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    What's your favourite Tele Pickups?

    Twisted Tele neck, Broadcaster bridge.
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    Involved in a wreck today

    Glad it turned out OK. People do insanely stupid things in front of big rigs. Some years ago here in Seattle, truckers complained to the highway patrol about all the drivers cutting right in front of them. HP said "it can't be as bad as you say it is or we'd have seen it." The truckers persuaded...
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    Britney Spears covering "I Love Rock n Roll"...(you know, that Pat Benatar song...)

    Watched about 40 seconds of the video, once upon a time. It was like Pat Boone attempting heavy metal.
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    RIP Christine McVie

  5. The Angle

    RIP Christine McVie

    I was having a great day. Then this news hit and everything crashed down.
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    Unpopular opinion

    As someone who's spent a career in the creative arts industry and is weeks from 65, I have complete empathy with anyone who doesn't want to stop. I don't want to stop. But I do think Mr. Young might examine his output and reconsider whether every single song that pops into his head needs to be...
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    Don’t throw out those old calendars

    That would be the month-Parnasse, 1895. Engine 721 actually survived that fall with minimal damage. It was repaired and put back in service.
  8. The Angle

    Don’t throw out those old calendars

    As a kid, I found a wallet-sized perpetual calendar my dad had lying around. The realization that year-long calendars repeated blew my mind. Still does, sort of. I need to lie down.
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    Buying a guitar off Reverb???

    One guitar, two amps, zero issues.
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    Now that's something to be thankful for.
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    Got your holiday lights up?

    As much as I intend to.
  12. The Angle

    Discovering Deep Purple

    For those who are fans of Deep Purple, there's a "mythical" album called Green Bullfrog from 1971. It was recorded by an ad hoc group of musicians including Ritchie Blackmore and Ian Paice, along with Albert Lee, Big Jim Sullivan, and others (but not Roger Glover; that was a bit of...
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    Discovering Deep Purple

    It's not a great song by any stretch. It's about as basic and straightforward as a rock and roll song can be, with sophomoric lyrics to boot. But it's also one of the greatest foot-stomping, head-banging, beer-sloshing, air guitar songs ever. It was everything every 16-year-old wanted from music...
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    Discovering Deep Purple

    It seemed like Deep Purple lost a lot of cred after Smoke On the Water, just because it was such a mind-blowingly enormous hit. For a while there, if you turned on the radio and didn't immediately hear SotW, a little spin on the dial would find it on another station. Then it became "jeez, you...
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    Do you take your pickguard off

    I had a quilt-top Epiphone for a while that truly looked best without the pickguard, but a little voice always nagged me that it just didn't look like a Les Paul without that cheap, bland pickguard. So I put it back on. The guitar didn't look as good but it looked like a LP, and that little...
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    Be honest: do you sometimes just admire or stare at your guitars ?

    I hang them in my office specifically so I can stare at them when the mood strikes, or just when some work needs to be avoided.
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    Favorite Guitar Brand: Epiphone

    My first electric guitar was a cherry red Epiphone EA-250, bought in 1975 with all the money I earned that summer. It wasn't a great guitar by any stretch. The range of budget guitars available now put it to shame, quality-wise. But I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for Epiphone because...
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    In the midst of the NGD shuffle…

    That is a beautiful instrument. I suspect I'd find a way to sell all sorts of things - professional awards, food, internal organs - before I let that go.
  19. The Angle

    NCD: another tiny Mazda

    I've had this '91 since 2002. Driven it round-trip across the country and at performance driving school at Thunderhill Raceway. This shot is from a drive across Stevens Pass in 2003. The paint's a little faded now, but it's still running strong.
  20. The Angle

    Overcome by the GAS. NGD

    God has already helped you . . . to a beautiful new guitar! What more do you expect?
  21. The Angle

    The ‘Currently’ Most Recognized Surf Song?

    Probably the most famous surf song of all time is the James Bond theme. Everybody knows it; not everyone realizes it's a surf song.
  22. The Angle

    Your response to "What kind of music do you play?"

    If there's a song someone wants to hear really badly, I'll play it for them that way.
  23. The Angle

    New painting: Leaning boy

    Nicely done. What's your medium?
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    '80s Marshall Lead 20 - Anyone got experience with one?

    A Lead 12 came up on eBay recently, from a nearby seller. I dropped out when the price shot north of $150 and kept climbing. Nowadays it seems you're likely to pick up a Lead 20 for less $ than a Lead 12, thanks to all the praise heaped on the 12s the last few years.
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    Best Cheap Les Paul Style Guitar

    If part of what you're after is the experience of getting an inexpensive guitar and making it significantly better, I'm 100 percent on board with that. I've done it several times myself, and it's very gratifying. OTOH, if the top goal is to get an excellent Les Paul for the least money, that's...