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  1. howardlo

    Pure Vintage 64 vs Palo Duro

    Who sells (or makes) the Palo Duros?
  2. howardlo

    Rocky and Bullwinkle more

    My two sets of the complete series ( one for myself, one as part of my sister and brother-in-laws Christmas gift) arrived this morning. All five seasons, 168 episodes on 18 DVDs. I spent the afternoon watching a good part of season one. Great stuff! The first episode shows how Mr. Peabody...
  3. howardlo

    Songs that repeat lines over and over and over...

    I am certainly with you on that. I have always hated repetition in songs.
  4. howardlo

    Turkey or Ham?

    I assumed we were referring to Thanksgiving dinner. I voted turkey based on that assumption. Ham for Christmas or New Years.
  5. howardlo

    Turkey or Ham?

    We had that at my youngest son’s house a couple years ago. It was really good but didn’t seem like Thanksgiving.
  6. howardlo

    Rocky and Bullwinkle more

    I just ordered the complete series on DVD, every episode of all five years (18 discs) for my sister and brother in law. ( part of their Christmas gifts). (Of course ordered a set for myself as well).
  7. howardlo

    Do You Change Your Own Strings?

    Been playing since 1957 and know that I have ever known anyone that had someone else change their strings. Never even considered that anyone would pay someone to change their strings.
  8. howardlo

    If you could get sucked into a time warp and go back to 1969...

    1959, yes. 1969, no way. I would just as soon skip the late 60’s and 1970’s completely.
  9. howardlo

    Do you set an alarm.....or three?

    I have been retired now for the past 15 years and still am an early riser. During the last 25-30 years of my working career I was able to make my own hours. I worked from 6:00 AM until 2:30 PM. I never even owned an alarm clock during that time (actually never owned an alarm clock ever). I...
  10. howardlo

    Pickups in the original '69 Thinlines?

    Just curious as to what set of pickups came in the original '69 Fender Thinline. What set currently available would be the closest?
  11. howardlo

    Does anyone have a light weight electric guitar that they would recommend?

    A Thinline Tele is a fairly light guitar, 5-6 pounds or so. As stated above Sweetwater shows the weigh of each along with great photos of each and you choose the one you want by serial number.
  12. howardlo

    Yamaha Guitar Owner's Club

    I’m in. FG-730 FS-720 FG-720-12 (twelve string) APX-500III No longer have the FG-730. Gave it to a college aged grandson. (never been a fan of dreads).
  13. howardlo

    1st tele build- Catalpa body-hence called "The Cat"

    Looks great. My grandmother had a couple of catalpa trees in her front yard in NE Indians,years ago. We used to have fun throwing those long seed pods. I have done a lot of woodworking but never considered using catalpa.
  14. howardlo

    A lot going on at once, guess times like this make you more humble.

    I know where you are coming from. My mom passed away last July at 97. She was first in assisted care, then nursing home and finally hospice. In September, shortly after going down to Florida and taking care of her home sale and the sale of her car, I was diagnosed with cancer of the vocal...
  15. howardlo

    Hoagy Carmichael - Stardust

    The late, great Leon Redbone did a great cover of Lazy Bones on one of his albums.
  16. howardlo

    Question on Thinline Bridge Adjustment

    Simple answer, a shim in the neck pocket placed closest to the body.
  17. howardlo

    Hoagy Carmichael - Stardust

    Great movie and a bonus to get to see Hoagy.
  18. howardlo

    First Solo Gig Last Night

    I did that solo acoustic guitar and voice during the 90’s after having played in bands since the late 50’s. Mainly doing my own original songs. Most fun I ever had playing gigs and open mics.
  19. howardlo

    Looking at a very inexpensive bass

    I really like my Squier Jaguar short scale bass. So much so the that I gave my only other bass (full scale) to one of my sons.
  20. howardlo

    Hoagy Carmichael - Stardust

    My dad’s favorite song (rip), and he used to to always play it on his clarinet. I backed him on guitar. Good memories and a great song.
  21. howardlo

    Fender : Volume, Treble, Bass EQ Only. Why?

    My Fender GTX50 has a mids pot, as does the GTX100
  22. howardlo

    Small acoustic?

    I have been primarily an acoustic player since I began playing back in 1957. Currently have 15 acoustics. I picked a Martin OOO Jr. a couple years ago. Smaller size, more volume than you would expect and really has that Martin sound. BTW, it is an all solid wood guitar. They go for about $500...
  23. howardlo

    Cable not snapping into switchcraft output jack

    My bet is that the socket is slightly crooked and the long arm of the jack is hitting the side of the hole. Have had the same thing happen to me. Sometimes just rotating the jack slightly will take care of it.