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  1. whoanelly15

    The Boss Pedal Owners Club

    Couldn’t resist the photo op. I recently had my local tech restore the HM-2, which my brother had abandoned about 25 years ago after breaking off two of the pot shafts (still worked, btw). The SD-1 is new to me and is currently in the usual place of the DS-1 - might stay that way. Long story...
  2. whoanelly15

    Simplest / best app to record acoustic songs 'ideas' to iPhone?

    And another. If voice memos is good enough for Jeff Tweedy, it’s good enough for me.
  3. whoanelly15

    Neil Young Tele

    Looks and sounds great on Uncle Neil to me. Didn’t that guitar sell at auction ~3 years ago? Could’ve been another blackguard… I was hoping someone here bought it.
  4. whoanelly15

    Your Top 3 favorite Bass guitar players

    Kudos to Lil_Bend. My 3 would be Claypool, Flea and Dee Dee Ramone.
  5. whoanelly15

    Hello from MI

    Gaba gaba we accept you, we accept you, you one of us. How about a picture of these supposed geetars?
  6. whoanelly15

    'Jet' guitars; any experience? This was my NGD post a few months back, if that helps at all.
  7. whoanelly15

    Lindsey Buckingham

    +1 Love me some Greenie, but I grew up on the Buckingham/Nicks era. Really unique player and songwriter.
  8. whoanelly15

    NAD: Orange Tiny Terror

    Thanks. It’s a 2015 AV64, but has aged well. Pickguard is clear with a picture my daughter drew of a “happy monster” at ~age 3, printed on photo paper beneath it. That guitar is a happy monster indeed.
  9. whoanelly15

    NAD: Orange Tiny Terror

    Seller indicated that it must have been damaged in shipping. Following up to see what insurance there would be through UPS. Not exactly sure what my options are - whether I should keep it and have it checked out by a tech or just return it. Thoughts?
  10. whoanelly15

    NAD: Orange Tiny Terror

    New (to me) Amp Day. A 2007 TT. In really good condition except for one issue (discussed below). Took all of about 8 seconds for me to find the sound I was after and it sounds really great through my Orange 2x12 cab that now has one G12M-65 Creamback and one Neo Creamback. Mostly played at lower...
  11. whoanelly15

    Mixer / Multiple Audio Interface recommendations

    I like the look of that a lot. A bit above my pay grade though, even used it looks like they’re 5-600. Wish they made an 8-channel version, maybe even without the FX. How much do you use the FX in yours?
  12. whoanelly15

    New Fever Dreams Yellow Johnny Marr Jaguar

    Beautiful. And a great album to play along with. Enjoy!
  13. whoanelly15

    Mixer / Multiple Audio Interface recommendations

    Hello all. Looking for recommendations for a simple, easy to setup and use mixer / multiple audio interface. There is an Allen and Heath 16-channel mixer for sale not far from me - used for a reasonable price. I really like the layout, individual channel strip of knobs and sliders for each input...
  14. whoanelly15

    When you think that you might have to put a Telecaster down!

    +1 on a new set of strings. @sloppychops - this gave me the giggles.
  15. whoanelly15

    New Fever Dreams Yellow Johnny Marr Jaguar

    Wouldn’t shock me if the more yellow one in the performance above is a completely different guitar. See below: Funny that they call it yellow. Between the two, I love the orange. I’d have the yellow too. But I’d paint it orange.
  16. whoanelly15

    NBD Ampeg and Sire Marcus Miller content

    This was the other one I thought really looked good. P5. Roasted maple neck. And that color! If I ever need a full size bass… Also comes in a 5-string.
  17. whoanelly15

    NBD Ampeg and Sire Marcus Miller content

    Sorry to contribute to your GAS, but what else is this place for? I have seen that explanation as well and most seem to accept it as “normal”. It does it even without anything plugged in and master volume all the way off. Haven’t been able to try the DI yet to know how much that will translate...
  18. whoanelly15

    New Fever Dreams Yellow Johnny Marr Jaguar

    First and foremost, I love this album. It’s my favorite thing Johnny has ever done. Listened to it today, coincidentally. There’s a music video for one of the tracks with this guitar. I felt like it was more orange-looking in that too. And I love orange, so what’s not to love? Also, about to...
  19. whoanelly15

    NBD Ampeg and Sire Marcus Miller content

    Apologies- I should have taken more (and better lit) photos when I had the bass out. Here’s a few courtesy of the interwebs. Binding + matching headstock = cherries on top.
  20. whoanelly15

    NBD Ampeg and Sire Marcus Miller content

    My brother (guitarist) always had a bass around when I was growing up. Never had one of my own. I was the drummer then. Now I play more guitar. Some keys. And recently got my first bass rig. Sire Marcus Miller U5, short-scale. I liked the narrower nut width right away. The rounded fingerboard...
  21. whoanelly15

    Orange OR15 and vintage Celestion Vintage 30

    Glad you found the right setup for your rig. Seems to me that almost any speaker can sound broken in the wrong situation, but can still sing in the right one.
  22. whoanelly15

    Marshall Origin SOS

    Bad preamp tube. Once I actually checked, one was badly microphonic. Got a replacement EH tube for $15 from the local tech. Back in business. All is well in the world.
  23. whoanelly15

    Orange Micro Terror and other amp questions

    This raises an important question: forgetting cab sim for a minute, what is the difference between a 1/4” headphone output and a “line out” or DI?