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  1. VWAmTele

    What were the 2020's really like?

    George Orwell is currently writing a book about it. I'll wait till it comes out to find out.
  2. VWAmTele

    Another Unpopular Opinion

    sorry if i offended you, in retrospect, that really is a good look for a man.
  3. VWAmTele

    Clarence Carter

  4. VWAmTele

    What were The 70's really like?

    I loved the 70's. Allman Brothers Band (and so much other great music), pretty girls, draft stopped the year I became eligible ('73), being 20 in '75 with no expectations from anyone. Drove some clunkers that were some of the most unsafe cars on the road - no windshield wipers, a bag of Burger...
  5. VWAmTele

    Danny Kirwan

    wore out a couple of copies of "Bare Trees" in the 70's.
  6. VWAmTele

    Album covers

  7. VWAmTele

    Identify Album by spoken word song intro

    Okay, The Allman Brothers Band...
  8. VWAmTele

    Another Unpopular Opinion

    I was the only one in my circle that didn't like them. Boring. Every time someone would put on one of their albums I was always thinking "Really? There are so many better choices available". Then there's Bob Weir wearing those "Daisy Dukes" - too weird, even for the 70's. I was permanently out...
  9. VWAmTele

    Pickguard on or off!

    Pickguard on for LPs. Mojo escapes through those empty screw holes.
  10. VWAmTele

    Three Dog Night - Vintage and Live Performances

    Came to appreciate them more over the years. All they did was turn clunkers into #1 hits. No session musicians, their band played all the music.
  11. VWAmTele

    The Impacts - Take My Love (1964) Psychedelic DooWop

    I'll see that - and raise it with some 13th Floor Elevators
  12. VWAmTele

    Christine McVie, RIP

    I liked her songs the best.
  13. VWAmTele

    Single worst line of lyrics....

    And men still keep on marching off to war Electrically they keep a baseball score Man, they must've really struggled with that one. There are thousands of words that rhyme with 'war'.
  14. VWAmTele

    ES-335 Incoming

    Great guitars. Hope you can play it loud through an amp.
  15. VWAmTele

    A̤̰̤l̤l̤m̤a̤n̤ ̤B̤r̤o̤t̤h̤e̤r̤s̤ ̤B̤̰̤a̤̰̤n̤d̤ At The F̰ḭl̰l̰m̰ore 1971 Full Album

    Duane's sound on this album is the holy grail of tone. I wore out so many copies trying to cop all of Dickies' licks - it's what substituted as 'scales' for me in a pre-internet age. Duane's licks? Yeah, right ;)
  16. VWAmTele

    Heater on or off at night?

    I use just a sheet and an electric blanket in the winter months down here where winter is defined as anything below 68. I can't stand anything heavy on my feet when I sleep (claustrophobic) so extra blankets are not an option. The forced-air heat in the house is a last option. All it does is...
  17. VWAmTele

    I don't enjoy dancing

    No - never felt natural or fun. As someone who came of age during the disco years - this was a pretty big handicap. Thank God it didn't last long. And yes, I hate going to weddings!
  18. VWAmTele

    Draining the pool

    Just had a 10,000 gallon pool drained and refinished. Refinishing cost twice as much as when I last had it done in 2005, but the water refill was only $100. BTW - the pool guy says to drain your pool twice a year... yeah, right.
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    Artsy photos of your gear

  20. VWAmTele

    🍄🍑Happy Birthday Duane Allman!🍑🍄

    For my personal tastes - the best there ever was.
  21. VWAmTele

    What’s Your Best Twin Lead Song?

    I always though this one was underrated. Not a band normally known for twin leads, but the harmonies on this one is as good as it gets IMO.
  22. VWAmTele

    What is your fave Rhythm Guitar?

    Nothing beats a 60's style Tele for me.
  23. VWAmTele

    Just wanted to share my view from my Music Stand with someone here today~

    Broke the big E? You must've really been feeling good :)