deal?

    Personally, I would pass for the weight alone. If you are not gonna use it performing, get something lighter and less expensive.
  17. ronzhd

    Just found this abomination on Facebook Marketplace

    Hmmm, wondering what they were thinking? Nope.
  18. ronzhd

    Shirtless in public?

    It's pretty standard down here most of the time, 98% humidity and and 107 degrees, yowza, zero Fs given.
  19. ronzhd

    Kenny Vaughan...Ghost riders....

    For a different kind of cat, dude can play, has played with all the greats as well. KV, carry on.
  20. ronzhd

    Weekend in Austin

  21. ronzhd

    Immersion blenders

    14 years and counting.
  22. ronzhd

    I'm an idiot... Look at this mess

    Wow! Hey at least the guitar will always have a story to tell. Besides if you every sell it, it will aways be "yeah, it was like that when I bought it".
  23. ronzhd

    Celebrated Guitarist Models, The Hype, The Mystery of it all.

    I tell you what, I bought my artist model, the G.E. Smith tele used. I didn't buy it with ANY intent of sounding like G.E. I bought because it is different from any other tele. The inlays, the bridge, and the bridge pup set up. Also the frigging neck is really fat. Plus, Dakota red is...
  24. ronzhd

    I wish grownups were running the world.

    Wow, @Toto'sDad, another awesome post sir! Other people's kids.... what can we do?